Cute Former Girlfriend Nude at Home

I like this girl. She has a nice, soft body and has that girl-next-door thing going for her. She has that cute and innocent face, but photos, and the fact that she’s posing for self-pics, are telling us a different story. That body of hers doesn’t disappoint either! She has all kinds of beautiful goodies that I would like to explore with hands…and mouth. ;)

Austin submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend showing off the goods. Although he didn’t get into any details about why they broke-up, I can tell by his few words that she is definitely not his favorite person. It’s hard to believe that she would have an evil side to her, but I’ve been fooled by a pretty smile and a snug puss before. It seems Austin fell prey to a similar situation. Most of us have been victims at least once in our lives. Thanks, Austin!

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Latina Ex Girlfriend Naked and Horny

It took me a while before I realized this chick had a face. I was too busy fixated on her luscious ass, her very suckable nipples and that yummy looking snatch ready for penetration. She is kind of cute, although she wouldn’t be the typical girl to turn my head; unless of course she were doing these naked poses for me. For those of you who have a little fetish for girls with braces, if you look closely you will notice this girl is sporting them. We don’t get many girl with braces here.

This is Matheus’ horny, 19 year old ex girlfriend removing her lingerie and priming her puss. He says he was a bit older than her and never realistically considered dating a younger woman, but she brought his mojo out; and I can see why. Matheus didn’t say what split them up, but I can imagine that she would be a piece of tail that would be tough to get over. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Topless in the Mirror

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Mitchell’s cute ex girlfriend removing her clothes in the mirror. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Mitchell didn’t have a story about his ex girlfriend to share with us, but she sure is a cute, little thang. It’s just a shame she’s not showing us more, because I’m thinking it will be just as good as I think she will be. I mean, she has a cute shape; pretty, little tits and what seems to be a nice ass. However, I am shaking my head at yet another big, ugly tattoo on such a cute girl. She’s still fairly young too, which means there will probably be more to come as she gets older. The tats still wouldn’t turn me off from her, though. Thanks, Mitchell!

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Exhibitionist Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

I don’t think this chick will be gracing the pages of Playboy anytime soon, but I definitely think she’s sexy! It appears we have a before-and-after situation with her tits, and quite honestly I don’t think her breast enhancement is pretty nice looking; despite the fact that I prefer boobs in their natural state and smaller. Whatever her boob size, she just might be my dream woman. In my personal opinion she’s a bit average in the looks department, but any girl that does the laundry naked and in high heels has got to be a very special lady! :P

Travis submitted these pics of his live-in ex girlfriend posing nude in various areas of their apartment building. He says she was quite the exhibitionist and loved the thought of a stranger that just might be watching her naked or having sex. Travis didn’t know it until he met her, but he was into it too! They both indulged in public sex where it wasn’t obvious, but they could still be caught. Travis said they had sex in that elevator a number of times. Because of her exhibitionism she felt it was necessary that she get the boob job. He wasn’t 100% on-board with that decision, but he did end up paying for them. Funny how that works out for women, isn’t it? Like all good things their relationship had run it’s course and they went their separate ways. Thanks, Travis!

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Ex Girlfriend Getting Some on the Sofa

While she’s not really my type in the face, the rest of her is looking damn good! Of course I hate the tramp stamp, but the ass she’s trying to draw our eyes to deserves that attention. That’s one fine, little pooper! That glistening pussy is looking mighty delicious, as well. The fact that she has her clit pierced tells me she’s usually a fairly horny girl. We don’t get a great look at her cans, but those pointy nipples are awesome! Plus you have got to love a woman who is in control of the camera while she’s the one getting drilled.

Kevin confirms that his ex girlfriend was very sexual and always horny. He can’t think of one time when she pushed him away while trying to get her naked. Even on their first date, by the end of the night she was all over him and he closed the deal. It was a great relationship for a while and Kevin never had any complaints about their sex life. Unfortunately, he says that he never considered if she was that willing to jump into bed with him, that she might be that easy for someone else, too. That’s exactly what happened. Once he discovered that she slept with someone else behind his back he lost interest in her. Can’t say I blame him@! Thanks, Kevin!

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Older Ex Girlfriend Horny in Motel Room

I think just about any woman could win me over when she’s in this position-all fours with her ass arched into the air. Evidently our photographer likes his women the same way; and she has some beautiful holes to show, so I can see why the focus is on that sexy ass and what’s between her legs. Obviously we don’t get a great look at her face, but from the little we can see it appears that she’s fairly attractive from the front, as well.

James submitted these pics of his sexy, older ex girlfriend assuming the position in a motel room. She was really more of a sex partner than an actual girlfriend since she had a husband at home. That’s one of the main reasons he didn’t include any direct face shots. As far as James knows she’s still married. He said they would often get motel rooms for a few hours of privacy while they screwed each other silly. He knew from the beginning that there was no future with her, so he wasn’t too broken-up when she called off their sexual rendezvous. He misses the times they had together, but has plenty of visual content to remember. Thanks, James!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Naked Body

What a cutie! I really dig her transformation in these pics, too. She goes from a cute, girl-next-door into a sexy, little thang with a bit of an emo look. That beautiful body of hers doesn’t transform, though. It looks incredible throughout the full set, even though I have no idea what kind of time period passed; and she looks yummy from every angle.

This is Sylvester’s ex girlfriend and even he says that when the first began dating she was kind of a shy, good girl; but he takes full credit for drilling and screwing her into the sassy, sexy horndog she is today. Unfortunately his sexual teachings ended up backfiring on him. Once she became comfortable with her bedroom skills she went-on to experiment with other men behind his back. In Sylvester’s eyes she had become damaged goods and he had to cut her loose. He says he nailed her a couple more times down the road, but he’s dating someone new now. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Shots

This girl is kind of cute. We don’t get a great shot of her face in this series, but I do have more of this girl. She has a nice and natural body, and judging by the side-view ass-shot I’m thinking I would really dig her backside just as much, if not more, than the frontal view. Either way, I wouldn’t turn down an opportunity for a roll in the hay with her.

Spreadneck submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend snapping nude self shots. he didn’t have a story to share, but it seems to me that she really enjoys being naked; at least in front of the camera. Girls that love to be naked are just so much fun! Unfortunately, there are a lot more women out there that rather have the lights out and be under the covers. Admittedly there have been afew in the past where lights-out was a must, but most of the time I like to see what I’m screwing. Thanks Spreadneck!

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