Ex Girlfriend Naked and Masturbating

This cute blonde may bit a little thicker than what I’m used to, but she’s definitely not too thick at all. A little jiggle in a girl’s wiggle is always nice. It’s tough to get a good look at her face, but she seems like she would be attractive. And if that still doesn’t do it for you she makes up for it in the body; especially those beautiful boobs. As far as these photos go, they are definitely her stand-out feature.

Andrew submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend posing naked and masturbating in bed. In case the pics didn’t tip you off, he says she was a very horny girl that craved sex on a daily basis; a personality trait that he had no problem dealing with. Although she did want it more than him, but he just couldn’t turn down sex. Andrew didn’t say what broke them up, but in my experiences, when a girl is that horny she’s not necessarily loyal to one man if it comes to that. perhaps that’s what happened between them. Thanks Andrew!

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Skinny Ex Fiance Stripping Nude

I dig this chick; thin and petite, yet all the right curves. I love her little tits and once you click-thru to the full gallery you will see what a smoking, little ass she has. She evidently enjoys showing it off, too! I like how she’s not trying to be sexy; she just is, and showing us what we all really want to see. It’s not that duck-face/covering-the-boobs bit at all and I thank her for that. :P

This is Peter’s ex fiance posing nude for some self shots. He says they didn’t get much further in their relationship after the proposal. She spent so much time trying to break down the emotional walls he put around himself, and when he finally gave in and began to show her his true feelings she went out and slept with someone else. Ouch! That has go to sting. He felt like a chump and he ended it right away. Besides getting his possessions returned to him, he hasn’t spoken to her since. Good riddance, I say! Thanks, Peter!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Clothes

This chick is pretty sexy! I’m loving the tits and hips on her; the type of body I would just love to run my hands all over. She doesn’t have much of an ass, but she makes up for it on top. Although, sometimes a tiny, little ass can be a lot of fun; especially if she’s the type of girl who allows her men in through the backdoor. Even is she’s not that type of girl she looks great naked and that’s a good start.

Dave and his ex girlfriend were together for six years, and it must have been true love at the time, because he said she was pretty boring in bed. She absolutely insisted that she be on top every single time they did it. However she had excellent oral talents and she loved to practice her skills. Little did he know at the time that she also practiced quite a bit on plenty of other men behind his back. Dave didn’t find that out until after they split-up, which happened after he went away one weekend. He returned to discover that she had slept with someone else and dumped him as a result. Pretty harsh! Thanks for sharing, man!

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Busty Asian Ex Girlfriend Showing Off

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of DJ’s very busty, Asian ex girlfriend showing off her best assets. Thanks and enjoy!!

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DJ submitted these pics of his Asian ex girlfriend displaying the goods. Unfortunately no face shots but, as I’m sure you have already noticed, what she IS giving us is quite the sight! Those huge, all-natural knockers on what appears to be a small body frame is very hot, and from what we can see she’s also sporting a pretty, little pussy. No, she’s not showing us a whole lot, but we can all appreciate a beautiful rack and a cute snatch. Thanks for sharing, DJ!

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Latina Ex Girlfriend Naked in Bathroom

A cute, little body on this spicy Latina; especially that pooper of hers! Evidently she also thinks her rear end is her best asset as she obviously enjoys showing it off. I especially love looking up at her ass from an angle, such as in picture #7. Some of you may remembering me mentioning several times that the pelvic star tattoos are becoming the new tramp stamp. As you can see this girl is sporting them, however I don’t think that would bother me much if I were about to start drilling her.

Alex says that his ex girlfriend used to send him these naked pics of herself once in a while; when “she wasn’t getting enough attention”, he said. It worked every time, though. He would get over to her place as soon as he could to strip her down and give it to her until they were too exhausted to continue. Alex never really took their relationship seriously, so when she began seeing someone else on the side he really didn’t care much. As long as she was still willing to give it up, Alex was willing to take it. It wasn’t until she became more serious with the other guy did they drift apart. Thanks, Alex!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

What a cutie! Although she’s not the type of girl I would normally be attracted to, there’s something about this chick that I’m finding very sexy. Of course her soft, little nude body has a lot to do with that, but she’s still cute and she also has that sexy look in her eyes. She looks like she could get a bit on the chunky side if she’s not careful, but for now I think she looks great; soft and jiggly.

This is Jim’s ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs in bed. He says she has a major oral fixation and just loved going down on him; to the point where he truly believes that his unit spent more time her mouth than not. Of course he had no complaints about that and they had a pretty good relationship for a while. Then one day Jim says he walked in on her giving two of his close buddies head at the same time. When she noticed him standing there she didn’t even stop. He didn’t want to have anything to do with her after that and he cut her loose. Probably a good idea, Jim. Thanks for sharing!

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Former Girlfriend Naked in Hotel

When I hear the term ‘puss in boots’ this is pretty much what I’m imagining. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see this chick’s puss, however the rest of her body is dynamite! I’m not 100% sure how attracted to her I would be if she had her clothes on; although it seems she does have a pretty smile. However, if I knew what was in store for me once she got naked, there would be no hesitation on my part whatsoever.

Mark submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend posing naked. He says most of these photos were snapped during a small trip they took together. They were fairly serious about their relationship at that time; there were even a few brief conversations about the possibility of marriage. Apparently they had a huge, blow-out argument that ended up breaking them up, but Mark didn’t go into details on that fight. It must have been one hell of an argument to break-up for good. Thanks, Mark!

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More of Sexy Ex Wife in Stockings

If you’re thinking that you might have already seen this chick somewhere, you have. She’s the same sexy ex wife from a couple of weeks ago. This time around she’s not only spreading her legs wide, but she’s also not blocking the good stuff with her hands. She looks good doing it, too. I don’t know if the fishnets are swaying my opinion, but she’s definitely got the type of legs I like wrapped around my neck.

After I posted this first series of pics David sent in these additional photos of his ex wife spreading her legs. I’m assuming he wanted to answer your pleas for an uncovered beaver and how could I argue that? Thanks again, David!

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