Average Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Chris’s cute, but plain ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Chris’s ex girlfriend is a bit on the plain side for my tastes, but she’s definitely on the cute side of plain. I bet if she dolled herself up a bit she would be turning heads. I mean, I’m not seeing any disappointments with the clothes off–cute little tits and scrumptious looking snatch; so why not dress up the goods a bit? Despite her average looks, Chris says that she oozed sex appeal. To this day he’s still not sure what it was about her, but he couldn’t keep his hands off her and she loved it. In the long run things didn’t work out between them, but he didn’t go into any details as to why. Thanks, Chris!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked

I just don’t get it sometimes. This chick is pretty, she has a sexy little body–albeit a bit too skinny, and a cute ass. Then she goes and has these obnoxious fake boobs added and it throws off the whole balance. I highly doubt it would bother me if she were currently stripping naked in my presence or if we were about to jump in between the sheets, but having time to study her body those fakes are not something I find attractive, personally. I bet she looked much sexier before the so-called upgrade.

Josh submitted these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend getting naked and displaying the goods. He said that she wasn’t so much a girlfriend as she was a summer fling. They met on the dance floor at a night club one summer night, rubbing and grinding their hot sweaty bodies against each other. Josh wasn’t able to close the deal that night, but she definitely left him wanting more, and she gave it to him a lot. He says that it was some of the hottest sex he’s ever experienced, but she made it clear that she had a serious boyfriend that she fully intended on reconnecting with upon his return from his summer internship. In other words, she was perfect. Apparently he’s just sharing her pictures with us for bragging rights, and how can you argue with that? Thanks, Josh!

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Petite and Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude

Ooh, what a cutie! She kind of reminds me of Dillion Harper. Of course Dillion is prettier, but other than that this chick has all the essentials; cute little body, a sweet innocent smile and large natural boobs. If you don’t know who I’m talking about I encourage you to look her up. You won’t be disappointed. Anyway, this isn’t about Dillion. This post is about the sexy little thing we have below who obviously know just how good she looks in the nude. With a body (and chest) like that I’m sure the boys have been chasing her for a while now.

Daryl met and dated his ex girlfriend during their first year in college while both living in the coed dorms. He said she had this cute bookish look about her that really turned him on. At the time, he had no idea what a smoking body she had underneath it all. That turned out to be a huge bonus. He didn’t say why they are no longer together, but I don’t see much of a reason to get serious with anybody when you’re a college freshman. Thanks, Daryl!

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Current Wife Loves Showing Off

My gawd, what a beautiful ass on this chick! Overall she’s not really my type, but then again if I had access to that hot little hiney I would consider putting a ring on her finger too. Of course I would like to see the rest of her, however I’m pretty impressed with the view we are already getting.

This is Mark’s current wife showing off her delectable ass. He says that she loves displaying the goods for the camera and wear/do anything to keep him pleased in the bedroom. I’ve never been married, but from what my married buddies tell me this one is pretty much the opposite of most wives. If that’s the case Mark is a lucky man. Thanks for sharing, Mark!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Returns

Here’s another one where I completely forgot to post the second set of photos. For those of you unfamiliar with her, she was originally posted back in August of this year. She showed a little bit of her dirty side back then and she continues to so throughout this set of pics. Dirty girls are the best. If you’ve never been with one I highly recommend hooking-up with one at least once in your life. You won’t regret it.

There really isn’t more to add to the story. Marco never rally shared any info about his ex girlfriend, their relationship or why they broke-up. So we will have to come to our own conclusion. She’s cute, sexy and evidently one horny little chick; and it’s quite apparent that if you’re not up for the task of satisfying her she’s going to do it herself, and she has the tools to follow through. Thanks again, Marco!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Sexy and Nude

We’ve been pretty lucky in the cutie department lately. Keep ‘em coming, folks (no pun intended)! This one ranks right up there; a pretty face, a cute little body, a smooth delectable snatch and some adorable little titties. What’s better is that she seems pretty proud of it all, and if she were to choose you I’m guessing you would be seeing a lot of her nude. I know it’s not true with all women, but most girl who are proud of their body enjoy flaunting it to some extent, as they should.

Mike submitted these pictures of his very cute and sexy ex girlfriend posing nude for some self shots. He didn’t say why they broke-up, but seeing the dog tags is reminding of a story we hear here far too often. Of course I’m just speculating in this particular case, but it’s the story of a man who went over seas to fight in a war while his girl stayed behind cheating on him with one or more dudes. As far as cheating goes, it doesn’t get much lower than that. I hope that’s not the case with Mike and his ex. Thanks for sharing!

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More From This Horny Ex Girlfriend

I’m sure you guys remember this horny hottie from a week or two ago. I already thought she was pretty damn sexy, but this set of photos accents that even more. I mean, pictures #3 and #4 are making me ache where it counts.

As I’m sure you already know, this is Matt’s ex girlfriend. There’s really nothing new to add to his original story, however I understand even more now why he was so powerless when she demanded that he slip her the pipe. We have plenty more pics of her too, so stay tuned for the rest. Thanks again, Matt!

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Cute Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

What a little cutie! As I’ve stated here many different times; I like them cute, I like them tiny and Latinas always get my attention. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve hit the trifecta! Although she’s just a bit too young for me to take seriously, I certainly wouldn’t be against a few rolls between the sheets with this little spinner.

Jaime sent us these pics of his 20yo ex girlfriend looking cute, posing nude and showing off her sexy little bod. They met at a party and were in the corner making-out before the end of the night. She made him wait a bit before she finally gave it up, but when she did it was like the dam burst. She went from fighting him off to wanting it all the time. Of course he had no qualms about helping her out in that department. Things went sour when her roommate began putting ideas in her head about Jaime. Things like; he was just using her, or that he was cheating on her. None of which were true, but it caused a lot of tension in the relationship with her always accusing him of something. Jaime finally had enough and cut her loose. Thanks for sharing, Jaime!

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