Ex Girlfriend Naked and Restrained

Personally, I’m not much of a bondage type of guy, but a little light restraint, like we have here, can be a real turn-on. I once dated a girl who liked to be blindfolded with her arms tied to the bedposts and I admit it was pretty hot. However, she also liked me to smack her around while she was restrained. I’m not really into hitting women for any reason, but I figured she did a lot of things for me that she didn’t like, so I obliged her as much as I could stomach it. In other words, the restraint was hot, the hitting as not. Yes, she had some issues. But this girl looks pretty damn cute and seems to have a great body. She’s welcome to be tied-up in my bed any time she wants. :P

This is Troy’s pretty ex girlfriend naked, horny and tied to his bedposts. He says that she was a very kinky girl, and these pics are just a small glimpse into her twisted sexual psyche, but he was happy to please her in any way he could. The problem for them, according to Troy, was that she had other desires that included other men, but he wasn’t down for sharing her. Long story short, she pursued those desires anyway and in turn Troy cut her loose. Thanks for sharing, man!

Before anyone asks, I removed the last girl. Technically we’re not doing anything wrong, especially since she’s already an “adult” model, but I don’t feel like fighting about it.

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Ex Girlfriend Masturbating in Bed

Well, this one really isn’t my type, but who doesn’t love a horny girl taking it into her own hands to gratify herself? Plus it appears that hse has a nice body. I mean, it’s sort of tough to tell when she’s lying on her back, but she has some nice all-natural boobs with some erect nipples, and a puss that looks like it needs a lot of attention. Better yet, if you’re not going to be the one to give it attention, she will do it herself.

Curt sent us these pics of his horny ex girlfriend going to town with her vibrator and licking it clean. He said she considered her vibrator her second boyfriend, she even named it, and used it quite often. She also had weakness for porn, and what he loved about that was that she was always wanting to try new things she saw in a video. Instead of reading Cosmo, or something, I think more women should get their sex tips from porn. Curt says the relationship began going south once a new guy entered the picture. He didn’t go much more into detail than that, so we can only assume she cheated. Just a guess. Thanks, Curt!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Shots

What a little cutie! I love them tiny and adorable, like this. Unfortunately the older you get, the less of these types are in your age group. But that’s not going to stop me from drooling over the ones out of my age group; of legal age of course. This is one of those girls, and she’s possessing all the physical qualities love about the petite ones; the cutest little tits, a sweet ass and what appears to be snug, hot-pink pussy. Dee-lish!

Jake submitted these pics of another ex girlfriend of his. You may remember Jake from this girl, and now he’s sharing another one of his conquests with us. They were in the military together, she was actually a few ranks above him, but not in the same command unit. However her controlling spilled over into their relationship and it ended up only lasting a few months. Those few months were fun, he just couldn’t handle her trying to tell him where he could go, or whom he could talk to. I can’t say I blame you there, Jake. Thanks again!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Naked in Her Room

I’m really digging this girl. I wouldn’t consider her a knock-out, but pretty damn cute, not to mention a great natural body. Plus she seems so clean. Perhaps it’s her pristine holes and well-done nails; always a good sign in my book. While I also lover her natural tits, if I were dating her she would find herself on her hands and knees more often than not. :P

This is Mark’s ex girlfriend looking hot and posing naked in her bedroom. He says she was always up for striking a nude pose when he asked her, but that wasn’t the only thing she was always up for. She was quite the horny one who seemed to have sex on her mind more than him; not that he ever complained. You would never know it if you met her, though. According to Mark, she kept her perpetual horniness under wraps until they were alone, which he kind of liked. It was like he was the only one who had the key to unlock her sexual desires. However, she has given that key to a new guy now. Thanks, Mark!

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Ex Girlfriend Showsoff Her Cute Body

In all honesty I probably wouldn’t give this chick a second look if I passed her on the street, but seeing her without her clothes on is a whole other story. She has a very cute body that I wouldn’t mind bending into all kinds of positions. The lousy lighting doesn’t give us a great look at her face, but from what I can see she seems a bit on the plain side. However, inserting her fingers and licking them off is a good start in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. :P

Timmy sent us these pics of his then 18 year old ex girlfriend removing her clothes and penetrating herself for some mirror shots. They were only together for a few months, but it was a very wild few months, according to him. Judging by the photos I would one could have quite a bit of fun with her. He says there wasn’t much of a spark between them, just pure attraction and lust. As soon as the excitement of someone new wore off they didn’t last much longer. Oh well, that’s happened to most of us at least once in our lives. Thanks for sharing, Timmy!

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Horny Local Girl Snapping Self Pics

Obviously we have very little to go on in the face department, but there is nothing wrong with that body. In fact, it’s quite nice; some nice all-natural boobs, a smooth clean snatch and a sweet round ass that you could really grab a hold of. Judging by the one half-face shot that we do get I’m guessing that she is at least on the cute side.

J submitted these pics of a very horny girl he both sleeps and parties with that he claims really gets around. She has a “serious” boyfriend, but according to J she’s cheating on him with roughly fifteen different dudes, and he’s just one of them. She’s a real party girl, so a lot of guys like to party with her and if it comes up (no pun intended) she happily gives them a little something extra. I’ve known several girls like her throughout my lifetime and they are a LOT of fun, but hardly the type you can take seriously. I wish I was closer to their town. I wouldn’t mind a crack at her. ;) Thanks, J!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Lifts Her Dress

Usually I’m much more attracted to the type of girls who would be considered ladies, but this chick’s trashiness, whether it’s just for this photo shoot or not, I’m finding very sexy. Perhaps it’s because she is being a bit of a tease with showing her goods, but whatever it is I’m really digging it. Plus I’ve always had a weakness for girls who wear no panties under their short skirt. Just knowing that there is very little between me and the holiest of holes always gets my motor running.

Jayce says that he snapped these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend after a night out. He didn’t mention if this is her usual style of dress, or if she was wearing panties before he busted out the camera, but he took the opportunity she gave him when she began to flash her best assets. He didn’t go into any details as to what led them to break-up, only saying that they weren’t able to work things out. So that could mean anything. Either way, I’m glad she’s here now! Thanks, Jayce!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Returns

Ah, yes. I know a lot of you remember this gorgeous babe from a couple of weeks ago. Of course nothing has changed, I’m still loving every beautiful curve on her. Man, that ass…I just want to take a bite out of it. At least as far as sex goes she had to be a tough one to give up.

John didn’t have anything to add about his ex girlfriend. I just hope she keeps snapping nude photos of herself and sharing them. Perhaps her next boyfriend is also a fan of this site and will include more. I know, wishful thinking, but what else do we have to go on? Thanks again, John! She’s welcome here any time.

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