Cute Ex Girlfriend Tied To The Bed

I don’t know if the girl would catch my eye if I passed her on the street, but she’s definitely cute. She would definitely get my attention if I saw her at the beach because, as I’m sure you have already noticed, that is one fine little body. For one thing she is sporting a fantastic round ass, and those pretty little boobs seems to hang just right. Plus I’m a sucker for pierced nipples, no pun intended. :P

These photos came in by way of Faustino from Portugal. He says that his ex girlfriend was a bit on the prudish side when they first met, but after months of hard work (and a little begging), he was able to cross her to the other side. The funny thing was that not only did she become very sexually experimental after that, but she also became a freak. Her favorite was being dominated. Nothing too intense; just some light restraint, hair pulling and being man-handled. Basically, what most horny girls are into. He didn’t say why they broke-up, but I’m guessing she doesn’t have a very pleasant personality because it sounds like she was pretty damn good in the sack. Thanks, Faustino!

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Slim Ex Girlfriend Playing With Herself

She’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but she sure has a tight slim body! She reminds me of one of those girls who you would never know just how hot she looks under her clothes, or just how naughty she really is. I mean, besides the smoking body, she has her clit pierced and obviously keeps those holes clean and smooth. Most would never guess that she has a little freakiness in her just by looking at her, and I like that in a woman.

These photos came by way of Darius. He says that this is just a small glimpse into just how dirty she really is. Unfortunately he didn’t go into details about that, but my mind is running crazy thinking about the possibilities. I mean, in my experiences girls who keep their buttholes manicured enjoy attention in that area. He didn’t go in-depth about why they split-up, only saying that the relationship had run it’s course. Thanks for sharing, Darius!

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Former Girlfriend Displays The Goods

I just noticed as I began to write this that pictures #4 and #5 are duplicates. Oops. Oh well, now you get to see twice the snatch, and a pierced one at that! I think this chick is kind of sexy and she looks like she would be a wild time, however for me the tattoos are sort of a turnoff. I was also informed that the boobs are not real, but from this angle I think they look pretty good.

James submitted these pics of a girl who was really more of a sex partner than a girlfriend. They were co-workers and one day she unexpectedly admitted she had a crush on him. That was soon followed by her going down on him in the supply closet at work. After that they were hooking up for sex on almost a daily basis until she got drunk at a work party and admitted her love for him. He was under the impression that they were just having fun and never took her seriously in that way. He really back away from her, at least emotionally; he continued to nail her for a while until she started dating someone else. And even then they were still hooking-up, just not as often. Thanks for sharing, James!

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Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked and Wet

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about a wet, naked girl with her mascara running that I find very hot. Actually she could have her clothes on, but there would still be something about that running mascara that would turn me on. Perhaps it’s because it kind of reminds me of a trashy, sex-crazed hooker that needs a shower and a warm bed for the night, and she will make it worth my while. Of course I’m not saying that this chick is a trashy, sex-crazed hooker by any means. I mean she looks pretty yummy and put together in picture #1–really in all the photos. It’s just the wet hair and the running eye makeup that gives her that sexy/trashy look.

Randy submitted these pictures he snapped of his ex girlfriend posing naked in the shower. He says that she is sexy as hell, but surprisingly did not live up to his exceptions in the bedroom at all. Of course he still enjoyed it. I mean it was still virtually sex on-demand, so he isn’t complaining. It’s just that her personality and sex appeal lead him to believe that he was in for a much more wilder and pleasurable experience. That’s not why he broke-up with her though. He says that he just wasn’t feeling her the way he should have to be that seriously involved with her. Sounds reasonable to me. Thanks, Randy!

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Current Girlfriend Showing Her Assets

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission from Mike of his horny girlfriend showing us her assets. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Well, we can’t be too judgmental of her since we don’t get to see much of her, but what we do get to see is looking pretty damn scrumptious. I mean, she has some nice all-natural boobs, and personally I’m a suck for pierced nipples. When you flip her over, she has a couple of inviting holes greeting you, waiting for you sink deep inside. Mike says that if we like what he’s showing us so far, he has plenty more share with us. I’m thinking he should definitely send them over! Thanks, Mike!

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Ex Girlfriend Lies Back and Spreads

Wow! Not only is this chick pretty and sexy, but judging by these photos she’s also a bit on the dirty side; not to mention she’s looking rather sinuous in that red dress. I’m not really into piercings, but I have always been a sucker for pierced nipples on a woman. Something like that is usually a good sign that a girl wants your attention on her tits, and this one has cute little ones. Plus who doesn’t love a woman with her legs spread as wide as they will go while flashing a big smile? That’s pretty tough to resist no matter what the woman looks like.

This is Eddie’s ex girlfriend getting naked and spreading her legs. He says they were pretty serious for a while; they even lived together. She wasn’t a very good housekeeper, but she was a great cook, and Eddie confirms that she definitely knows how to keep a man happy in the bedroom. However, he discovered that she had some younger dude on the side and behind his back. As much as he cared about her he just couldn’t tolerate that, so he gave her the axe. Thanks, Eddie!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Naked and Wet

My gawd! What a body on this chick! What’s great about her is that, just by looking at her face I wouldn’t expect that she was hiding such a smoking body under her clothes, not to mention all the piercings and the tramp stamp. I mean, she’s definitely cute, but kind of the average side in the face. However that body is definitely far above average and looks absolutely scrumptious!

This is Daren’s ex girlfriend showing off her fantastic naked bod. Unfortunately this is another one of the stories of where one of our military men were stationed overseas and risking their lives while their girlfriend was back at home nailing other dudes. He says that in the beginning they were always talking when they could and she would occasionally send him some nude pics of herself to keep him company. However he began to hear less and less of her. When he asked her what’s going on she only said it was because she was depressed because she missed him so much. As soon as Daren came home she was avoiding him at all costs, only for him to later discover that the reason being that she had a new boyfriend and never bothered ending the relationship with him first. A tough b,low, but you don’t want a girl like that around. Thanks for sharing, and serving, Daren!

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Rocker Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

I’m digging this little chick. She’s a cutie and it seems like she’s a good sport when it comes to posing nude around the house. She has a pretty nice body, too. I love her perky, pierced tits and she has an ass that I just want to take a bite out of. Plus, any girl who does the rocker sign while her face is dripping with a white, gooey substance is a-okay by me.

Stitch submitted these pics of his cute rocker ex girlfriend posing nude and primping at home. He says that they were pretty serious- they even lived together for a while. Not only was she attractive, but he says she was top-notch when it came to man pleasing in the bedroom. Unfortunately they just couldn’t make things work between them. The last several months of their relationship was more-or-less dominated by nasty arguments, break-ups and reconciliations. They finally parted ways for good, but these photos bring back some very hot and dirty memories he won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Thanks Stitch!

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