Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude for the Camera

I’m find this chick very sexy, but not in the conventional way. I usually prefer to see women a bit more curvy, but for the most part she’s creating quite an ache in my jeans. I wouldn’t say she’s the prettiest girl in the world, but it’s the overall package that makes her attractive. In picture #5, she kind of looks like one of them Real Dolls. Just put some brighter red lipstick on her and position her mouth in the “O” face and she would be a spitting image of a sex doll. I would think that would be a good thing that your girlfriend resembles a sex toy some men pay a lot of money for.

As I’m sure you can tell, this was not a spur-of-the-moment photo shoot while she was drunk, or anything. Tom had been trying to talk his ex girlfriend into doing some nude poses for him for a while. Apparently, she finally caved-in. He says these are the tame pictures, as they get much more explicit, but he didn’t feel it right to expose that much of her. She cruelly broke Tom’s heart, but he just couldn’t bring himself to show her dirty side. I say that’s fair, though. She DOES look pretty damn good in these pics alone.

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Former Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

I’ve always liked women in lingerie, but at the same time, I don’t see the point. I mean, how much use does it really get? I’ve bought lingerie for a few ex girlfriends of mine, and as soon as she gets it on it always comes right back off. But hey, if it makes her feel sexy and puts her in the mood, I’m all for it. I would have no problems with helping this chick out of her lingerie, either. She may be a bit on the thicker-side of my tastes, but I think she’s kind of pretty and she has fine equipment.

Ramon says he snapped these pictures of his ex girlfriend on the night of their one year anniversary. The only thing out of the norm for her on this night is wearing lingerie, because she was a freak like no other woman he’s known. The only weird thing was that she refused to give head. He says it was because of some experience in her childhood, but that didn’t stop her from loving her other holes penetrated. perhaps she loved it a bit too much, because while Ramon was thinking about popping the question to her, she had been out getting nailed by her ex boyfriend on the side. Needless to say, Ramon cut her loose as soon as he confirmed this information.

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Ex Girlfriend Horny and Naked in the Car

Although car sex is usually incredibly uncomfortable, there’s a certain depravity to it that makes it so much damn fun and totally worth it. One of my favorite sexual encounters is when a girl at this club asked me to walk her to her car. She rode me in the front seat and when we finished, she told me to get out, because she had to get home. I felt used, like I was just a piece of meat. It was great! Not much different from what’s happening here. her tits look like they might be fake, but who really cares when she’s this cute!? I love it in pic #4 how she’s biting her bottom lip as she’s lowering herself on his unit.

Paul submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend taking her friskiness to a new level, when on the way home from a dinner date. He said she just started removing her clothes and began playing with herself while driving through downtown. They got so worked-up that Paul had to pull-off the main drag to find a deserted road. As soon as he parked, she undid his pants and hopped on his lap for a wild ride. Paul said the relationship just didn’t work out in the long run, but that she was one of the wildest women he’s been with. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Ex Girlfriend Naked and Spreading

This chick is pretty cute for your average girl, not to mention she looks really good naked. At least as far as I can see. She’s not in the best positions to get an idea of just how great she may look. It seems she definitely has all the right goodies, though. She’s sporting some beautiful, all-natural funbags and a pretty, pink pussy that’s currently making my mouth water.

Guess who sent in these pictures? If his ex girlfriend’s boobs aren’t any indication, Lucas is the man behind the camera and pics. They actually split-up sevral years ago, but he just wanted to join in the fun and show-off his ex girlfriend naked and spreading her legs for the camera. Lucas says he was mad with her at the time of their break-up, but it’s been so long that he let that anger go, however he obviously hung on to her naughty pics. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Former Girlfriend Gets Worked in Bed

This chick is leaning towards average for me, but on the other hand, she’s naked and obviously willing. So right off the bat she’s scoring points. personally, it doesn’t take much for a woman to get me into bed. An actual relationship is another story. But this chick is attractive enough to come back for seconds, as long as she doesn’t talk too much, or anything. I mean, she does have a yummy pussy and that’s really all I’d be interested in, anyway.

Matthew says his ex girlfriend was a real wild one. For one, she was a real party girl and always a lot of fun. He also says these pics are just a small glimpse into her wild sexual side. She was the type of girl whom only wore clothes in public because she had to, and Matthew said he never knew getting head could be so damn good. But if you’ve been viewing this site for more than week, we all know where falling for a girl, like this, will lead us. That’s exactly what happened to Matthew. He began falling for this chick and she was all about promiscuous sex. Evidently, it didn’t end pretty otherwise we probably wouldn’t be looking at her naked pics right now. Thanks, Matthew!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naughty at Home

Wow! I just want to eat this chick up…and out. I couldn’t imagine bringing her home to meet the folks, but I’d love to have her as my dirty, little secret. Actually, a woman like her–I wouldn’t keep a secret. In fact, I would happily parade her around in that bikini and high heels in front of my buddies, just for bragging rights; but the full-on nudity and banana show I would be sure to save for our private time. :mrgreen:

Barret was the one whom has graced us with these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend being a naughty girl at home. He says, for one, she was a very sexual woman. She loved porn and had a fairly large collection of sex toys. But she was also a nudist, so wearing very little to no clothes around the house at all was pretty normal for her. They were never very serious about each other, although they were exclusive sex partners for quite some time. Barret says their time together eventually ran it’s course and they went their separate ways. Thanks, Barret!

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Ex Fiance Gets Naked in Her Bedroom

Ok, so she’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but that body is looking mighty yummy. Yes, she has a great pair of all-natural funbags, but I’m particularly loving the view from the rear. She’s another one that I just want to take a bite out of that juicy ass. get her in the ass-up/face-down position and the view gets even better. I’d love the opportunity to thoroughly explore both of those fantastic, pink holes! :D

BigJoe dated his now ex fiance for a couple years before he popped the question. He thought she would be the perfect wife. She wanted a lot of the same things out of life, as he, and their sexual passion for one another never died down one bit. She spoke a lot of family and having her own offspring, so BigJoe figured the timing was perfect. Apparently she was telling him one thing and thinking another, because BigJoe discovered she was getting some action on the side. He traveled a lot for business. When he was gone, she would call the other dude. She was lying to that guy, too, because he had no idea she was engaged to BigJoe, either. Yikes!

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Former Girlfriend Posing for Easy Access

Obviously, she’s the type of gal who seems completely comfortable with her nudity and I like that quality in a woman. Plus she has a bit of that girl-next-door look about her, which always makes pics like these all the better. Probably because girls, like that, appear innocent and don’t seem to be the type who would be so willing. But when they are willing and not so innocent, man are they a lot of fun! It’s even more fun when you get the honor of corrupting that girl-next-door into debauchery.

Filipe snapped these pictures of his ex girlfriend one day when she was feeling especially naughty. She’s far from prudish, but it was unlike her to be such an exhibitionist with a camera around. He says she was actually fairly uptight about sex and nudity when they first met, but he introduced her into a new world of sexuality and she gradually came around to his side. Filipe began to lose interest once the challenge was over, though. He said he needed a new challenge and he left this one for a new girl who hasn’t a clue of what she was getting herself into.

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