Voluptuous Ex Girlfriend Spreading

Oh my! What a cutie! I love how she looks so cute and wholesome in the first photo, but then turns into a certifiable temptress. It’s tough to get a perfect read of her body when she’s on her back, but from what I can tell this chick has it all; great natural boobs, nice skin and a pink pretty pussy just waiting to be penetrated. Better yet, she really doesn’t seem all that shy about flaunting what she’s got either. I always have a little more respect for a woman who can have sex and be fully exposed with the lights on.

Nicholas submitted these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs and lips in bed. He always had a crush on her when they went to high school together, but she wouldn’t give him the time of day. After graduation, and away from high school politics, they ran into each other at a party and they began talking and eventually hanging out a bit. He finally made a move and she didn’t resist, and it was on from there. Nicholas says that she has the personality of a good girl, but in the bedroom she was a very bad girl. He said that he had no idea girls even got as horny she would. Everything was great until one night he had to work when she was going to a party. He later discovered that there she had hooked-up with one of his “buddies” and had slept with him. Nicholas really didn’t want to have anything to do with her, or his former friend for that matter, after that. Good thinking, Nicholas! Thanks for sharing!

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Dirty Ex Girlfriend Just Getting Started

I’m always a little disappointed when there is not at least on face shot, but this chick has a cute body. Plus, as you read on you will see she’s not your average girl; probably one of the reasons why there are no face shots too. I don’t think the carrots are doing it for me, but I do like the fact that she’s open for some dual input.

Brent sent us these pics of his anonymous, yet dirty ex girlfriend. He says these photos are the most tame he could dig up. Apparently the others were just way too graphic and weird. Their relationship was purely based on sex, lust and her indulging in all her “weird” desires. He explained some of them to me, but I really don’t like getting that explicit on this site. So let’s just say it was some extremely dirty stuff that not a lot of people participate in. I’m not judging, but it’s definitely not for me. And that’s actually what led to their demise; it was just getting too damn strange for him. There were no hard feelings until Brent discovered she had been also nailing his closest buddies. Thanks, Brent!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Nude on the Floor

Oh my! What a sexy thang! You know, I always say I gravitate towards the more wholesome good-girl types, but in reality it’s girls like this that I usually end-up with; sexy and wild. Not necessarily the type of woman you want to bring home to meet mom, but still a lot of fun nonetheless. I’m no complaining either; I mean, check this chick out! Yeah, the big tattoo is ugly and distracting, but she looks amazing on her back or with her ass in the air.

Adam’s ex girlfriend loved to pose nude whether it was in front of the camera or in front of him. In fact, she loved the attention she got from looking hot both in and out of her clothes. Once you click-thru to the full gallery you will see why she deserves that attention too. Adam didn’t say why they broke-up, but as I sort of hinted above, at least at this stage of her life, she doesn’t seem like the type of girl you would settle down with. Thanks, Adam!

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Curvy Ex Girlfriend Displays the Goods

Wow! What a cutie! And with all the right curves. One of the downsides to the petite girls I usually prefer is their lack of hips. Not all of them of course, I love curvy hips on a woman and this chick is sporting some that you could really hang-on to. I’m digging everything about this girl, really. I’m even surprising myself by drooling over her big, hot ass. Unfortunately I’m thinking she has the body type that could really blow up if she’s not careful. But for now, DEE-LISH!

This is Abraham’s ex girlfriend showing-off the goods and posing nude for some self shots. They were taken, of course, during happier times when they were both crazy about each other. When they weren’t going out they were having sex, and they didn’t have much money to be going out a lot. However she broke his heart when she suddenly left him for another guy. He was an older dude with his own business and plenty of money and expensive toys. He had no clue she was that shallow. Hate to break this to you, Abraham, but there are plenty more out there. Thanks for sharing!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bed

Personally, I’m not all that attracted to this chick; however if she were to walk around topless, or at the very least least braless, I think my opinion would change quite a bit. My gawd! What an awesome rack on this girl! Large natural boobs are not something I seek in a woman, but when they have one, it’s pretty great. Strangely, I prefer small tits on girls, but somehow I always end up getting involved with women with rather large boobs. Hey, I’m not complaining; it’s just odd how life sometimes works out like that.

Lewis submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend from Germany. He says she was one dirty minded girl with vivid fantasies of gangbangs and men lining up to have their way with her. Surprisingly, Lewis also says she was not very good in the sack. On the bright side, he was free to do what he wanted to her in the bedroom and he took full advantage. Apparently she really enjoyed being the ol’ protein dumpster and that was fine with him. In the end, she went on her way and moved to the big city, perhaps fulfilling some of those fantasies. Thanks, Lewis!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Tight Body

Ok, so she’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but that tight little body is a different story. Actually, I bet if she fixed-up her hair a bit and put on some makeup she would look pretty cute. Then again, if she has no clothes on it really doesn’t matter, because all eyes would be focused below her neck anyway. I love her firm, perky tits and those sweet little pink holes look like they need to be tapped.

Lucas sent us these pictures of his rather plain looking ex girlfriend showing off her dynamite nude bod. They had one of those on-again/off-again types of relationships, and like most similar relationships it was the good sex that kept drawing them back in. Lucas didn’t say what the final straw was that drove them apart for good; or perhaps they still have a few shots at each other left in them? Thanks for sharing, Lucas!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Getting Naked

Not necessarily the type of girl I would go after, but having time to look her over, and seeing her naked, I’m kind of digging her. She has a cute shape and a yummy looking snatch, but I’m especially liking her perky tits with the puffy nipples. I don’t, however, like how she does her makeup; especially those drawn-in eyebrows. Eew. Don’t get me wrong, I could deal with them if a few rounds between the sheets was on the horizon.

This is Curtis’ horny ex girlfriend getting naked and showing-off the goods. He says they had a very good, sex-filled relationship for a while. There wasn’t much that was off-limits. Unfortunately for Curtis, she has a major weakness for black men, and since Curtis is not black, she naturally migrated into the arms and beds of several of them behind his back. He was willing to make a few changes for her, but that was one thing he couldn’t change. Yup, not a whole lot you can do about that, Curtis,. Thanks for sharing!

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Cute Petite Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked

Well, isn’t she an adorable little thing? Usually any girl with less than shoulder length hair is off-limits for me, but I think I would make an exception for this one. For one thing, I’m loving that hot little body. In a perfect world she would have slightly curvier hips, but other than that her body type is at the top of my list. I don’t know what it is; perhaps it’s because they seem so delicate. Sadly, the older you get the less girls have bodies like this.

Jack says his ex girlfriend is just as wild and horny as she is cute and devious; a combination he was completely powerless against as it turns out. It wouldn’t have been such a bad thing except that she knew exactly who was wearing the pants in that relationship and she took full advantage. Of course he wasn’t seeing it at the time, but she was walking all over him. He says he was too distracted by the frequent and mind-blowing sex. I think we have all been there at least once, Jack. Thanks for sharing!

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