Slender Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked

She’s kind of cute, and I’ve always been a sucker for blue eyes and cute little tits. I’m not sure I would do a double-take if I passed her on the street, but if I was already talking to her she would definitely have my attention. The fact that she enjoys getting naked outdoors makes me think that she just might be a bit on the sexually adventurous side, which is always a great bonus quality in any woman.

This is Gary’s cute 20yo ex girlfriend posing naked and showing her pretty little titties. He says she was a little minx and really knew how to get a man worked-up, whether it was with her body or her words. I dated a girl like that once. She had a wholesome appearance and this sweet little voice, but when she whispered all the dirty things she wanted me to do to her into my ear, I was like putty in her hands. It was dangerous. Gary fell into that trap almost right away with her and then she would walk all over him. Once he snapped out of that sexual spell and caught-on to what she was doing, he gave her the boot and moved-on. Thanks, Gary!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Naked at Home

Day-yum! Does this chick have the curves or what!? I talk about how much I love those petite girls with small tits, but then I see a girl like this and think, what the hell was I thinking? I mean, what man doesn’t love a woman with all the right curves in all the right places? Admittedly, I’m a bit disappointed we don’t get a look at the backside, because I’m guessing it’s glorious.

Enrique submitted these pics of his very busty ex girlfriend posing naked at home in the mirror. According to him, they are real and they are spectacular. He says never has he experienced such large natural boobs that were so firm and perky, and that combination proved to be very useful in the bedroom. She was a wild one too. Enrique always had to make the first move, but once he did she didn’t hold back one bit. He says that she was more of a fling than anything else, but she will definitely be one for the highlight reel. Thanks, Enrique!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Naked in Mirror

I like the wholesome, innocent looks of this girl; but she’s clearly not all that innocent, which adds more to her sex appeal. She may be a bit on the skinny side for my tastes, but she does have a pretty face, some nice hips and an ass I can grab a hold of, and that’s all I really need.

Kevin submitted these pictures of his cute ex girlfriend posing naked inn the mirror for some self shots. He says that she was a bit shy and awkward about sex when they first began dating. Somewhere along the line he did something right and it changed her whole perception. It was like she had a sexual awakening and it was great. She continued to uphold her very wholesome image, but as soon as they got behind closed doors she was already reaching for what she really wanted, and often. She left Kevin after he announced that he was transferring to an out of state school, and that was pretty much the end of it. Don’t worry, Kevin. There are still plenty of horny women out there. Thanks for sharing!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Boobs

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Eric’s naturally busty ex girlfriend showing off her beautiful boobs. Thanks and enjoy!

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Eric says he’s a boob man through and through; the bigger the better. In fact, his ex girlfriend that we are seeing today is a bit on the small side for him. If she hadn’t been so damn sexy he probably would have passed on her, because big ol’ funbags are just one of those deal-breakers for him. Lucky for him that she loved the attention her boobs brought her, and loved to show them off. However, he says that she was a bit too controlling and there was a new girl that was almost twice her size he had his eyes on. So he gave her the boot. Thanks for sharing, Eric.

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More from Cute Current Girlfriend

I’m sure some of you regulars remember Tish from a couple of months ago. As you can see, this time around she’s showing us a bit more skin and I like it. Of course I love the T&A on her, but I’m also a big sucker for a nice set of curvy hips, and this chick has got them. Science says men are attracted to curvy hips because it symbolizes the ability to bear offspring, but I like them because it gives me something to hold on to while driving from behind. :P

Outside the photos, John really didn’t have anything to share about his current girlfriend this time around either. I’m guessing John and Tish like what you guys had to say the last time, since they are still submitting nakled pictures of her. So your comments and feedback are encouraged. Thanks again, John and Tish!

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Former Girlfriend Naked for Selfies

I don’t know if this chick would capture my attention if I passed her on the street, but if I were to get a private show from her I would most definitely not be able to keep my hands off of her. I mean, she’s kind of cute, has a slim figure and has some nice all-natural boobs. What’s not to like? Of course a tight 21 year old who can keep her ears warm with her ankles would be ideal, but I rarely discriminate when it comes to a roll in the hay.

This is Wild Bill’s ex girlfriend posing topless at home. He says that she absolutely loved taking naked photos of herself and being sexy, and she always delivered the real thing when they were together. She had a big sexual appetite and kept an arsenal of sex toys on hand for when Wild Bill couldn’t be there when she needed it. I once dated a girl who wasn’t into sex toys, but she was a chronic masturbator. For the most part, when we weren’t having sex she was masturbating, which made her even more hornier. If this girl was anything like my ex, I’m guessing Wild Bill was at least happy with their sex life, because he didn’t mention why they are no longer together. Thanks, Wild Bill!

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Former Girlfriend Topless in Mirror

I don’t know how I missed this chick. I found her photos buried in my inbox and I’m surprised she didn’t go immediately into the ‘post’ category. She’s pretty cute and I’m digging that body. She wasn’t blessed with a chest, but her tits still look good; besides that’s what boob jobs are for. That ass, on the other hand, looks good enough to take a bite.

Jerry submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing topless in the mirror several months ago. Like I said, this submission got lost in the shuffle. Sorry Jerry. Anyway, he didn’t have a story about her or their relationship to share with us, but she looks like she was a lot of fun; at least in the bedroom. Thanks for the pics, Jerry!

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Thicker Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked

In an ideal world, this chick is a bit on the thick side for my tastes; but it’s not an ideal world, and I’m not above joining a woman in bed who isn’t perfect. In fact, I’ve messed around with a few girls that are around this girl’s size. I mean, she’s obviously not fat; she has a shapely round ass, some cute perky tits and an overall sexy look. No more physical proof is needed as far as I’m concerned. I would definitely help her out of those panties.

Nassar sent us these pics of this thick beauty. He says that she was extremely sexy; so much so that when she was in his presence his balls perpetually ached. Ugh! I’ve been there, my friend. All you can think about is nailing her again, even after you just finished. He was so wrapped up in that hot ass that he wasn’t even realizing that she was pretty much sucking him dry; and not in the good way. A buddy of Nassar finally mentioned they he suspected that Nassar was being used for his money. He didn’t believe it at first, but after the idea was put into his head the signs were everywhere. So he used her for a little while longer, then cut her loose. That’s probably the best way to handle it. Thanks, man!

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