Busty Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked

This girl doesn’t look like a chick you want to mess with. She looks like the type of girl that would cut your junk off in the middle of the might if you double-crossed her. Of course, for all we know she could be the sweetest girl around. And if she just removes her top and any worries go out the window. Those are some, big ol’ boobies she got, there. Yes, I know they’re fake, but from what I can tell the surgeon did a great job. If her boobs don’t do it for you, then you can just have her turn around and spread her ass cheeks, as in picture #5. Yummy!

Rick submitted these pics of his busty ex girlfriend posing naked at home. He says she had the boobs before they even met, so he’s not sure what she looked like before they became a couple. He sure did have a lot of fun with them while they were together, though. They had a pretty good relationship for about the first six months. After that, it seems all they did was argue and screw. Rick says the sex was fantastic, but eventually all the arguing overshadowed all the qualities he liked in her. Thanks, Rick!

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Ex Wife Naked and Masturbating

I think this little chick is kind of cute. No, she’s not gorgeous, but if I met her out I would definitely be interested. After seeing what’s underneath her red lingerie, I’m not at all disappointed; except for maybe the place of that tattoo (which says “USMC” = U.S. Marine Corps). I like her little tits and that clean, smooth snatch is looking mighty dee-lish. In my dirty mind I’m already flicking that clit piercing with my tongue, and she’s really enjoying it. ;)

This is Aaron ’s ex wife posing naked and masturbating for self pics. If anyone deserves to be here, it’s this chick. While Aaron was deployed to Afghanistan his wife was in the States cheating on him. Not with one guy, but three! He says she even got pregnant by one of them and had an abortion, all behind his back. In fact, he would have never known except she came-on to one his buddies & he ratted her out to Aaron. When he confronted her, she spilled the beans and confessed to everything. Needless to say that was the end of their marriage. That really sucks Aaron, but thanks for sharing, and more importantly thank you for serving!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Ass

Once you get through all the photos you will see that this chick absolutely loves her ass! That’s okay though, because she does have a very nice ass and I’m loving it too. I’m guessing she’s some sort of a dancer or ballerina. For one thing, dancers usually have an incredible lower body (ass, legs), plus the balance bar and mirror kind of look like a make-shift dance studio. I’m also assuming she’s not all that proud of her tits. It seems she’s more than willing to show everything but her chest. I’m an ass man, so I’m not finding anything wrong with this one.

Lonnie’s ex girlfriend must have really pissed him off, because he told me that he’s been spreading her pics all over. Oddly, he didn’t say what happened between them. I would think that if Lonnie is that upset that he would take advantage of the platform. No harm, no foul. So we can only guess what kind of evil female trickery she pulled, but usually that kind of anger comes from cheating, based-off doing this site for so many years. Either way, she’s incredibly tummy and I thank you for sharing her with us, Lonnie!

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Sexy Former Girlfriend Spreading

I like this girl. For all intents and purposes she seems a bit on the average side, but at the same time there’s something very sexy about her. Even her body is on the average side, but I still really dig it. Plus that pretty pussy of hers looks scrumptious and just says, “Welcome.” Although I AM curious what that scar across her neck is all about.

This is Eddie’s former girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs in bed. He says they had this intense sexual chemistry, but unfortunately they didn’t get along all that well when they weren’t in bedroom. They were together for quite a while, but Eddie only stuck it out because he was addicted to the sex. He’s pretty sure that’s why she kept holding out hope, as well. They broke-up and got back together MANY times, however they were finally able to make their last break-up stick. Thanks Eddie!

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Sexy Ebony Ex Girlfriend Undressing

Personally I’m not really all that attracted to this chick in the face, but other than that she’s sexy as hell! I’m loving that petite, skinny body of hers. I mean she has a cute figure, great little tits, long nipples and some very nice and clean holes. What’s not to like? Plus, in my experiences, the girls that pierce they’re nipples and/or clit are usually the freaky ones in the bedroom; and this one looks like she would wear a man out.

Byron submitted these pics of his sexy ebony ex girlfriend undressing for some self shots. He confirms that she was quite the handful in bed, however she was also everything he ever wanted when it came to sex. The problem was that she wanted a man with lots of money that would spoil her. Byron had strong feelings for her, but he wasn’t that kind of guy. The funny thing was that she would be dating this rich dudes while coming by Byron’s place late night for a quick romp. The mind games were driving him crazy, though. So he had to cut her loose for good. Thanks Byron!

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Anonymous Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Benny’s anonymous ex girlfriend posing nude in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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I would have definitely liked to see what this chick looks like. I mean, if that face is even close to being as hot as her body I think Benny was a lucky man. He says that she IS his ex girlfriend, but they still meet up once in a while for a hair-pulling, ass-slapping thrown down in the bedroom. It makes sense why he wouldn’t want to include her face then. Why ruin a good thing? No-strings-attached sex is every man’s dream! Thanks for sharing, Benny!

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Ex Girlfriend Displaying the Goods

This chick isn’t too shabby at all! The only photo I don’t like in this series is picture #3. I don’t know if it’s just a bad pose, or what, but she almost looks like a different person compared to the other face shots. other than that she looks pretty damn good. She has cute tits, a scrumptious ass and what appears to be a yummy pussy; except that shot with all the stubble. Ouch! I wouldn’t be able to put my face down there. :P

Joel says his ex girlfriend was awesome. He says that not only did she do whatever he wanted in the bedroom, and do it very well, she would also send him whatever pictures he wanted. It didn’t matter how dirty they were, she would do it without question. These are tame in comparison to others he has. Joel said the only reason they aren’t together anymore is because he had to cut her loose. She just couldn’t keep her legs closed when it came to other dudes. Thanks Joel!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude at Home

Whoa! What a knock-out! Besides the obvious, I love when women have lots of hair. When I was younger we used to call that “stripper hair”. Of course it’s much hotter when they’re wearing nothing but high heels and whipping it around. Her hair isn’t the only thing I’m digging about this chick, though. She has an awesome body and some beautiful, all-natural boobs that I’m sure gets a lot of attention from the menfolk.

Vadim sent us these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend in various states of undress. He didn’t say or indicate where he and his ex are from, but I’m going to guess Eastern Europe; probably Russia. She looks very Russian, anyway. Vadim opted out of including a story with his submission, but she’s definitely making me want to start perusing the the Russian bride websites. :P Thanks Vadim!

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