Horny Ex Girlfriend Demonstrates Skills

Day-yum! Not only is this girl cute and sexy, but she’s also a freak! And I mean that in best possible way. Once you click-thru to the full gallery you will see that this chick is clearly on the very dirty side and isn’t afraid to show it. Judging by the size of her “toys”, I’m guessing that this isn’t her first time, either. It just makes me wonder how far she is willing to go. :P

This is Iceman’s horny ex girlfriend demonstrating her skills and I must admit I’m quite impressed. This girl can handle some girth and it appears she really enjoys it. The funny (and hot) thing about her was that on the surface she has a squeaky clean image; the type of girl you bring home to meet the folks. However, in the bedroom it was a completely different story, as you can see. Man, I love women like that! Clearly, Iceman does too. He said that they only split-up because the relationship had run it’s course, they even had a few late night booty calls since the break-up. Personally, it would take me a LONG time before I had had enough of a girl like this. Thanks, Iceman!

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Current Wife Ready for Penetration

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have another ‘mini’ submission from Seth’s current wife waiting to be penetrated. Thanks and enjoy!!

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This is Seth’s current wife, Lindsey, and this is another one of those awesome submissions where she gets-off thinking about all the men (and some women) fantasizing and touching themselves thinking about a roll in the hay with her. He says that she already is a very horny and turning-on strangers makes her sopping wet. According to Seth, at the time of them sending these pics to us she was busy using her pink little friend just to get some relief. All I can say is that I would gladly replace her little friend. Thanks, Seth & Lindsey!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Loving Her Toys

This chick is pretty damn sexy. Of course I’m loving those little, tiny, standup titties; but it’s that tight ass and flawless holes that has most of my attention. And the fact that she obviously enjoys those holes filled brings her up a few notches. I mean, with such a sweet-looking puss and clean, pristine butthole I really don’t see that she has any other option, because what man would be able to resist? I’m having a hard time (no pun intended) keeping both hands on the keyboard right now, and these are just pictures. I couldn’t imagine holding back if I had full access. :P

Rattatattat submitted these pics of his sexy ex girlfriend penetrating her holes with a few of her favorite sex toys. He didn’t specify, but she’s seemingly Eastern European; not that it makes a difference when it comes to provocative women. He didn’t have a story to share with us, however I believe the photographic evidence is clear; she’s hot, she’s horny and she’s a little on the dirty side, and not afraid to show it. Seems like a keeper to me! Thanks for sharing, Rattatattat!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Masturbates in Bed

Who doesn’t love seeing a horny, pretty girl naked and pleasuring herself? Of course I much rather be the one doing the pleasuring for her, but since a few photos is as close as I’m going to get, I’ll take them! I’m very rarely a fan of fake boobs, however from what we can see of them they seem to be not too shabby at all. Besides that; she has a nice figure, pretty face and an even prettier pussy. And the cherry on top is the way she sucks that vibrator clean. :P

Glen sent us these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend masturbating with a vibrator in bed. He says that she called the vibrator her “BFF”, and she put it to good use whenever she had the urge and the opportunity. He didn’t care, though; whatever it took to keep her hot until it was his turn. That arrangement worked out quite well for him. Unfortunately, she was all about the drama. He put up with it for a long time, because a) she was hot; and b) she was horny. Those sound like good enough reasons to me! After a while, however, the perpetual drama outweighed those other two wonderful qualities and he had to cut her loose. Thanks, Glen!

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Adorable Ex Girlfriend Loves Her Toys

Whoa! What a cutie! She has a great natural body and she clearly is on the extra horny side. In my experiences, girls that regularly use sex toys are always hornier than average. It’s like their libido only increases the more they use the toys, and I’m ok with that. She may be a bit on the young side for my tastes, personally, but that would stop me from helping her reach her goal in these photos.

Pax submitted these pics of his adorable 19y.o. ex girlfriend masturbating in bed with her favorite vibrator. He says that her best friend semi-jokingly gave her a vibrator as a gift and his ex has been hooked on them ever since. Once he saw how orgasmic they made her Pax gladly welcomed the toys into the mix. He didn’t mention why they broke-up, but at that age I wouldn’t expect anything different. Thanks, Pax!

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Pretty Ex Wife Nude & Horny in Bed

This chick is pretty damn sexy! She’s not tally my type in the face, but she’s also attractive enough where it really wouldn’t bother me much; especially when she more than makes up for it with that gorgeous bod. Clearly her beautiful natural boobs are her standout feature, but from what I can see I would guess her backside is just as nice as the front. Plus, any girl who eagerly takes a dildo that size has got to be a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Hannes sent us these photos of his sexy ex wife horny and posing nude in bed. He says that they had a terrific sex life and she was a great woman…before they were married. He’s not exactly sure what happened, but after they tied the knot it was like she became a completely different person almost overnight. Personally, I’ve never been married, but I have heard from many friends that some women do change quite a bit once they are hitched, and usually not for the better. It’s probably a good idea that you got out of there then, Hannes. Thanks for sharing!

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Indian Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

This chick is pretty sexy. I love her petite body and pointy little tits, and she’s clearly no prude. Back in college I used to mess around with this petite Indian girl off and on. Man, was she sexy! Unfortunately she loved to play major head games, and talked so much I could barely stand it. One time, she even asked me to hide because her sister was coming over. I just laughed, then left. So I could never get too involved with her. Too crazy. Smoking little body, though.

Jake submitted these pictures of his horny Indian ex girlfriend getting naked and masturbating in bed. He says that she was quite the lustful gal and he happily obliged her every chance he got. He didn’t say why they broke-up, but judging by these pics he may have made a mistake; unless of course she was a total wacko. Thanks, Jake!

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Former Girlfriend Loving Her Toys

I like this chick! She looks a bit hard in the face, but other than that she is smoking hot. I mean that body is superb; nice and perky tits, long slim legs and a tight little ass. Although, judging by the last few pics it isn’t always tight, and I’m fine with that. Especially if I’m the one doing the stretching. of course it could be just cold in there, but I would think that any girl with erect nipples while being DP’d loves every minute of it.

This is Dima’s ex girlfriend posing nude and putting her toys to good use. He really didn’t have a story to share with us, but judging by these photos I think one thing is clear; she was a lot of fun in the bedroom. I’ve met many women that like it in either back or front doors, but I’ve never actually met a women who likes both at the same time, except for maybe a little finger. I know they are out there; I’ve just never crossed paths with any. Clearly Dima has and I’m sure he enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

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