Buxom Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Yummy! If I can’t have ‘em tight and petite, which in my age group is no easy task, then I like them soft, curvy and slightly jiggly. Especially when they oil their bodies up and hop into bed, such as this pretty thing. Although I am a bit curious as to why she’s covering her crotch in all the pics. Since she’s posing nude for photos, I’m guessing it’s not because she’s shy. Maybe she’s just being a tease. After all, there are some women out there that prefer to save something special for private time.

This is Tyler’s buxom ex girlfriend posing nude in her bedroom. They met at a party in college and from that time they were almost inseparable, with a rather active sex life as well. He says things began to sour after their first summer break as couple started. They were from different states and had to keep-up the long distance thing during that time. As the summer went on she grew more distant in communication. She even cancelled plans they had for a weekend together, claiming she came down with the flu. By the end of the summer she wasn’t even returning his phone calls. After Tyler returned to college he saw her a few times around town, but she never even acknowledged him. You definitely don’t need that kind of treatment, Tyler. Thanks for sharing!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Returns

I’m glad to see this chick back. Unless you’re a long-time regular, I’m sure you won’t remember her since she was originally posted about a year ago. However the orginal post is pretty hot, so I encourage you to check her out. We don’t get as good an overall look at her this time around, but she has great tits, and as you can see in this post, a pretty luscious hiney.

Robert didn’t have anything to add story-wise. He just found some more photos of his sexy ex girlfriend and decided to share them. No arguments here! She’s welcome back any time! Thanks again, Robert!

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Sexy Asian Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

Personally I’m not that attracted top this chick in the face, however the overall package is dynamite. I bet she turns heads when she’s out on the town, but of course she looks even better out of her clothes, and even better than that in my bed. But for now I will have to enjoy her vicariously, and there is plenty to enjoy about her. She has a cute little ass, a sweet little snatch, a pair of beautiful legs and some cute perky tits. Everything is there and looking fantastic.

Roger submitted these pics of his sexy Asian ex girlfriend posing nude and putting the goods on display. He says they had an on-again/off-again relationship for about two years before he was finally able to cute her loose for good. According to Roger, their time together was mainly filled with lust, jealousy and revenge and he just had enough. They had incredible sexual chemistry, which is what kept drawing them back into each other’s bed. They would begin dating again, then the cheating and the revenge cheating would begin. It was a viscous circle and he had to get out. Sounds like a good thing, Roger. Thanks for sharing!

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Current Girlfriend Showing Her Assets

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission from Mike of his horny girlfriend showing us her assets. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Well, we can’t be too judgmental of her since we don’t get to see much of her, but what we do get to see is looking pretty damn scrumptious. I mean, she has some nice all-natural boobs, and personally I’m a suck for pierced nipples. When you flip her over, she has a couple of inviting holes greeting you, waiting for you sink deep inside. Mike says that if we like what he’s showing us so far, he has plenty more share with us. I’m thinking he should definitely send them over! Thanks, Mike!

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Sexy Body

My gawd! What a sexy little thing! That bright red hair along with her big, pretty hazel eyes got my attention, but that hot little body is fantastic! Once you click-thru to the full gallery you will see just how perfect those big natural boobs are, and that sexy little ass is making it tough for me to keep both hands on the keyboard. All-in-all this girl can be summed up in two words; YUM-MY!

These pics came by way of Dave. He says that his ex girlfriend loved showing off her body and posing nude. Evidently she knows exactly how hot her body is which, fortunately, is working out well for us. He didn’t really have any details to shyare about their relationship or breakup, but if it were me I would just be happy with having had a few rolls in the hay with her. Whatever happened between them I’m glad she’s here now. Thanks, Dave!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Enjoys Restraint

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a sexy French girl removing her sexy dress and being tied to a chair naked. Personally, I’m not a big bondage person, but a little light restraint can be kind of hot. I find it a bit strange I’ve only dated one woman who enjoyed being tied to the bed. It’s not something I ask of women, but if they want me to I have no problem in doing it. This girl I’m referring to enjoyed while blindfolded as well, so it was always fun to tease the hell out of her. ;)

Germano, from France, submitted these pics of his horny ex girlfriend after a night out. That’s one of my favorite things about taking out a woman; knowing that there is a pretty good chance that I’m going to be getting my twinkie stinky by the end of the night. Germano says that his ex loved being submissive when it came to sex, whether that meant she being tied up or him grabbing her by the back of the head while drilling. They had a tremendous sexual chemistry, but when it came to getting along outside the bedroom they had a lot of problems. It was tough to give up all that hot sex, but he was finally able to break away. Thanks for sharing, Germano!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Naked Before a Bath

Well isn’t she a cutie!? It’s usually the glamorous cuties that catch my attention more, but in the end it’s the girl-next-door cuties, like this one, that usually win me over. Over the years I have come to accept that I’m completely powerless to just about any girl who is naked and freshly clean. Go ahead, ask anyone of my exes; if they’re just out of the shower my instinct tells me to pounce. And I’m thinking that the pouncing of this one would be quite good. :P

Morgan says that his 18 year old ex girlfriend used her cuteness to try and put on this coy facade, but in reality she was anything but. In fact, when it came to attracting men, she was actually more on the aggressive side. Looking back, he says that she was the one who first approached him, she was initiating sex much more often than him and it was she that encouraged sexual experimentation. Of course he never said no to all that, but she clearly is not modest. That’s really all Morgan had to share with us. It slounds like something much deeper than what he told us is going on, but who am I to argue for more info. Afetr all, we have the pics! Thanks, Morgan!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Naked for Self Pics

Gulp! What a body on this chick! It’s shame we don’t get to see her face. Although, perhaps we were being spared a site we didn’t want to see, but I can’t imagine any mug that ugly who is also sporting a bod, like this. I mean, it’s not often you see such large natural breasts look so damn perfect, and she doesn’t disappoint when she shows us her backside, either. Come to think of it, she could have a face like a Mac truck, and as long she’s naked I wouldn’t give a damn.

This is BravoBeast’s beautifully busty ex girlfriend showing off what god gave her. He really didn’t have anything to say about her, but I can’t imagine that he didn’t have at least a little fun with her. I mean, even if she wasn’t all that good in bed that body is enough to take a mediocre experience and turn it into a good one. Maybe we will get lucky and he will send us some more pics of her, maybe even with a few face shots this time. *hint-hint* But until then, one thing I kn ow for sure and that is, she will be helping sleep good tonight. Thanks, BravoBeast!

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