Former Girlfriend Displays The Goods

I just noticed as I began to write this that pictures #4 and #5 are duplicates. Oops. Oh well, now you get to see twice the snatch, and a pierced one at that! I think this chick is kind of sexy and she looks like she would be a wild time, however for me the tattoos are sort of a turnoff. I was also informed that the boobs are not real, but from this angle I think they look pretty good.

James submitted these pics of a girl who was really more of a sex partner than a girlfriend. They were co-workers and one day she unexpectedly admitted she had a crush on him. That was soon followed by her going down on him in the supply closet at work. After that they were hooking up for sex on almost a daily basis until she got drunk at a work party and admitted her love for him. He was under the impression that they were just having fun and never took her seriously in that way. He really back away from her, at least emotionally; he continued to nail her for a while until she started dating someone else. And even then they were still hooking-up, just not as often. Thanks for sharing, James!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Ready To Be Filled

Ok, so there are no face shots of this one, but from the little we can see of her face I would say this petite blonde is pretty cute. If that’s not enough to convince you, I think she will do a great job changing your mind with that hot little body of hers. She especially seems to really like showing off that sexy little pooper, which, in my book, always moves a woman up a few notches on the desirability meter. Those curvy hips are not hurting her cause either.

This is Justin’s obviously horny ex girlfriend offering-up the goods for him. He believes that she is the closest thing to nymphomaniac he will ever get. When the first got together he was not prepared for her high libido, but of course loved every minute of it. Although their relationship was much deeper than just sex all the time, it certainly kept him around much longer than he wanted to be with her. After about one year together she suddenly became very controlling and obsessive, always checking up on him or wanting him to check-in with her. He really pushed him away from her, but that just made her want him more, and she would do even more to please him in the bedroom. He was finally able to muster the strength to leave her for good, but she did not go easy. Justin didn’t want to show her face to cause more problems, but he just had to show her off. Thanks, Justin!

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Ex Girlfriend Naked in Her Bedroom

I’m kind of digging this girl. While I’m only finding her on the cute side of average in the face, I’m drooling over that body; especially that ass. We only really get a side view, but it appears that she has some perky little tits too, which I’m always a fan of. And if you ever meet a girl who will fold herself in half while spreading her legs for you to dive in, you might want to keep her around for a while. You know you have yourself a dirty one when they do that.

Dan was dating this British lass about a year ago when he discovered that she wasn’t just sleeping with one dude behind his back, but many. Ouch! He says he knew that his now ex girlfriend was a b it loose when he first got involved with her, but he had no idea she got around this much. I once dated a girl like that. I mean, I met her at my parent’s church. Never would I have guessed that she would sleep with just about any man that said “Hi” to her. Dan says he has more pics of her, so hopefully he will decide to share them with us. Thanks, Dan!

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Curvy Ex Girlfriend Nude in the Mirror

I love a girl with curvy hips! It’s just so feminine to me, plus you need something to grab a hold of to make sure they don’t slip away during a passionate moment. Then again, wrapping her hair around your fist works too. This chick seems pretty cute too, and has some very nice all-natural breasts making the overall package quite delicious. No complaints here. :P

Bob sent us these pics of his ex girlfriend removing her clothes and posing nude in the mirror for some self shots. They met at the local community college through some mutual friends. He was attracted to her right away, but never pursued her until they ran into each other at a party. He rounded second base that night, but he had to put in some time before the third base coach waved him in. It was worth it. Bob said he had never been with a girl who was so incredibly sexy in the bedroom. Unfortunately, she shipped-off to a new stat college, in another state, soon after. He visited her once at her new school, and was very excited to see her, but the fire for her was just no longer there. That was pretty much the end of that chapter in his life. Thanks for sharing, Bob!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Richard’s ex girlfriend from back in the day posing nude and keeping that puss looking smooth and clean. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Obviously Richard’s ex girlfriend is not a recent ex. In fact he says these pictures were shot back when digital cameras were not common and these are scans of paper photos. So I’m guessing by his description and her overall style, these pics were from sometime in the 90’s? I mean, she’s attractive, just not a style we’ve seen very quite a while, making her look a bit on the average aide. One thing that is definitely not average are those massive mammaries. They look great now, but they may need a little work after children. Then again, if this was in the 90’s I’m sure that time has come and gone already. If I could go back in time I would gladly rub some lotion on her freshly shaven puss. Thanks, Richard!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Naked on Vacation

Day-yum! Now this chick is sexy! She has my favorite body type on a woman; small tits and a round ass. Not only that, but she clearly knows how to work it as well. I mean, if she were standing in my place like she is in pictures #4 and #5 it would take everything I have not to pounce on her. That is of course unless she wanted me to. ;)

Cello submitted these pics he snapped of his ex girlfriend while they were on a vacation. He didn’t say where they went, but it sure looks like he had some fun. He didn’t have much to say about her or their relationship, but if it were me I would have a tough time letting go of that beautiful little hiney, both physically and metaphorically. Judging by the subject of half the shots, I would say Cello liked it too. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Big Boobs

I’ve never been a fan of big fake boobs, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be accepting of girl sporting them. After all, they’re still boobs and they can be very useful. I’m guessing this chick looked much better with natural breasts, because everything else is looking quite nice; she’s pretty, it appears she has a nice figure and she has one incredible little ass. In other words, this is one of those girls where I could get past the fake boobs.

This is Johnny’s ex girlfriend showing off her huge fun-bags. He says she was high maintenance, but the trade-off was well worth it. The piece of arm candy was great, but the hot sex was even better. The problem was that she got really jealous, and when she got mad she really exploded. It was completely hot or completely cold with her. He stuck it out with her as long as he could, but it just wasn’t working for him. She didn’t go easy though. He said she made his life miserable for months afterwards, although he didn’t go into any details on how exactly. Either way, she’s gone for good now. Thanks Johnny!

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Sultry Ex Girlfriend Getting Naked

Hot damn! What a little knock-out! Plus she has some kind of sensual animalistic thing going on, where she turns me on just looking into her eyes, naked or not. Needless to say, I like this girl a lot; although she looks like trouble. Of course all she would have to be is topless and sticking out that tongue to get me under her power. I hate when Miley does it, but this chick looks pretty cute when she’s doing it; and the panties in the mouth thing is a nice touch.

Mick says that his ex girlfriend was every bit as sexy as she seems in these pics. According to him, she is actually quite sexually aggressive. As much as he loves sex, it was she that initiated sex way more often than him. Of course he’s not complaining, it’s just that he’s never seen that quality in a woman before or since her. He says it was her beauty and bubbly personality that attracted him to her, but it was the mind-blowing sex that kept him around so long. The thing was, she as also a huge flirt and he caught her messing around on more than one occasion. He had finally had enough and cut her loose for good. Thanks Mick!

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