Submissive Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bed

I like this chick. I mean, who doesn’t love a cute girl who is also sexually submissive? Not to mention, judging by thee pictures, she has a special pair of high heels for the occasion. I once dated a girl who bought these bright red heels specifically to wear in the bedroom. Once in a while she would wear them out, but it was only when she was planning on having sex later on. Anytime I picked her up for a date and she was wearing those high heels, I knew I was going to get lucky that night.

Tony sent us these pics of his submissive ex girlfriend stripped, bound, penetrated and loving it. He says that these photos are actually pretty tame in comparison their typical romp sessions. The one thing that wasn’t lacking in their relationship was fantastic sex; probably the main reason it was so hard to end it. He kept trying to break-up with her many times, but the lure of a horny tied-up woman was just too much for him to turn down. Evidently he was finally able to kicker her to the curb, though he didn’t mention why. Thanks Tony!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

This chick looks like a lot of fun. Rarely do we a get a girl who is enjoying herself so much while posing naked. Plus she is pretty cute too! I mean, look how pretty she looks in the last two photos; and I’m not just saying that because her two beautiful holes are positioned right below her face either, though it IS a nice touch. I am a bit disappointed that we don’t get to see what appears to be some rather large natural boobs. With funbags that large one would think that her boyfriend would have gotten a few shots of those too. Maybe he will send us more pics at another time. *fingers crossed*

Benji submitted these pics of his cute and obviously horny ex girlfriend posing naked and spreading her legs. He says that she was the perfect girlfriend for a while; regular sex, regular hot meals and the type of nurturing any man would crave for. Then things changed fairly quickly and he was lucky if he got sex once a week. He didn’t mention anything about her cheating, but it sounds like all the signs were there. Thanks for sharing, Benji!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Returns

I’m sure most of you will remember this little sexpot from a week or two ago, and she’s not disappointing this time around either. We don’t get to see her face as much this time, but that’s okay. We already know how sexy she looks and that beautiful nude body is what’s important here anyway. I do love small tits, but there has always been something about skinny chicks with large natural jugs that always gets my motor running. Throw in a sweet little ass and a smooth pretty clam and any morals go out the window.

Adam sent me all these pics of his ex girlfriend at once, so there is no expansion of any story. However, I think it’s a very nice addition to the previous post. I have one more set too, so I will be getting those posted soon. Thanks again, Adam!

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Ex Girlfriend Waiting For Penetration

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m an ass man. So just about any time a girl is sticking her ass out or in the air I’m practically wiping the drool from my mouth. For obvious reasons, this girl is no exception. We really don’t get a look at the front side, but from what we can see it looks like she it’s probably looking just as good as the backside. On the 0ther hand, when she looks this scrumptious while bent over, I’m not sure I care. :P

This is Shadow’s ex girlfriend removing her pantyhose and assuming the position. He says that her doing this sort of thing was actually fairly common. She was not at all shy about what she wanted and when she wanted it. The thing was, they were great sex partners, but a horrible couple, as far as the romance goes. They had an intense attraction to one another, but just didn’t see eye-to-eye and had little in common. The decided to see other people, but keep the sexual part of their relationship going. However that didn’t last long as they both became more seriously involved with their respective mates. I bet it was fun while it lasted though. Thanks Shadow!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Boobs

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Eric’s naturally busty ex girlfriend showing off her beautiful boobs. Thanks and enjoy!

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Eric says he’s a boob man through and through; the bigger the better. In fact, his ex girlfriend that we are seeing today is a bit on the small side for him. If she hadn’t been so damn sexy he probably would have passed on her, because big ol’ funbags are just one of those deal-breakers for him. Lucky for him that she loved the attention her boobs brought her, and loved to show them off. However, he says that she was a bit too controlling and there was a new girl that was almost twice her size he had his eyes on. So he gave her the boot. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

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Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked in Mirror

This is one of those photo sets where we both curse and thank the cell phone camera gods. On one hand the quality really stinks, but on the other, we probably would never get to see her naked without it. And I think you would agree that she has quite a nice body. She has some great tiny tits, some nice curves and I’m loving that sweet little pooper of hers. These pics came in in all different sizes, so you can’t really tell, but I also love that she wore high heels in each picture. Considering some of them are shot at different times, I’m thinking this is one of those girls who understands that naked and high heels go great together.

Ken didn’t send along any kind of backstory about his ex girlfriend or their relationship, but the photos tell me that she was a lot of fun; at least for a little while. I mean, any girl who removes her clothes and straps on some heels for her own self photo shoot to send to her boyfriend has got to be a bit of a freak. I guess we will just have to come to our own conclusion on this one. Thanks for sharing, Ken!

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Sultry Ex Girlfriend Nude in Dorm

At first glance, I was a bit lukewarm about about her face, but now that I’m looking deeper, past the bad makeup, I can see a sexy girl. Then again, with a body like hers, she could have a face like a Mack truck & I would barely notice. Those are some perky pretty titties and she’s sporting the type of ass I just want to take a bite out of.

This is Matt’s ex girlfriend removing her dress and posing nude in her dorm room at college. Matt met his ex a college party when he was doing a body shot off her and she commented on how long his lips were attached to her tummy. Apparently she enjoyed it, because she gave him her phone number before she left the party without him even asking. I love when that happens! He called her a few days later and they were soon involved in a very passionate relationship. Matt didn’t mention why they are no longer together, but if she was really as easy as he suggested I have a pretty good idea what happened. Thanks, Matt!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked and Sexy

I’m finding this girl more on the average side of cute, but there is also something about her that I find very sexy. No doubt she has a hot little bod with nice boobs and a firm sweet ass, but it’s more than that. Perhaps it’s what I believe to be Persian descent that gives her the exotic looks, or maybe she’s just one of those girls that exudes sex appeal. I once dated an average looking girl, who I probably wouldn’t have been interested in otherwise; but she was just so damn sexy I couldn’t resist. Then again, this girl is prettier than she was.

Circa submitted these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend posing naked in various locations. Obviously he can’t show this in just a few photos, but he says this was pretty much her most of their alone time. She really enjoyed wearing little clothing and being sexy, which of course guaranteed Circa getting some on a regular basis. He didn’t even have ask for it, a piece of ass was there when he wanted it. He didn’t say why they broke-up, but I can imagine it must have been tough to give-up the physical part of the relationship. Thanks Circa!

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