Skinny Ex Fiance Spreading on the Sofa

I wasn’t 100% sure on what I thought of this chick after only seeing the first few pictures, however as they went on I really was digging her. It’s not just because she’s spreading her legs (though it does help), but she looks much prettier and more into what she’s doing. I love her skinny body too! And the tiny titties. And that pretty, little pussy. Plus she has some hips you can grab on to! Yeah, I like her.

This is James’s ex fiance posing nude and spreading her legs on the sofa. He says she was actually on the shy and quiet side, except when it came to sex. Not only was she a screamer, but she would really let loose in the bedroom; almost aggressive. No wonder James put a ring on her finger. He didn’t say why their engagement ended, but he did mention that as soon as he proposed she began to change. I’m not married, but I have heard buddies same similar things about their engagement/marriage. Thanks James!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Well, well, well…what a tasty little treat we have here. She’s pretty and has a very clean look about her, which is always nice. I would have liked at least one shot of the caboose, but other than that she has a very cute body. She really should smile more, though. The one picture where she is smiling she looks adorable. I think she may have at least a little thing for girls, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I believe that’s a video box of a Carmen Electra skin video sitting next to the TV.

Shawn submitted these pictures of his pretty ex girlfriend showing off her hot, little body. He says that she was a lot wilder than he thought when he first met her at a college party. He thought she would be a stuck-up prude, but she was exactly the opposite. Maybe that will help explain all the paddles hanging on her wall. They tried to remain a couple after college, but living in two separate states made that almost impossible. This created a lot of strain on their relationship and it didn’t end pretty. Thanks for sharing, Shawn!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Naked

Wow! What a knock-out! I’m really loving just about everything about this chick. Of course she’s very much my type of woman, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I’m not really seeing any physical flaws in this one, though. She could use a little wax job around the backdoor, but other than that I think she’s gorgeous. I mean, how could you not love such a pretty girl that wears nothing but high heels and a smile around the house?

This is Mason’s ex girlfriend showing off her hot, little, naked body. He says that not only is she beautiful, but she’s quite the dirty girl. I think the pics show what length she’s willing to go in the bedroom (Is she handcuffed in the last photo?). Mason and she dated for quite a while, but in the end they couldn’t make things work between them. He says there is a lot of emotion tied-up into all that and he doesn’t want to get into details. Understandable. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Ebony Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

I’m continually surprised by the increasing number of self photos that come in. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I’m just shocked how easy girls have become. The only way they can make it easier is to waiting naked in bed, waiting for our return. And yes, I’m a little bitter I was born into the wrong generation. Now that I got that out of my system let’s move-on to this dark-skinned hottie. Well, she’s not THAT dark-skinned, but darker then most of us and obviously has some sort of African heritage. Either way, I’m loving her little bod. The small tits and round ass get my motor running every time.

Louis sent in these pics of his cute ex girlfriend posing nude for some self pics she sent him when he was out of town one time. He says she was a freak with a capital “F”, although he didn’t go into any details on what puts her in that classification. He actually had to go out of town quite a bit for his job, sometimes a couple weeks at a time. She said she was being faithful, but there were noticeable signs that she was getting some action elsewhere. It wasn’t long before he found proof he was right and ended the relationship after she admitted to it. Thanks, Louis!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked at Home

Yummy! This chick has one of those bodies that would be very hard to keep your hands off of. Sure, she’s skinny, but she still has a lot of nice, soft curves that should be fully explored. Plus I just love a woman whose jeans literally need to be be peeled off her body. I must admit, her strip tease is working on me. If I were actually there I would have her face down into the bed by now.

Gonzalo submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend, from a few years ago, stripping naked for him. He says that she is everything you would expect she is from looking at these pics of her. Quite a bit of time has passed since they were together, so he’s not really angry with her anymore. She wanted a committed relationship, but then she went and cheated on him. However, he still loves to show off her photos. Thanks Gonzalo!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend and Some Cool Sites

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Tim’s very cute, but cheating ex girlfriend. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Tim and his ex girlfriend were getting pretty serious. At least he was serious about it. Tim was about to completely change his life around for her and ultimately tie the knot. Unfortunately he recently found out that she had been sleeping with another dude for the last three months. He was pretty bummed about it, but not all that surprised. She was a very dirty girl, according to Tim. She even sent these pics to him while dating the dude she was cheating on Tim with! He no longer has any interest in a relationship with her, but he’s always up for a quickie. Thanks for sharing, Tim!

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Emo Girlfriend Posing Naked in Bed

Most of you know my personal feelings on women with tattoos, but outside that this chick is pretty damn sexy! One thing I kind find of sexy about the inner-thigh tats is that I would think any girl who has those is only trying to accentuate the beauty that rests between the two. She doesn’t need to do that, but I think her heart is in the right place. I say, if she wants attention down there, give it to her! :mrgreen:

This is Mark’s current girlfriend, Kelly, posing naked and showing off the goods in bed. He really didn’t say why he’s submitting them, so I’m going to assume it’s strictly for bragging rights. Although, sometimes couples enjoy getting naughty feedback and there are plenty of naughty things to be said about her. Thanks for sharing Mark & Kelly!

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Petite Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

My gawd! I love girls that look like this; petite, gorgeous and a beautiful, all-natural rack! I can only hope she has a scrumptious, little ass to match. In my world they just don’t get much better than this chick. She may be a bit on the skinny side, but it’s proportionate to her bone structure. So zero complaints from me. Our submitter is/was a lucky man.

Eddie submitted these pics of his pretty and petite ex girlfriend posing topless and in her underwear. For all intent and purposes, he says she was a great girlfriend. She was a real sweetheart most of the time, is obviously gorgeous and he wouldn’t say she was particularly dirty in the bedroom, but she held her own and Eddie had no complaints. However, as many of you already know, most women go after men with money like we go after easy chicks. Some new dude lured her away with expensive gifts and fancy dinners. Eddie said he did everything within reason that he could do to keep her around, but soon realized that it was the money she was after and not necessarily the man. That sucks, Eddie. Thanks for sharing!

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