Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have another ‘mini’ submission of Bruce’s horny ex girlfriend spreading her legs in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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As Bruce puts it, she’s nice to look at, but when it comes to performance in the bedroom he ranks her a ‘dead fish;’ although her oral skills were quite good. That’s a shame to learn, because she does have a pretty nice body; I’m especially digging that ass, but as most of us know a great bod doesn’t equate great sex. I’ve known a couple of hotties that have no clue what they’re doing in the bedroom, on that same not I’ve been with a few frumpy average girls that could expertly work my junk like none other. It wasn’t her lack of sexual skills that drove Bruce away though. He also says she was a chronic liar, and a bad one at that, and had little concept of what it meant to be faithful. So we can only guess what happened between them in the end. Thanks, Bruce!

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Pretty Ex Girflriend Loves Showing Off

This one is not really the type I would go for, personally, but she has a pretty face and looks dee-lish naked. So if she wanted to model nude or in her underwear and high heels I would not be complaining, and I would be making myself comfortable front and center for the sexy show. It’s pretty tough to tell from looking at photos, but it seems like she would have a bubbly personality, and who doesn’t love that quality in a woman?

This is Josh’s pretty ex girlfriend looking sexy and posing naked. He says that she was a very fun girlfriend; always up for doing and trying new things, and a enthusiastic sexual appetite like that of man’s. Because of those qualities, along with her physical attractiveness, she was one hot commodity in their circles. She constantly had men trying to lure her away from Josh. She was no meek insecure girl, however, and had no problem turning them all down. That’s why he was shocked to learn that she had eventually strayed. Josh didn’t go into details of the aftermath, but we can only assume that’s what led to their demise. Thanks for sharing, Josh!

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Cute & Petite Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked

Wow! What a cutie! And what a smoking little body. She has perfect little natural tits, but I’m especially digging those nipples. Obviously, we don’t get to see the rest of her goodies, but if they’re anything like what we can see, I’m sure they’re just as stunning. I’m loving her cute petite figure. I mean, look how scrumptious she’s looking in picture #4. *drool*

Christopher submitted these pictures of his very cute ex girlfriend showing off her hot little naked body. He snapped these pics during one of their outings to a bath house of some sort. I took a girl to a bath house once and that place was made for sex. In fact, I remember it even stinking of sex. In hindsight it was pretty sleazy, but boy was it a lot of fun; for both of us. Judging by the smile of this chick’s face, I’m guessing she enjoyed it too. Christopher didn’t have a story to share with us, but I can imagine putting up with a lot of her crap just to get some of that sniz on the reg. :P Thanks for sharing, Christopher!

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Tight Ex Girlfriend Naked For Selfies

Whoa! I’m loving this tight little body on this chick! She looks like she may be a bit too much on the hard side for my personal tastes, but that wouldn’t stop me from being her photographer, or her bed partner for that matter. I’m really digging everything about her body, but that tight little ass of hers really stands out; tiny, round and perfect.

This is Minji’s ex girlfriend posing naked for selfies and showing off that beautiful little ass of hers. He didn’t have a story to share with us about her or their relationship, but judging by how she looks I’m guessing she isn’t very prudish. Of course I mean that in a good way, because when it comes to a hot piece of tail, like this chick, you are going to want her to put out and often. For all we know she has a personality of a saint, but what we do know is hat she has a body of a horny little goddess. Thanks, Minji!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Clothes

Hubba-hubba! Pretty, sexy and a fantastic natural body. In a man’s world it doesn’t get much better than that. Although I might have an issue with those finger nails, because if she gave me a chance they would be digging into my back at some point, and they look like they would be very painful; but I’m sure it would be totally worth it. As far as physical appearance goes though, I’m not seeing anything about her I’m not loving.

Iggy sent us these pics of his on again/off again ex girlfriend removing her clothes and showing off that gorgeous body, leaving nothing to the imagination. He didn’t go into any details as to why they have finally broken-up for good, but if it was an on again/off again type of relationship it probably wasn’t that strong to begin with. I’ve been in plenty of those typs of “relationships” and I usually just stick around because the sex is just too damn good to give up. Thanks for sharing, Iggy!

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Thin Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Being forced out of my apartment by new building owners & I’ve been scrambling to find a new place & move.

Anyway, I’m digging this skinny little thing. I never used to be attracted to skinny girls, but I think it was porn that changed that. Now I can’t get enough of them; as long as they aren’t all skin & bones of course. I like delicate women, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. And this chick is right up my alley in that respect. Especially when she assumes the position, as in picture #5. :P

Randy submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend modeling some new lingerie she bought to wear for him during better times in their former relationship. He said she cheated while they were together, but didn’t go into any other details. Thanks for sharing, Randy!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Bares Her Bod

What a knockout! Of course she’s just cute with no makeup, but when she’s wearing it–whoa! Look out! As you can see, she has the body and the personality to back it up too. Plus, I have a thing for women who choose not to wear panties under their dress. In my college years I dated a girl who did that quite often. We would be out at a bar or club and she would grab my hand and shove it up her dress to feel her wet, freshly shaved snatch. It would drive me crazy, One time it got me so worked up I took her out to my car, nailed her, and went back into the club. Needless to say, that was a good night.

This is Dima’s ex girlfriend f5rom a few years ago. He says that they have both long since moved-on; but she’s cute, she’s nude and he still has theses pictures. So he wanted to share them with us. She loves the attention and he just wanted to do a bit of bragging. If it were me, I would be proud of that conquest too. Thanks for sharing, Dima!

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More From Skinny Petite Ex Girlfriend

I’m sure most of you regulars remember this chick from about a month ago; although she was wearing a wig, but still looking sexy all the same. As you can see, this photo series is much more amteur-ish, which I always like better than the professional-like poses. I like to see a little personality. Then again, with a cute little body like hers she could have a personality of a stick and I wouldn’t care as long as she’s naked and ready for some fun.

Dillon didn’t have anything to add about his ex girlfriend. So we can assume that she continued on as the sexy, horny little thing that he claimed she was. And I think this final set of photos from him backup his original story. Thanks again for sharing, Dillon!

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