Ex Girlfriend Exposes Her Nude Body

Judging by the couple of face shots, I’m not sure how attracted I am to this one in the face; that body on the other hand, oh my god. She seems to have a pretty tight package with perfect natural tits and an ass I would love to take a bite out of. Too bad we don’t get a spread legs shot, because if picture #6 is any indication, her holes looks just as delicious.

Brian met his ex girlfriend at a bar in their small town. He saw her dancing and wiggling her body on the dance floor and in his mind he had no choice but to introduce himself. The fact that she played it coy at first made him want her all the more. It was totally worth the wait, however. It wasn’t that she was anything spectacular in the bedroom, but she was so open minded to experimentation, and he took full advantage. He says that he would probably still be with her, but she took a job in the big city and cut him loose before she left. Ouch! If you’re in her same age range, Brian, believe me you have plenty more coming (no pun intended). Thanks for sharing!

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