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I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have another ‘mini’ submission of Akim’s gorgeous ex girlfriend looking hot and posing nude. Thanks and enjoy!!

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My gawd! I love the exotic looking beauties. And in a perfect world this girl would be waiting in my bed right now instead of me drooling over four photos. As far as my tastes in women go, this sexy little Israeli girl is a perfect example. She’s soft, thin and curvy with a pretty face, gorgeous hair and an all-natural body that just will not quit. What more can a guy ask for? Of course more nude photos of her would have been nice, but maybe this is one of those test posts where they submit a few, then many more later. *fingers crossed* Thanks for sharing, Akim!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked on the Floor

This girl is kind of cute. Although the slight belly is a bit bothersome; not a deal-breaker though. If I was given the opportunity I would definitely join her on the carpeting. I mean if that’s how she takes her veggies, imagine what she would do with a piece of meat. Plus, in my experiences, girls who keep their holes clean and smooth plan on having them seen by at least one person. If you’re that person that just spells a lot of fun.

Jason submitted these photos of his horny ex girlfriend naked and spreading her legs on the floor. He didn’t have a story to share with us, but if this what was regularly going on I can only imagine they had quite the sex life. She’s cute, has a decent body and she clearly is not at all shy about stripping off the clothes and lying on her back. As far as I’m concerned that’s all the ingredients needed for some quality alone time. Thanks, Jason!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

Not the highest quality photos, but that hot little ass is what won me over. Actually the whole package is looking quite delicious, from what we can see at least; cute little figure, pretty tiny tits, and did I already mention a smoking caboose? From the bits and pieces of her face we get to see throughout this set I’m thinking she’s pretty cute in the face, as well. Face shot or not, I’m digging her.

Judy sent us these photos of her husband’s ex girlfriend from college. Actually, according to Judy, she was more of just a sex partner. Judy never gave much thought to any of her husband’s exes until this one started sending her hubby nude photos of herself in an attempt to rekindle a sexual relationship knowing he is married. You have got to give her husband credit. I don’t know if my married friends would have shared this sort of information with their wives. And if this was just some girl he messed around with, I can only imagine the woman he married is a knockout.

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Pretty Ex Girflriend Nude in the Mirror

Wow! What a knockout! She’s a natural beauty with a natural body, I really dig that in a woman. She looks like one of those types of girls where no matter what they are wearing, or not wearing, they look sexy as hell. As far as I’m concerned, the only disappointment here is that we don’t get a look at that ass. I can only imagine that it’s just as good as her front side.

This is Andre’s ex girlfriend from a couple of years ago getting nude in front of the mirror. He says that she was a very caring and very sexual girlfriend, but they clashed on a lot of things and just couldn’t make a relationship work. She was so much fun in the beginning of the relationship, but as they got to know the real person it was clear they wouldn’t last long. It only lasted as long as it did because the sex was so good. I’ve been stuck in those kinds of relationships before. Thanks, Andre!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend in a Bubble Bath

This girl is definitely a cutie, she’s just not really my type; and probably a bit too young for me. Of course that wouldn’t stop me if she were to approach me and offer me a quickie, but that’s mainly because I’m a man, and I do like her perky little tits. However, she does look kind of trashy, in a good way, in the last two pics. Finding that in my tub would be tough to resist. :P

These photos came by way of Russ. This is his ex girlfriend doing a little naked selfie photo shoot before hopping into the bubble bath. he really didn’t have anything to share about her or their relationship, but with a cute body like that that she’s willing to show-off for the camera I can only imagine that she was at least fun in the bedroom. And let’s face it, with a majority of the women we come in contact with throughout our lives, that’s what’s most important. Thanks for sharing, Russ!

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Pretty Ex Girflriend Strips & Spreads

Damn, this chick is sexy; pretty cute too! It would have been nice to see a big smile on her face, but her spread legs will have to do. She’s certainly not shy about showing off that hot little body, and I thank her for that. I really like her smooth, tight skin too. Considering she’s tanning to some degree her skin probably will not be beautiful forever, but for now it’s great. I especially dig the little tan lines at her ass-fold, the area where her ass cheeks fold over the tops of her legs.

Axel shared these pics of his pretty ex girlfriend getting nude and spreading her legs for the camera. He says that she was classy and demure on the surface, but behind closed doors after the clothes came off, she was more like a wild animal in heat. He’s not complaining either. According to him, there hasn’t been a better sex partner before or since. She was extremely high maintenance, however; to the point where the cons of dating her began to outweigh the pros after a while. So he finally got-up the nerve to cut her loose. The slid back into a relationship about a month later, but he swears it’s over for good now. Thanks Axel!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

At first glance I thought this chick was a bit on the older and thicker side, but upon closer inspection there isn’t anything wrong with her. No, she’s not a 19 yo college girl, like a majority of the women we have here, but I’m guessing she hasn’t hit her 30’s yet. She’s a little thicker than what we’re used to, but again, she’s not a 19 yo college girl. I do like the tight and petite, but soft and giggly are also a lot of fun; especially with some beautiful natural guns, like hers.

This is Jake’s ex girlfriend posing nude and showing-off her big all-natural jugs at home. He says that not only was she sexy as hell, but she really delivered in the bedroom; and boy, did they have the sexual chemistry. She was fun outside the bedroom too, but she had this hair trigger temper. Mix that with a little insecurity and she could really make life miserable for him. He didn’t say exactly what led to their demise, but I’m guessing the temper had something to do with it. Thanks for sharing, Jake!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked in Bed

What a little cutie! She may be a bit young for my tastes, but I’m loving that tight, petite body. Plus, true gingers have been slowly becoming my new interest. I never really thought much of redheads when growing up, but since I began doing this site my attitude has completely changed. There’s something about that milky-white skin that gets my motor running. If they’re also cute and tiny, like this chick, then we really have something special.

Marcus submitted these pics that his cute ex girlfriend sent him. He says that she actually sent him the photos AFTER they had already broken-up. One day, a couple months later, she contacted him out of the blue. Later she began to send him these naked pictures. If she was trying to lure him back, it worked like a charm. They tried to keep this new relationship purely physical, but before he knew it they quickly slipped right back into a full-on relationship, having the same problems they did before. I think that happens more than you know, Marcus. Thanks for sharing!

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