Former One Night Stand Strips Nude

I don’t know if this is the type of woman I would actively pursue, but if we were alone in a room together and clothes started to come I would be all for it. For one thing I love small tits, even when they’re as tiny as this chick’s. Plus it appears that she makes sure that snatch looks nice and pretty. The fact that she has her clit pierced and a pelvic tattoo tells me she likes to, or plans to, be seen without any pants on, and more than likely somewhat regularly. Sounds good to me. I prefer my women bottomless. :P

Danny met this chick one night at a dance club. He said it was a wild night that couldn’t have ended much better. Danny brought her back to his place and was a bit surprised how easy he got her out of her clothes, but she had no problem with him picking up a camera snapping a few pics for proof when he brags to his buddies. With a bald, wet pussy in front of his face the photo shoot didn’t last long. He wanted to get in there and she readily took him on. It wasn’t until the next morning that she informed Danny that she actually had a serious boyfriend and they could no longer see each other. He didn’t have a problem with that, either, but still wanted to share. Thanks, Danny!

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Petite Latina Ex Girlfriend Getting Naked

What a beautiful, little thang! Those light eyes against her olive skin makes her look even more gorgeous. Perhaps these are not the sexiest poses, but she definitely has all the right equipment - a cute figure; a sexy, little ass and some pretty, perky titties! Judging by those tan lines she enjoys showing-off those tight, firm curves, too. And there’s not a thing wrong with that.

Estefan submitted these pics of his petite and pretty Latina ex girlfriend getting naked in front of the camera. He says she actually snapped these photos herself and sent them to him, with a little encouragement. When they first began dating, Estefan claims she was kind of like a dead fish when it came to sex-she just kind of laid there. But after he brought her to orgasm several times, she became a different woman and wanted it all the time. By that time, Estefan says he was already getting bored with her and was moving on. He’s nailed her a few more times since they broke-up, but she has a “serious” boyfriend and Estefan doesn’t want to be tied down to one girl, anyway.

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Slender Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

No, we really don’t get a great look at her face, but I think what’s important here is that tight, smoking body of hers! It looks like you could bounce a quarter off that tummy! I can understand that maybe some of you breast men might not find her all that appealing, but I love her small tits; as long as they make up for it in the rear. As you can plainly see, she has one hell of an ass on her. Plus I’ve always had a thing for girls that kind of hair. So she’s definitely a winner in my book.

This is Jay’s Latina ex girlfriend showing us what she’s packing underneath her pajamas, and it’s quite the feast for the eyes. He says she was a very sexual girl and was just as wild as she seems in these photos. Unfortunately Jay had to cut her loose when he discovered she got nailed by the stripper at a bachelorette party. I used to party with a couple of male strippers that did bachelorette parties. They were always telling me how women just threw themselves at them. They were constantly getting laid by these chicks. So I’m not surprised to hear Jay’s story. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Bound and Stripped

Personally, I’m not really into bondage or role playing, but some light stuff, like this, can be kind of hot. I know I’ve tied-up and blindfolded a few women in my day and it was always pretty great. I know the quality of these images are not all that great, but we don’t get too many of these pics. I mean, she’s kind of cute and has what seems to be a great, little body. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a cute, naked girl horny and helpless all in good fun?

Maximus says that he and his ex girlfriend did a lot of different things to keep things exciting in the bedroom; or in this case, the hallway and stairs. He claims she was pretty submissive, so this kind of thing was right up her alley. Maximus didn’t say why they broke-up - only that things didn’t work out between them in the long run. She sure looks like a lot of fun! Don’t you just love when a girl is such a good sport when it comes to things like this? Thanks, man!

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Tiny Ex Girlfriend and More Free Amateurs

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Jared’s tiny ex girlfriend posing naked in the mirror. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Jared says that his 18 year old ex girlfriend is a Russian girl who was adopted and brought to the US. Personally, the ultra petite chicks drive me crazy no matter where they’re from. They had a pretty hot relationship, too. She never said ‘No’ to Jared and of course he took full advantage of that. Unfortunately, it seems evident that she didn’t say ‘No’ to the other boys either. Jared says that after about six months together he discovered she had been hanging out with these other dudes behind his back and performing some oral favors for them. Jared tried to make it work with her for the next month, but she just couldn’t be trusted anymore. He cut her loose and joined the Army. Thanks, Jared!

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Petite Ebony Ex Girlfriend Naked at Home

I’m not all that attracted to this girl in the face, but that body is looking pretty dee-lish. The “T” and the “A” are looking exceptional, and from what we can see of her snatch, that’s looking clean and yummy too. Judging by the fingernail polish, I’m guessing naked self pics are a common thing with her. It makes me wonder if there are more pics.

Dyson submitted these pictures of his petite ex girlfriend posing naked in the bathroom mirror. In case you were wondering, he confirms that she was a freak. He says she would would bend into all kinds of crazy positions for him. Dyson wasn’t about to settle down with one woman, though. He says that he has a long way to go before he’s ready to commit to one girl. Thanks for sharing, Dyson!

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Skinny Ex Fiance Spreading on the Sofa

I wasn’t 100% sure on what I thought of this chick after only seeing the first few pictures, however as they went on I really was digging her. It’s not just because she’s spreading her legs (though it does help), but she looks much prettier and more into what she’s doing. I love her skinny body too! And the tiny titties. And that pretty, little pussy. Plus she has some hips you can grab on to! Yeah, I like her.

This is James’s ex fiance posing nude and spreading her legs on the sofa. He says she was actually on the shy and quiet side, except when it came to sex. Not only was she a screamer, but she would really let loose in the bedroom; almost aggressive. No wonder James put a ring on her finger. He didn’t say why their engagement ended, but he did mention that as soon as he proposed she began to change. I’m not married, but I have heard buddies same similar things about their engagement/marriage. Thanks James!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Well, well, well…what a tasty little treat we have here. She’s pretty and has a very clean look about her, which is always nice. I would have liked at least one shot of the caboose, but other than that she has a very cute body. She really should smile more, though. The one picture where she is smiling she looks adorable. I think she may have at least a little thing for girls, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I believe that’s a video box of a Carmen Electra skin video sitting next to the TV.

Shawn submitted these pictures of his pretty ex girlfriend showing off her hot, little body. He says that she was a lot wilder than he thought when he first met her at a college party. He thought she would be a stuck-up prude, but she was exactly the opposite. Maybe that will help explain all the paddles hanging on her wall. They tried to remain a couple after college, but living in two separate states made that almost impossible. This created a lot of strain on their relationship and it didn’t end pretty. Thanks for sharing, Shawn!

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