Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

I really wish this chick got completely naked, because she seems to have an excellent body. The rest of her goodies are anything like her awesome rack, then she’s really got something going, there. She has something going for her anyway, because she’s pretty damn sexy just like this. Spunky, cut and naked…just how I like ‘em! I mean, if that bed in pic #4 doesn’t look inviting then there may be something wrong with you. That has “come to me” written all over it and I think to listen to her.

Vince says he’s always had a thing for conquering stuck-up girls and his ex girlfriend was just that. The only difference is that he fell for this one. He didn’t even see it coming. At first she was just another notch in the bedpost, but she really started to grow on him, until he found himself missing her when she wasn’t around. But apparently karma was paying him back for all the girls he’s dogged over the years. They were a couple, but she was just not faithful to him and obviously wasn’t taking him seriously. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and ended the relationship. She didn’t put up much of a fight, either. Ouch!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude on Sofa

I’m diggin’ this little cutie. For one, she has an adorable face. I love when girls are sporting the natural beauty without the use of any make-up. Despite the fact that she’s posing nude for pictures, she also has an innocent look about her which is always a turn-on. Plus, I’ve always preferred an all-natural, soft-body woman over a hard body any day. I like a little jiggle; one of the things that make females so great!

Ray submitted these pictures of his cute ex girlfriend getting nude on the sofa for us. He also really dug this this chick while they were dating. He met her at work and instantly became in lust with her from the moment he laid eyes on her. The feeling seemed mutual since they ended up in bed the first time they went out and they passionately continued over the months together. However, Ray got a job offer he couldn’t turn-down in another state. He was pretty hurt that she decided to stay behind when he asked her to come with. he was even more hurt when she completely cut-him-off and stopped returning his phone calls. He finally got the hint & stopped trying to contact her, but he’s still not sure why she handled this way.

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Ex Girlfriend Shows-Off Her Hot Body

Day-yum! Another cutie with a great body. I don’t know about the Snoopy bikini, but I’m sure she’s turning heads at the beach. Of course, she looks even better naked. She looks so soft and clean, I just want to eat her up…and out. I wonder if that Playboy necklace of hers is an aspiration, because she just might be able to pull it off as a Playmate. I’m a little old to hang centerfolds on my wall, but she would definitely have a special place under my mattress.

Andreas says his ex girlfriend was very comfortable with sex and being naked, so there were never any problems in that department. Plus, she knew she looked hot and she liked the attention she got from the men-folk when she dressed provocative. However, she was also a huge flirt which increasingly became a problem for Andreas. It wasn’t so much her flirting, but that other guys were constantly calling her and trying to get into her pants. He was already at the end of his rope when, he discovered that she had been giving-in to temptation with at least on of her pursuers. That was the final straw for Andreas and he got the hell out. Good idea.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Undressing at Home

Whoa! I’m really diggin’ this little cutie. Not only is she naturally adorable; but that tiny, nude body is just smokin’ hot. She has some nice, all-natural, jiggly boobs that, in my opinion, is always a major plus in any woman. But what’s even better is a gorgeous ass. This chick is sportin’ one of the yummiest, little asses I’ve seen in a while. I want to frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall! Even covering her up, she has beautiful eyes; the type that could gain control of any man.

Brandon submitted these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend undressing and showing off a bit in his bed. He says for her to be posing nude was very much out of character for her, but she was apparently caught in the moment. Unfortunately for us, this was as far as Brandon could get her to go on camera. He really didn’t have a break-up story to tell us, but I couldn’t imagine a sweet looking girl, like her, doing anything wrong. :roll: *sarcasm intended*

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Snaps Nude Self Pics

Wow! This chick is sexy as hell! Evidently she knows it, too. Otherwise I wouldn’t think she would be snapping these pics of herself. That’s ok, though, because we need more hot women in this world that like to show off their nude bodies. I don’t think I have to point out that it’s her beautiful rack that grab most of the attention on this girl, although she’s looking pretty damn good all over. Surprisingly, I don’t mind her tattoo either. In fact, it’s a tad sexy.

Scott had the pleasure of dating this chick for a while. He says these pictures do her no justice; that she’s 10 times hotter in person. We’ll have to take his word for it, but ain’t she looking to shabby here, either. She was a sweet, and not so innocent girl when they first met. Scott ended up falling hard and quick for her, and she seemed to be on the same path. He was pretty bummed to find out she had been seeing one of his fair-weather friends behind his back. On the bright side, she’s one hell of a notch on the bedpost.

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Ex Girlfriend Stripping in Bedroom

Wow! She looks dynamite with her long, blonde hair down and her big, natural breasteses just sitting there; looking pretty. However, as much as I hate to say it, I think I prefer this girl when she has the pouty look and not smiling, and of course perpetually topless. Judging by the curves, I’m guessing the rest of that body is just as fine as her soft, shapely boobies.

Justin dated his ex girlfriend a couple of years ago. She was just about to begin college and he was just finishing, so he had a couple years experience on her. That’s not to say she wasn’t already a naughty girl. When they first met, she didn’t waste much time before she began to aggressively work her sexual charm on Justin. In fact, she was usually the aggressor throughout their short-lived relationship, but of course he didn’t fight her even a little bit. When she went away to school, they couldn’t find much of a reason to keep it going. Maybe she was just practicing for college! :grin:

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Naughty Ex Wife Nude and Horny in Bed

Perhaps this chick would catch my eye, but I’m not sure I would be completely attracted to her unless she she was laying nude, like this, in my bed. When ever a woman is both horny and willing, they always seems to jump up a few points on the attraction scale. I don’t know how many times I’ve ignored certain physical qualities just for an easy piece. This one appears to have a sweet ass and a nice, little snatch; so I wouldn’t think I would have any problem joining her for a quick, hard romp in the sack.

Errol submitted these pictures of his sexy ex wife posing nude in bed, taken during happier times in their relationship. He didn’t say why they divorced, but Errol did happen to mention that she was an absolutely freak in bed. They did it all; from inviting a third person (man or woman) into the bedroom with them to wife-swapping with other couples. Most of these sexual activities were her suggestions, too! When I hear things like that, I can only assume that she just couldn’t get enough and Errol had had enough.

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Exotic Former Girlfriend Posing Nude

First, I’d like to officially throw this girl’s hat in the ring, as a contender for World’s Most Spectacular Pooper! You’ll see what I mean when you click-thru to the full gallery. They invented thongs for asses, like hers. I mean, she has a great body to begin with, and she’s obviously a girl who takes care in her appearance; but I’m sure she’s stopping traffic where she’s wiggling that hot, little ass of hers. What is it about South American women and their beautiful buns? Did I mention that I like her ass?

Ferdinand, from Brazil, snapped these picture while he and his ex girlfriend were on a little getaway. I’m sure you can guess what happened between them, to break-up their relationship. She was a high-maintenance girl and she was well aware of the effect she had on the opposite sex. Of course, she used that to her advantage, too. If she wants something, she gets it one way or another. On the other hand, she was not a tease by any means. She loved sex and she put-out if he wanted it without hesitation. However, according to Ferdinand, as soon as she drained his bank account she was on to another poor sucker. I guess some women are the same no matter what continent your on.

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