Ex Girlfriend Rides the Bologna Pony

This girl isn’t really my type, personally, but I can easily see why she is someone’s type. She has a sexy, little ass and what appears to be a nice pair of natural tits. If you click-thru to “picture #6″, you will also see her most prized possession. Although, I should warn you that, her waiting pussy is not the only body part you will see, but definitely worth a look.

Klaas, from Holland, submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing nude and riding the ole bologna pony. He didn’t say why they split up, but judging by the look on her face as she’s sliding up and down on his shaft, I would say that she wasn’t going anywhere. Obviously, by the date on the pics, she is an ex girlfriend from several years ago. Thanks, Klaas!

Picture #6

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Candid Pics of Ex Girlfriend During Sex

Besides the obvious, one of my favorite things about sex is watching the chick’s face as I’m drilling her. Actually, it doesn’t matter how it’s happening, it’s just that orgasmic expression on their face that get’s my motor running even hotter. Although it doesn’t appear that this girl has quite reached orgasm yet, in these pics, she is most definitely enjoying the penetration.

Clyde says he grabbed his camera on a whim one night, and snapped some pics of his ex girlfriend as he was slipping her the meat. She probably wouldn’t otherwise have posed naked for him, but she was so wrapped up in the moment that she didn’t stop him, or even ask him to erase the pics, for that matter. So, Clyde held on to them for his own “personal use”…until they broke up.

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Sassy Ex Girlfriend Gets Drunk and Laid

Since tomorrow is the Fourth of July (American Independence Day), I tried to find a more patriotic picture series, and this was the best I could find. Besides, what’s more patriotic than a drunk, all-American girl, nude and riding the bologna pony in front of the American flag? Attach some sparklers to her nipples while she’s doing that and we’ll have Uncle Sam’s dirty girl-next-door.

Danny, from New Jersey, says he met her at some night club. He only got her phone number that night, but it wasn’t long after that he had her nude, on her back and with her legs in the air. He doesn’t really consider her an ex girlfriend, per se, since they never got really serious. They pretty much just liked to party together, then they were off to find a private place to fuck, like bunnies. She eventually got involved with another dude. They still hooked-up once in a while, but that also eventually fizzled-out.

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Girlfriend Caught Cheating on Tape

This is more of a mini post. I rarely do these, but I got a nasty (not dirty) email from an irate woman saying some B.S. about how the entire concept of this website sickens her. She was extremely rude and it was quite obvious she only took a quick glance of MAYBE the front page. I almost never get angry emails from woman that have NOT been posted here, so it was interesting to hear her lecture me on how immoral I, and this site’s surfers and participants, are. She ended her soapbox preaching by asking me, “why would someone do this to their ex girlfriend?”

I talked to my buddy over at Revenge TV, and he provided me with a little video example as to why a guy would do this. I thought the answer to that question was pretty obvious, but if it’s not, the video should clear things up.


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Horny Ex Girlfriend Getting-Off in Bed

This chick is not my typical taste, but how could I deny a pretty girl with such a smokin’ hot body? Her sexy, little ass alone looks good enough to eat, not to mention some other fun things I can think of. At first, I thought that maybe her boobs are fake, but upon further investigation, I’m thinking she was just blessed with a nice pair or firm, perky tits. Either way, they’re proportionate and suit her. Picture #5 is my favorite, though. For some reason, it makes me feel like bowling.

Jim submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend showering and getting-off, as he drills her shaved pussy with a vibrator, or dildo of some sort. She was a girlfriend of his a few years ago, so there’s not a lot f hard feelings anymore, but he did say he was still a bit salty about the whole situation. She started another relationship behind his back, the one day she just up and left him for this other guy, without any explanation. Sounds like a typical chick-move to me, but that doesn’t take the sting out of it at all. Thanks Jim!

View Full Gallery HERE

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Ex Girlfriend Horny and Naked in Bed

This is one of them picture series where you never get a great look at the girl, but what she is showing us is definitely very nice. She appears to be very attractive, has a nice set of natural tits, a shapely round ass and she tops it all off with a clean-shaven pussy. All those great physical qualities, along with the fact that she enjoys a good load across the face, makes her quite the contender for any man, I would think.

James, from the UK, submitted these pictures of who is now probably his ex girlfriend. He actually sent these in quite a while ago and they got lost in the shuffle. At the time, she was still his current girlfriend, but she was about to leave him. Apparently, her family had a prearranged marriage planned for her and she decided that she was going to carry out her family’s wishes. Of course, this is kind of leaving James high and dry. Good luck to you, James!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Posing for the Camera

Does anyone remember Fiona Apple? I think this girl has a very similar looking face to Fiona. Maybe it’s the eyes. Either way, this girl is kind of cute and definitely sexy. I love her tiny tits and especially those nipples. I’m usually an ass man, but a cute girl with little perky titties and pointy/puffy nipples drives me crazy.

Basquiat says his ex girlfriend loved to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, she took or deleted most of the pictures he had of her. He came across a few they both forgot about. It’s not as much as he would like to show us of her, because she’s a “naughty girl”, but these pics will do. They dated for a couple of years, but things between them began to fizzle-out and they ultimately called it quits.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude and on Her Back

One of my most favorite things to see underneath me is a nude and petite cutie moaning at each of my thrusts. Unfortunately, these pictures are as close to that situation as I’ve been in a while, so I’m really diggin’ this chick. She has some very nice, natural tits and from what I can tell from the last pic, she has a scrumptious, little ass, as well. She can be underneath anytime. ;)

The last thing Kevin expected from his ex girlfriend was for her to cheat on him. In fact, he was so unsuspecting that he didn’t even find out about her sexcapades until she told him. By that time, she was already in the middle of dumping him, so there was little he could do about it. That was until he remembered these pictures he snapped while he was drilling her. Apparently, she forgot all about these pics, so Kevin took this opportunity for a little revenge. Thanks for sharing, Kev!

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