Ex Girlfriend Playing with Her Toys

The way this chick has photographed herself, I’m not really all that impressed with her body. Acceptable? Yes, but she certainly doesn’t have me drooling. However, That is one of the sweetest looking pussies I’ve ever seen! Not only does it look nice and clean, but it appears to be snug as hell. Plus she has a sense of humor about it. I mean, how many military men do you know who have gotten their foot stuck in some chick’s ass?

Benji submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend being naked and funny. He says she was a super sexual girl, and that that snatch is just as good as it looks. In fact, he said that if it weren’t for her all her luscious holes being open for business he would have skipped-out on her long ago. They didn’t get along all that well, but they had an intense sexual chemistry that he just couldn’t say ‘no’ to. Eventually Benji couldn’t take all the arguing anymore and had to finally cut her loose, but not before he hit it one more time. Thanks Benji!

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Sexy Girlfriend Loves to Pose Nude

Here we have another self-shooting beauty with a smoking, little body. Considering a lot of these photos were all taken at different times it seems she really enjoys showing it off, too. As you can see, she has a very cute figure and some great tiny tits. We don’t get a look at much else, but it appears everything is in place and looks dee-lish!

Isabella submitted these pics. This is one of those ambiguous submissions where I’m not sure if they were submitted by the girl herself, or by an angry ex girlfriend. Either way, we’ll take her! Obviously this also means there is no story to share, but something tells me that you guys are more concerned with the pictures anyway. So here you go, and thanks Isabella!

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Sexy Older Ex Girlfriend Poses Naked

We have no shortage of young, hot women to post here; however when it comes to beautiful and sexy older women (over 30) they are far and few between. That’s just not on this site, either. It’s the same in life too. Just take a look at a dating site and see what kind of women are available in the 30+ category. Yikes! That’s what makes a woman, like this chick, stand out so much. I mean, obviously she was quite the knock-out when she was younger, so that always helps, but you can tell this chick also takes care of herself. I must admit, I would be knocking people over to get at this girl if I had the opportunity.

This is Marcus’ ex girlfriend removing her clothes and posing naked for us. He says she was quite the firecracker, but really didn’t go into further details. So I guess we will have to come to our own conclusions about her. If I were to believe every break-up story we read here, I would have to assume she either cheated on him or was smothering him. Those seem to be the biggest factors in men leaving their women. Of course there’s always the possibility of her leaving him, but that really doesn’t fit in with what we do here. :P Thanks, Marcus!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude in Mirror

Damn! What an adorable, little thing she is! As far as I’m concerned she has a perfect body, too. She’s soft and slim, and everything is just the right size and shape. Plus, I’m a sucker for pierced nipples. That’s always a good sign that girl cares what she looks like in the nude. At least she has stuck to tasteful piercings and isn’t covered in tattoos; yet. I really can’t give this chick enough praise. If I could, I would take a bite out of her. ;)

Jonas was the lucky man who was nailing this sweet and sexy girl. He says he and his ex girlfriend were together for just under a year and he put as mileage on her as he possibly could. With a body like hers, I can’t imagine that being a tough obstacle, if at all. Jonas thought he hit the jackpot when the first began dating, because he says she’s the type of girl who has a hard time saying, “no.” However, that ended up backfiring on him when a new dude starting moving in on her. I can only assume he means she gave it up to this new fella, and Jonas was out of there after that. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Masturbates in Bed

I have a real weakness for short, petite girls and this one is no different! I’m really not sure why, exactly, but they are my favorite type of woman. Maybe it’s because they can be so easily spun around and manhandled. Unfortunately, as you get older those girls are fewer and further between. So I guess my quest continues, however I’m still holding out hope.

Lexie, whom I’m assuming is a woman, submitted these pics of her very cute ex girlfriend posing nude and playing with herself. She didn’t include a story along with these photos, so that’s why I’m not 100% clear as to who was involved in the relationship. However, this wouldn’t be the first time a lesbian female submitted pictures of her ex, nor would it be the first time a vengeful new girlfriend found out her boyfriend’s ex was sending him nude photos and submitted them to us. Either way, I’m glad Lexie shared them with us, because she’s a doll. Thanks, Lexie!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Josh’s cute ex girlfriend posing topless for a few self shots. Thanks and enjoy!!

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I dig Josh’s ex girlfriend because she’s pretty and she has some very cute, imperfect little tits. He really ,oved her tits too, hence her posing topless. Although she should have just kept going and removed the pants, and give us look at what else she’s packing. Something tells me it’s just as nice as the rest of her. Josh didn’t say why they broke-up, but experience tells me that if they end up here it probably didn’t end well for him. Thanks, Josh!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bathroom

I hate having to post low quality images, but with all the cell phone cameras these days what can you do? Plus if the girl is hot enough, I really can’t pass those up, can I? As you can see this girl is super cute and has the body to back it up. She has all the right curves and a great look, and the glasses are a nice touch.

Sammy says his ex girlfriend was the perfect type of girl–a lady in public, but very dirty in the bedroom. She didn’t even wear very revealing clothes when she went out, but loved to get naked behind closed doors. Sammy loved that he was one of the few that got to enjoy her body as much as he did. The problem was that anytime he showed any true affection towards her she would pull away, and start playing mind games with him. he says the sex was great, but it wasn’t worth going absolutely crazy over. Been there many times, Sammy. Thanks for sharing!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Sexy Body

I’m just lovin’ this chick’s body; soft, slim and curvy. We never really get a great look at her face, but from the little we can see it seems like she’s kind of cute–a girl-next-door kind of cute, which makes her even sexier in my book. As you can see, she has a great set of natural boobs, some hips you can grab on to and a lovely little ass that seals the deal. Not to mention she obviously loves to show it all off!

This is Ned’s ex girlfriend showing off her sexy bod for some self pics. He says she was the type of girl who had absolutely no hang-ups about her nudity or being nude in front of others. Of course that was one of the many sexy qualities that he loved about her. He thought they were beginning to get fairly serious, but then she suddenly stopped returning his phone calls, just like that. To this day he’s not sure what happened, but he still has these photos as a reminder of just what a hot, little number she was in the bedroom. Thanks Ned!

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