Horny Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked for Sex

Unfortunately, the only real good face shot we get of this chick seems like it’s not that great of a picture of her, but when I look at pic #5, she looks so fucking sexy. maybe it’s because she’s all flush and has that look on her face like she just got done getting railed by her boyfriend. As you can see, there’s no full-body shots of her naked, but it looks like she has really nice tits. Especially those pointy, hard nipples. I just love that on women! :D

Jan submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend, stripping out of her lingerie, and getting ready for a ride on the ole bologna pony. Jan didn’t give us any details, but I can only assume that this evening was a special occasion, because I’ve never known a woman dressing in lingerie on just any old day. But there’s always the slight chance that she’s just a super horny and sexy girl that likes to be at her sexiest at all times.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Rides Her Man’s Meat

Does this girl have an absolutely beautiful rack, or what? I’m not even particularly in to huge boobs, but when they’re natural, nicely shaped and as firm as this girl’s, what choice does a man have but to love them? A lot of women pay thousands of dollars to have boobs like these, and they usually don’t turn out anywhere near as nice looking. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her other assets, but I would bet they are just as nice.

David says his ex girlfriend was a freak, in the sexual sense. She loved to show off her body as much as possible, but without looking too slutty. Mainly sexy clothes that showed off her figure, or cleavage jacked-up to the sky. It was different when they were alone, though. The dirty-little-girl inside her came out, like she was using all her power to hold it in while they were in public. After several months as a couple, she began to get really jealous; always suspecting he was sneaking around with another woman behind her back. She had nothing to base these suspicions on, so the jealousy thing got really old, really quick; to the point where he eventually had to end it.

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Horny Ex Wife Getting Frisky in the Bedroom

I’m not sure if this chick would capture my attention if I passed her on the street, but, god damn, she’s got a beautiful body! Her hot, shapely ass, alone, is driving me crazy. We only get one clear shot of her boobs, but from what I can see she also has a great pair of nice and firm knockers that would make any man’s mouth water. And judging from the past picture, she keeps her pussy and butt hole nice and clean, too. Seeing how a lot of women get after marriage, I would be happy with a woman like her.

Trapper didn’t have much to say about his ex wife, besides that they “got married too quickly”. That’s a reason I’ve heard from a lot of my buddies, so apparently, getting hitched too soon is a common occurrence. By the looks of her, I’m sure Trapper had fun with her. At least, sexually.

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Ex Girlfriend Naked and Horny in Bed

I wish I had some more Christmasy pictures to post on Christmas eve, but apparently posing naked for the holidays isn’t number one on most people’s list, or at least dressing up as a naughty Mrs. Clause waiting under the tree with her legs spread wide open. But, rolling around naked in bed and spreading her legs to expose her holiest of holes works just fine for me. ;)

Markos didn’t leave us with much info on his ex girlfriend, except that she likes to sleep around. I don’t know if that’s why they split up, but judging by these few pics, she looks like she’s a real wild one in the sack, like she REALLY gets into it, which is always a plus, in my book. I guess if you sleep around a lot, you get plenty of practice. That, of course, could be both a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. Thanks Markos!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked in the Bathroom

I wonder what that white, gooey substance is all over her face and tits? Our submitter must have some power behind his pubes. Whatever the case, at least she got naked and out of her clothes right away. We wouldn’t want her to ruin those. It’s weird, because when I study her tits, they seem a bit abnormal to me, but checking her out overall, I think she’s sexy as hell! She’s one of them girls that looks hot naked. As I’m sure you know, not all pretty face girls do. But I’m really diggin’ her figure, and although there’s no split-beaver shot, it looks like she has a really nice pussy.

Tony didn’t go into explanation on what his ex girlfriend is covered with in the first picture. He says she always tried to play it off, like she was shy about nudity, but she jumped at any chance to be naked. That never bothered Tony, though, because her being naked usually led to him getting laid. He didn’t say why they broke up, but he did refer to her as a “lying bitch”, so I think that pretty much sums it up.

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Tight Nude Body

What a tight, yummy body on this chick. Especially that scrumptious, firm ass. I just want to bite one of her butt cheeks, among doing other things to that butt. Ahem. She even has some firm and perky tits, with hard, pointy nipples that you could suck on all night. She’s just tight and firm all over.

Derrick submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend showing off her hot nude body. He didn’t have anything to tell us about her or why their relationship ended, so we’re going to have to use our imaginations on this one. I don’t think that she be too hard, though. She’s given us a lot to work with. ;)

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Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs in Bed

Personally, I do like smaller tits on a woman, but this chick might be pushing it, for me. But she’s still a naked woman, laying spread-eagle on a bed and that’s just about good enough for me. I mean, she is pretty cute, and once I heard what a naughty girl she is, it made her all the more attractive!

Crafty, from Northern Ireland, says his very submissive ex girlfriend had previously posed for some naked pics, but somehow failed to mention it to Crafty. Well, he found them, as you can see, and scanned some copies for himself, and now all of us. She was a horny girl that loved nothing more than to get her ass spanked, and then for Crafty to have his way with her. He didn’t say why they are no longer together, but he did say that, “you would not believe what i got her to do!”.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Lays Naked on the Sofa

Maybe it’s the porn influence throughout my life, but I love nothing more than an attractive girl wearing nothing but high heels and a smile. For some strange reason, not many women in my life were willing to be naked with their high heels on. A few of them have even accused me of being weird because I requested they leave them on during sex. Of course, the slutty high heels aren’t the only thing I dig about this chick. I especially like her perky, little tits, which you get a much better view of in picture #7. Besides her chins being more marked-up than a soccer/football player, she has a great set of legs, too.

Juan submitted these pictures of his cute and horny ex girlfriend, getting naked on the sofa. He didn’t leave me with info on her or their relationship, but judging by these pics, this isn’t a girl that’s shy while naked. She even goes the extra distance to look sexy while naked. The first couple of pics, it looks like maybe Juan has a touch of somnophilia (Sleeping Princess Syndrome), but whatever the case, it’s left us with some hot photos. Thanks Juan!

Picture #7

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