Ex Girlfriend Exposes Her Pretty Boobs

It seems that this chick just loves her boobs. Outside the one ass shot(which is a very fine ass, by the way), her funbags are the only thing(s) we really get to see. That’s okay though, because she does have some very nice, all-natural boobs.Perhaps she’s a bit shy too, since we never get a great look of her face; however the little we can see I’m thinking she’s pretty cute. Nothing to be disappointed about here.

Ben sent us these pics of his cute ex girlfriend showing off her great natural boobs. He confirms that she was obsessed with her own boobs, but he believes it was because she/they got so much attention from men. Then again, she was also sure to accentuate or draw attention to them as much as she could without actually whipping them out. Half the time she wouldn’t even wear a bra. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, who doesn’t love a woman who wants the attention on her very nice chest? Ben says that their relationship was never a very healthy one. He mainly stuck around because the sex was good and very frequent. Can’t blame a guy for that! Thanks, Ben!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Loves to Showoff

God bless phone cameras! Man, I was born in the wrong generation. This girl seems like the type that absolutely loves showing off her body and snapping photos. It doesn’t even matter if other people are in the room with her; she just gets naked and whips out her camera. Luckily for us she has a great body to be displaying to the masses too; plus she’s very cute.

Geo didn’t have anything to share us in the story department, but I’m guessing he was with his ex girlfriend for quite a while since most of these pics seem like they were taken over a period of time. And the fact that she loves to be nude so often tells me she was nothing but fun, at least in the bedroom. Although I once dated a girl that every time she got a few drinks in her she would start taking off her clothes no matter where we were. It was kind of hot at first, but once we started getting serious her exhibitionism became annoying and embarrassing. Of course that doesn’t mean that I didn’t take full advantage of it. Thanks for sharing, Geo!

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Ex Girlfriend Enjoys Some Restraint

I’m finding this girl a bit on the average side in the looks department, although she does have a very cute body. I’m loving her curvy hips and tiny tits, and the fact that she evidently enjoys at least some light restraint is kind of sexy. I’m not a bondage type of person, but having sexual control over a willing woman can be a lot of fun.

Phil shared these pics of his ex girlfriend nude and restrained with us. He says that being tied-up is actually her thing and he just gladly went along with it. He doesn’t claim to understand her desire to be bound when it came to sex, except that she was always very submissive in the bedroom. She loved a strong man taking charge, having his way with her and giving her what any dirty girl deserves. They only broke-up because the relationship had run it’s course, however the way she ended things wasn’t cool at all. Although, he didn’t go into to details on exactly what she did to end it. She sure looks like she was fun, though. Thanks, Phil!

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Current Girlfriend Naked for Self Shots

While there’s no doubt that this chick is very sexy and has a great body, she seems a bit too hard-looking for my personal tastes. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity for a roll in the hay with her though. She definitely has some nice little tits, but that ass! Especially in picture #8. I suspect that she’s a stripper since a few of the submitted photos, which lacked serious clarity, she’s wearing fishnet stockings stuffed full of dollar bills. That’s not a problem for me, though. Who doesn’t love women that get naked for a living?

This is Mark’s current girlfriend posing naked and looking sexy, however there is a little twist to their relationship. She’s actually married to a sailor who is currently living a state away. Mark isn’t the only person she is cheating on her husband with though; he says that she also absolutely loves girls. One of his favorite things to do is watching her go-down on another girl while Mark is steering from behind. She also loves showing off her naked body and gets very turned-on just at the thought of so many men pleasuring themselves to her. She definitely has the body for it, so let’s give her what she wants. Thanks Mark!

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Emo Ex Girlfriend Naked in the Mirror

Although very cute, this one seems a bit on the young side for my personal tastes. However, she does posses all the fine equipment prized by the superficial male. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the colored, crazy hair on girls. I grew up in the rock/punk world and big/colored hair has always been there. It’s just much more glamorous these days. She also has a sexy figure and adorable little tits. She’s not in the best pose to accentuate the curves of her ass, but that’s looking pretty good too.

Max sent in these pics of his cute and sexy emo ex girlfriend posing naked in the mirror. He didn’t have anything to share about her or their relationship, but if we go by past posts, where the women are always in the wrong, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she screwed him over in some way. Either way, I’m sure he had some fun with her for at least a little while, because I sure know I would. Thanks, Max!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Naked in Her Room

Wow, what a hot body on this girl! I mean, she’s pretty cute too, but it’s the rest of her physical characteristics that really standout. Those all-natural boobs of hers are the perfect size as far as I’m concerned, and that ass looks scrumptious. Some of the pics were odd sizes so I had to do a little cropping, but she also has great legs, and knows that when she’s naked she should at least be wearing high heels. Now if we could just all women to go along with the naked/high heels thing we would be business.

This is Jimmy’s sexy ex girlfriend posing naked in her stockings and heels for some self shots. He says that not only is she sexy as hell, but she is also one very dirty girl in the bedroom. Unfortunately she was also dirty with many other guys in town. They are from a small Mid-Western town and, according to Jimmy, a girl like her gets around quite quickly and easily. He also says that these photos being posted should come as no surprise to her and others from their area. Perhaps she should just move to the San Fernando valley and become an “actress.” Only kidding of course. Thanks, Jimmy!

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Adorable Asian Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

Oh my! Is this little Asian chick adorable or what!? Not only does she have a dynamite body, but she’s pretty damn cute in the face too. At least for me personally, I think I’m going to classify her into the near-perfect category. I’m not seeing one thing about this girl that I’m not liking. She has a great figure, cute tits, a sexy ass and a very pretty little pussy. I mean, picture #2 looks like it could come from the pages of Playboy.

Louis submitted these pics of his very cute Asian ex girlfriend removing her clothes and posing nude in her bedroom. They met in school and actually became pretty serious about each other very quickly.Things between them were going very well for a while, but as soon as they hit a few bumps in the road everything just went really bad. Louis didn’t get into nitty-gritty details, but it sounds like just as quickly as they got involved, they split-up. That’s quite a quality notch in the old bedpost, Louis. I wouldn’t be too broken-up about it. Thanks for sharing!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Leroy’s busty ex girlfriend posing naked in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Adam’s current wife isn’t really my type, but I DO love those funbags! And of course if she was laid-up naked in my bed I would happily join her. Adam is a boob-man and the first time they met she was wearing this tight t-shirt over her bikini top. He said that rack was practically calling his name and he was instantly hooked. In the end things just were not working out and they split-up, however Adam assures us that he sure had some with her, and those boobs, for while. Thanks, Adam!

You may have noticed I updated some of the story. It turns out “Leroy” was a fraud, but the actual woman in these photos has sent me new ones. She is actually married to Adam, whom snapped these pics, and I will get them up soon.

I also wanted to remind you guys that we’re now on Twitter. I’m sharing new posts, some old favorites and occasionally some photos that don’t make it on the site: www.twitter.com/exgfpic

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