Busty Wife Showing Off The Goods

Well, this one looks a tad on thick side for my tastes. On the other hand, naturally curvy women sporting a little jiggle to their wiggle can also be a lot of fun. I mean, this chick does have some nice all-natural melons, and from our angle that pussy is looking quite tasty. Actually, the more I’m thinking about and writing about it the more I’m changing my mind. Perhaps she isn’t too thick after all. :mrgreen:

Barry’s current wife is all for getting naked for some naughty fun, but she draws the line at her face on camera while she’s flying her freaky flag. I suppose that’s understandable. I mean, that’s more or less where my rules would begin, as well. He says that she is actually really turned on by all of his seeing her naked. They have snapped photos and shot their own sex tapes before, but so far they have only been for private viewing. In other words, this is her first time going public. I’m just wondering if that is a hint that we may see more pics from her? Thanks, guys!

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Aww yeah! I know that, at least, most of you regulars remember this knock-out from here and here, nnd as you can see we now have even more of her. I must admit, I’m developing a little lust crush on this girl. If I could, I would marry that beautiful ass of hers. :P

You guessed it, John sent us even more pics of very sexy ex girlfriend posing naked and/or topless for some self shots. Actually, he sent me a bunch more, so expect to see even more posts and pics of this chick in the near future. Thanks once again, John!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of this busty college girl sent to us by Eric. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Personally, the size of a girl’s boobs mean little me. Yes, I prefer them small, but there is something about a thin (and/or petite) girl sporting big knockers that I just love. Those big, full boobs on this chick look great, although they do look fake; at least while she’s standing. When she’s on her back they look magnificent. Plus how could you NOT love a girl posing nude in front of the US Constitution? Eric didn’t have a lot to say about his busty ex girlfriend, except that they had a pretty naughty relationship for a while in college. Sounds good to me! And she looks like she would be one good notch in the ol’ bedpost. Thanks, Eric!

I also wanted to remind you guys that we’re now on Twitter. I’m sharing new posts, some old favorites and occasionally some photos that don’t make it on the site: www.twitter.com/exgfpic

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Goodies

Personally, I’m not finding myself all that attracted to this girl, but then again she is naked, not overweight and obviously very willing. That’s pretty much the minimum prerequisite for most of us. In other words, I would still gladly mount her if I had the opportunity. I mean, I AM digging that hot little ass.

Ricky sent us these pics of his horny freak of an ex girlfriend posing naked in bed. When they first met she was a lights-out kind of girl. Then he noticed she was visiting a lot of adult hookup sites and Craigslist, and he jokingly suggested that it would be hot to watch her with another guy. Suddenly they were going to swingers clubs, and once while Ricky was out of town she ended up videotaping herself getting drilled by another guy & shared it with him. He’s actually seen her get screwed by quite a few dudes at different times. He even suggested a gangbang for her and she loved the idea! Unfortunately they split-up before they had a chance to make that happen. I’ve had to the pleasure of being with some very dirty girls before, but nothing that extreme. Thanks for sharing, Ricky!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked in Bed

See what a difference a smile and a girlish pose make? In the first shot I’m kind of ‘meh’ about her, but in the rest of them I’m thinking she is pretty damn cute. I love her cute little tits, her cute figure and a clean, smooth snatch that’s just begging for a good tongue lashing. and besides the first photo, she looks very happy to show them all off.

Robert submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend posing naked in her bed. He says they met their first semester at the local junior college and were quickly off into a whirlwind romance. The next year she transferred to a state school and they kept a long-distance relationship going. Robert took the day off from work one Friday to to drive up to see her as a surprise. What he found instead was her in bed with another dude. Ouch! He didn’t go into any further details than that, except that she is now history. Thanks, Robert!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Nude and Spreading

I like this girl. She’s kind of cute, has a great little body and I’ve always had a thing for girls with hair like hers. I don’t know what it is that I love so much about that kind of hair, perhaps it’s because if I grab her by the back of her head she’s not slipping away. Plus, who doesn’t love a woman who loves to spread her legs as much as this chick? It seems that if her pants are off her legs are open, and that’s always a nice quality to have in a girl, as long as she’s faithful. ;)

This is Ashe’s cute and skinny ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs for the camera. He says she was not at all shy when it came to sex and nudity, especially if she was feeling extra horny. If that were the case, not only would she be removing her clothes, but she would be removing his too. Ashe was under the impression that they were pretty serious, even talking marriage; but one day, completely out of the blue, she dumped him. Her reason was that she didn’t want to be tied down any longer. He was completely shocked. He tried to win her back to no avail, but only a month later he found out that she was suddenly seriously involved with a new guy. He was heartbroken, but now suspects that something was going on long before they broke-up. It does sound like it, Ashe. Thanks for sharing!

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More of Horny Local Girl

I’m sure you remember this girl, as we just posted some photos of her a little over a week ago. We never got to see her face the last time around and this time is not much different, except we do get a better look. From what we can see, she seems pretty damn cute to me. Plus I’m liking her creativity with the mirror much better this time too.

I didn’t realize J submitted a second set of photos of her until just yesterday, so I figured I would get them up while she’s still fresh in everyone’s minds. Whether she’s the neighborhood pin cushion or not, I must admit I would happily stick her with my pin. I mean, she seems to have all the equipment prized by the superficial male, and as we all know, those things matter. Sorry ladies, but it’s true. Thanks again, J!

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Ex Girlfriend Naked and Restrained

Personally, I’m not much of a bondage type of guy, but a little light restraint, like we have here, can be a real turn-on. I once dated a girl who liked to be blindfolded with her arms tied to the bedposts and I admit it was pretty hot. However, she also liked me to smack her around while she was restrained. I’m not really into hitting women for any reason, but I figured she did a lot of things for me that she didn’t like, so I obliged her as much as I could stomach it. In other words, the restraint was hot, the hitting as not. Yes, she had some issues. But this girl looks pretty damn cute and seems to have a great body. She’s welcome to be tied-up in my bed any time she wants. :P

This is Troy’s pretty ex girlfriend naked, horny and tied to his bedposts. He says that she was a very kinky girl, and these pics are just a small glimpse into her twisted sexual psyche, but he was happy to please her in any way he could. The problem for them, according to Troy, was that she had other desires that included other men, but he wasn’t down for sharing her. Long story short, she pursued those desires anyway and in turn Troy cut her loose. Thanks for sharing, man!

Before anyone asks, I removed the last girl. Technically we’re not doing anything wrong, especially since she’s already an “adult” model, but I don’t feel like fighting about it.

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