Skinny Emo Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude

I like chicks, like this one. I wouldn’t bring her home to meet Mom, or anything, but I do have a real weakness for the wild, promiscuous types. They get me in a lot of trouble, but it’s hard to stay away. This girl is a bot on the skinny side for my preferences, but she makes up for it with that round, little pooper and her perky tits. From this angle, it appears she has a nice pussy too. It kind of reminds me of Kacey Jordan’s (who I just learned has left the business :( )

Esteban says his ex girlfriend was the typical daddy’s girl gone bad. He ensures us that if we saw him we would be very confused how he was able to land a girl, like this. It was just to piss off Daddy. Of course Esteban thought she was genuinely into him in the beginning of their relationship. He was pretty bummed when he figured out her real intentions, but in the end it was a blessing of sorts; because it opened him up to a whole new world of naive, rebellious, suburban girls. I guess that’s one way to look at it, Esteban! Thanks, man!

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Very Busty Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Boobs

Day-yum! Perhaps she’s not the prettiest girl we’ve seen here, but I think she takes the cake for biggest boobs, both natural or fake. Obviously hers are all-natural and they actually look pretty good. Most massive mammaries are not all that easy on the eyes, but if I knew this chick I think I would constantly be trying to set those puppies free!

When Jerry first met his ex girlfriend he was thinking the same thing - “I got to see those things!” Of course she was well aware of the mesmerizing power her huge jugs had over the men she met. So Jerry had to put some work into getting her naked, finally, and he couldn’t have been more happy. He says that he absolutely loves freakishly large breasts and he hit the jackpot with her. They were together for a while, but her controlling nature eventually wore Jerry down and he cut her loose. He hasn’t been able to find a girl to match his ex’s rack, but he’s still searching. Thanks, Jerry!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

Oh, man! I’m loving this chick’s perky, stand-up titties with the slightly puffy nipples. Unfortunately she’s not showing us much more than that, but from what I can see she has all the required goods and seems to like to show them off. I always wonder what’s going through a woman’s mind when she’s snapping self pics. Lucky for the the web, I’ve never thought about dropping trou and taking pictures of my junk. For one, I don’t want to make any of you guys jealous. :lol:

Schmoogy says his ex girlfriend loved her sex appeal and flaunted it whenever possible. After all, that’s what originally attracted him to her in the first place. So he loved it as well. In fact, Schmoogy believes had she a different upbringing we would be downloading her porn videos instead of looking at her posing topless. She has even voiced this, herself. However, there’s nothing wrong with having your own personal porn star at home; showing off her body at practicing her moves. Evidently their relationship didn’t work out in the long run, but he didn’t care to elaborate. Thanks, Schmoogy!

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Sexy Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

My gawd! What a natural beauty! For one thing, I love it when women have hair, like this chick’s. Plus you can tell she takes care of herself and has some element of class - at least in her appearance. I realize she shows more skin in other pics, but picture #2 she just looks stunning. Those long, smooth legs have got my mouth watering. That’s not to say that the rest of her isn’t equally as attractive. She obviously has cute tits and a very nice figure. It would have been nice to see more of her, but she looks pretty damn sexy anyway.

Gomez sent in these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend posing topless and in her underwear. She was modeling some new clothes she had purchased and it kind of turned into a sexy photo-shoot. She must have been feeling especially naughty that day, because it was a bit out of character that she would be topless in front of the camera. Gomes even dated her for a couple of months before she finally let him in her panties. He didn’t mind waiting, because he thought she was pretty special. And she was in the beginning, then her true colors came out. It turns out that she was a blossoming gold-digger, according to Gomez. I don’t know if that means she left him or if it was the other way around, but however it came undone, it worked out great for us! Thanks for sharing, man!

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Sexy Asian Ex Girlfriend Topless in Bedroom

Damn- she fine! Not only is she cute as hell, but that body is just dynamite. I mean, that’s a sweet, little pooper she’s got there and I’m loving those natural jugs. If I was dating her it would be a constant battle for me to keep my hands off her. In fact, I would recommend to her that she just might as well stay nude, because I’m just going to be trying to remove her clothing again shortly. Well, maybe just the g-string would be acceptable. ;)

Bob says this sexy chick was more like a ‘fuck buddy’ than a real girlfriend. She actually had a boyfriend when Bob first met her at the local swimming hole. He saw her in a bikini and immediately knew he had to get his hands on those beautiful tits. On their first date, she was having her period, but wanted Bob anyway. So she offered up her third hole and let him drill her in the butt. That’s when he says he knew she was a really special lady (Jackpot!). The rest of that summer they screwed like horny, reckless twenty-somethings do until her boyfriend got wise to her getting it elsewhere. She ended it with Bob after that, but she’s far from out of his mind. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Tied to the Bed

Damn! I love skinny, petite chicks like this! I must admit, one of the down-sides to getting older, in the women department, is that these types of women are fewer and further between. This guy has the right idea, though - he just ties her to the bed; taking a page out of the disturbingly sexy scene in the movie “Spun”. Except this one is face-down and her hot, little ass is driving me crazy. It would have been nice if she had lost the panties for these pics, though.

Adam says his ex girlfriend was a pretty dirty girl. You wouldn’t know it just by knowing her, but when she cornered you in the bedroom it was a completely different story. She was like a horny, wild animal and Adam says their sex life was like living in his own personal porno flick. Judging by only these few pictures, I don’t doubt his story one bit. However, their relationship eventually ran it’s course and they have both since moved on.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless at Home

Normally, it appears that a girl like this might have just a wee too much meat on her bones for my tastes; but this chick has a cute face and some very nice, natural knockers that look like they would be a lot of fun - hence the term, “funbags”! They look especially good when she’s laying on her back. It’s just unfortunate we don’t get to see the full package.

Edmond says his ex girlfriend sent him these topless pics of herself when she was trying to win him back after being caught cheating on him. Did it work? Well, sort of. He says he ended up sleeping with her a few more times, but emotionally was already done with her. His trust and respect for her was long gone, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying her a few more times. Thanks, Edmond!

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More of Cute Ex Girlfriend Topless

Some of you will probably remember this little cutie from a week or so ago. If you thought her all-natural boobs looked good then, they look amazing this time around. Plus I really dig her many looks. She can be cute and wholesome, or she can be sexy and slutty. She has all the right equipment to back it up, too.

I’m still not sure if Kristina is a woman or not, but for this post I’m going to say she is. I mean, you have got to admit that the idea of a bi sexual love triangle is much more exciting than the norm, even though I have never been lucky enough to experience sharing a woman with another woman myself. As most of you regulars know that we don’t get stories like that very often, so I’ll take it! ;) Thanks, Kristina!

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