Voluptuous Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude

While I may not be all that attracted to this girl in the face, there’s no doubt that body is banging! Honestly, I she might not get a second look from me if I saw her in public, but only because normally she would be a bit on thick side for my tastes. Clearly, I would have been missing out, because with her clothes off all I’m seeing are some beautiful, all-natural curves.

This is Jimmy’s ex girlfriend posing nude and showing-off her curves. He didn’t have a story to share with us, but I’m guessing he dated her while in college, judging by some of the backgrounds. And as most of us know, there are few things in this world better than horny, naked college girls. Although, being through college already once myself I can honestly say that I have no desire to actually date one again; just have some fun for a night or two, or in the perfect world, when the mood strikes me. Thanks, Jimmy!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Bending Over

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission from Tommy of his horny girlfriend posing nude and bending over. Thanks and enjoy!!

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I like this chick. She’s definitely not the type of girl I would bring home to meet mom, but she’s definitely the type of girl I like to bring home; if you know what I mean. She’s attractive and has a nice body, and the naval tattoo and the pierced nose tells me she’s up for things outside the norm. Tommy submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend and in his own words, “She’s a whore, but a damn good one.” These few nude photos and that little tidbit of inside information is all I really need to know about most women anyway. Tommy didn’t say why they broke-up, but if his assessment of her is accurate I have a couple of ideas why. Either way, thanks for sharing, Tommy!

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Sexy Latina Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked

I’ve always had a little weakness for the Latin ladies and I think this one explains why. I mean, picture #1 turns me on just as much as when she’s posing naked; pretty eyes, luscious lips, beautiful hair and some very promising cleavage. She certainly doesn’t disappoint, either, once her clothes come off. I love her rather large, all-natural boobs, and from what I can see I’m thinking that ass was built to take a pounding.

These pics came by way of Carlos. He would be the first to shout that his ex girlfriend is very beautiful, but she was also extremely demanding and high maintenance. He wasn’t that put-off by it in the beginning of their relationship because she was hot and he was getting ’sniz on the reg.’ However, the deeper they became involved, the more she would use sex as a tool. In other words, she made him work hard for it. It was no longer fun, it was a job; and not the good kind of “job.” Carlos wanted out, but him rejecting her turned into back-and-forth mind games that went on for months before he couldn’t take it any longer. I’ve been in similar relationships before, Carlos. I feel your pain. Thanks for sharing!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Horny in Backseat

Day-yum! This chick is a real knock-out! Dare I say, “perfect?” Girls that look this good are usually airbrushed. I’m really digging everything about her, too; those perky tits, her sweet little puss, that hot ass and an overall very sexy look about her. Plus she looks so soft, clean and smooth. I mean, you can tell this is a woman that cares about what she looks like both in and out of her clothes. For all we know she could have the personality of a rock, but if she enjoys getting naked as much as she seems in these pics, that’s all I need. :P

This is Jerry’s ex girlfriend from a couple of years ago. Obviously, after this much time passing he really doesn’t have any salty feelings towards her anymore. They had a really good relationship, but a really bad break-up. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy showing her off though! Admittedly, if I had nude photos of a girl this incredible that I was hitting, I would probably be showing her off too! Thanks, Jerry!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Bikini

I think this girl is kind of cute. I mean, she has cute tits, a sweet little ass, an overall attractive body and she obviously enjoys showing it all off to some degree. Yes, I hate tattoos on women. In my opinion it makes them look trashy. However, in all honesty, unless I plan on settling-down with a woman I really don’t care about that tats. It’s not the tattoos I’m after.

Coty submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend removing her bikini and posing naked for self shots. Now, he never actually said that she is now an ex. He only said that he caught her sending these naked photos to her ex boyfriend. Personally, I would find something like that being grounds for terminating the relationship, then again a good piece of ass always makes you second guess a break-up. How Coty figures it is, that if she wants other dudes to see her naked so badly he would help her out. Sounds like a reasonable stance to me! Thanks, Coty!

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Ex Girlfriend Naked for a Shower

I kind of like this girl. There’s nothing that really stands out about her, besides maybe the hair, but she has a cute face and cute body, and if that is not a wig I also like her hair. Although I do really like her pretty little titties. I wish we got a better look at her ass, but from what we can see it’s looking pretty damn scrumptious. Yes, I would happily wash her back, or any other area she might want some special attention paid to. ;)

Chris really didn’t have anything in the story department to share with us, but I couldn’t imagine that he didn’t have at least a little fun with her. I mean, she’s certainly not shy about her nudity; which is usually a good sign that a girl is just as outgoing between the sheets. Getting a cute and demure girl naked is always a fun conquest, but nothing beats a girl who knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing in the bedroom. Thanks, Chris!

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Buxom Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Yummy! If I can’t have ‘em tight and petite, which in my age group is no easy task, then I like them soft, curvy and slightly jiggly. Especially when they oil their bodies up and hop into bed, such as this pretty thing. Although I am a bit curious as to why she’s covering her crotch in all the pics. Since she’s posing nude for photos, I’m guessing it’s not because she’s shy. Maybe she’s just being a tease. After all, there are some women out there that prefer to save something special for private time.

This is Tyler’s buxom ex girlfriend posing nude in her bedroom. They met at a party in college and from that time they were almost inseparable, with a rather active sex life as well. He says things began to sour after their first summer break as couple started. They were from different states and had to keep-up the long distance thing during that time. As the summer went on she grew more distant in communication. She even cancelled plans they had for a weekend together, claiming she came down with the flu. By the end of the summer she wasn’t even returning his phone calls. After Tyler returned to college he saw her a few times around town, but she never even acknowledged him. You definitely don’t need that kind of treatment, Tyler. Thanks for sharing!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Returns

I’m glad to see this chick back. Unless you’re a long-time regular, I’m sure you won’t remember her since she was originally posted about a year ago. However the orginal post is pretty hot, so I encourage you to check her out. We don’t get as good an overall look at her this time around, but she has great tits, and as you can see in this post, a pretty luscious hiney.

Robert didn’t have anything to add story-wise. He just found some more photos of his sexy ex girlfriend and decided to share them. No arguments here! She’s welcome back any time! Thanks again, Robert!

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