More of Sexy Blonde Ex Girlfriend

I almost forgot that I still have more pics of this chick! I’m sure a lot of you remember her from about a month ago when she showed us what is underneath her dress; and it was quite the sight to see. This time we get to see a bit more of what’s in front. Even thought they are obviously fake boobs, I still think they’re quite nice; especially the nipples. She just needs a bit of an adjustment on those puppies.

Nasse did really have a story to share last time and nothing has changed in that department. All we really know that he is one lucky SOB - such a beautiful woman that obviously loves sex. You can’t get much better than that! However she DOES seem to be a high-maintenance girl. Then again, look at what you would get in return. Seems to be worth it to me. Thanks again, Nasse!

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Ex Girlfriend Lays in Bed Spreading

This chick doesn’t look like much of a looker in the face, but once those clothes come off she jumps a few levels in the hotness department. What a gorgeous, little body on her! Those all-natural tits are spectacular and that smooth pussy not only looks delicious, but looks quite snug, as well. If I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate jumping in between the sheets with her.

These pics come in from Deiter who says his ex girlfriend was much hornier than you would think by just looking at her. In public she was actually pretty quiet and laid-back, but once they were alone and the mood arose she was like a wild animal. He says the whole time they were dating his back was completely covered in claw marks she would leave during orgasm(s). He loved it though. Deiter didn’t say exactly what broke them up, besides that they just couldn’t make things work. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Well, well, well…what a tasty little treat we have here. She’s pretty and has a very clean look about her, which is always nice. I would have liked at least one shot of the caboose, but other than that she has a very cute body. She really should smile more, though. The one picture where she is smiling she looks adorable. I think she may have at least a little thing for girls, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because I believe that’s a video box of a Carmen Electra skin video sitting next to the TV.

Shawn submitted these pictures of his pretty ex girlfriend showing off her hot, little body. He says that she was a lot wilder than he thought when he first met her at a college party. He thought she would be a stuck-up prude, but she was exactly the opposite. Maybe that will help explain all the paddles hanging on her wall. They tried to remain a couple after college, but living in two separate states made that almost impossible. This created a lot of strain on their relationship and it didn’t end pretty. Thanks for sharing, Shawn!

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Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Edible Bikini

I really love the idea of a candy bikini, and of course I have seen pictures of girl wearing them before, but I’ve never had the pleasure or opportunity to eat them off some chicks body myself. Seeing the kind of body this cutie is sporting makes think that I would like her to be my first. Yes, I’m a candy bikini virgin and I need a young beauty to hold my hand and show me the way. Then again, I don’t need any candy to tempt me into eating any part of this girl. ;)

Kieth was lucky enough to indulge in some of his ex girlfriend’s candy. He said he didn’t get very far into it before he just ripped it off her and pounded her like he would any other time. He’s eaten many desserts off her body, but the candies really just got in the way of what he really wanted to munch and slurp on. Kieth didn’t provide any details as to why they are no longer a couple, but I can imagine it would be tough to give up a girl that allows you to eat sweets off such a beautiful body. Maybe he was just putting on too much weight from that! Thanks, Kieth!

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Ebony Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

I’m continually surprised by the increasing number of self photos that come in. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I’m just shocked how easy girls have become. The only way they can make it easier is to waiting naked in bed, waiting for our return. And yes, I’m a little bitter I was born into the wrong generation. Now that I got that out of my system let’s move-on to this dark-skinned hottie. Well, she’s not THAT dark-skinned, but darker then most of us and obviously has some sort of African heritage. Either way, I’m loving her little bod. The small tits and round ass get my motor running every time.

Louis sent in these pics of his cute ex girlfriend posing nude for some self pics she sent him when he was out of town one time. He says she was a freak with a capital “F”, although he didn’t go into any details on what puts her in that classification. He actually had to go out of town quite a bit for his job, sometimes a couple weeks at a time. She said she was being faithful, but there were noticeable signs that she was getting some action elsewhere. It wasn’t long before he found proof he was right and ended the relationship after she admitted to it. Thanks, Louis!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

Ooh, baby! I haven’t said that phrase about a girl in quite a while. I’m just loving that little body of hers. If it were a perfect world, every woman I date would have a body exactly like this chick’s. When I finally noticed her face, I realized she’s pretty cute too. We rarely get girls, here, that are flashing their pearly whites while posing nude. She’s scoring some big brownie points with me! :mrgreen:

Roger submitted these pics of his very cute and petite ex girlfriend wearing nothing but her little lace panties, high-heels and a smile. He said they were just messing around with the camera. He suggested she show some skin and she happily obliged. Unfortunately he couldn’t get her to spread her legs in front of the lens, but I guess that makes little difference when you’re the guy about to part her lips, himself. Thanks Roger!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Strips Naked at Home

Yummy! This chick has one of those bodies that would be very hard to keep your hands off of. Sure, she’s skinny, but she still has a lot of nice, soft curves that should be fully explored. Plus I just love a woman whose jeans literally need to be be peeled off her body. I must admit, her strip tease is working on me. If I were actually there I would have her face down into the bed by now.

Gonzalo submitted these pictures of his sexy ex girlfriend, from a few years ago, stripping naked for him. He says that she is everything you would expect she is from looking at these pics of her. Quite a bit of time has passed since they were together, so he’s not really angry with her anymore. She wanted a committed relationship, but then she went and cheated on him. However, he still loves to show off her photos. Thanks Gonzalo!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

This chick reminds me a lot of this French exchange student that parents hosted. She didn’t quite have jugs as big as this girl, but she looks a lot like her in the face. Let me tell you, it was not easy having a young and cute french girl in the bedroom across from mine at the time-dear Penthouse Forum. Man, did she have a body on her! Anyway, back this girl. I dig her big, imperfect boobs and I’m sure she gets plenty of attention because them. At first I thought she may be a bit on the thick side for me, but that pretty little ass of hers tells a much different story. She just has curvy hips and big boobs and there ain’t a thing wrong with that!

Jesse says his ex girlfriend was actually kind of shy and quiet, but behind closed doors she didn’t mind showing her naughty side. She was still fairly quiet, but she expressed herself with body language and some grade ‘A’ humping. Sounds like a wonderful dream to me; a cute girl that doesn’t talk but loves sex? Show me where to sign-up! There was no real one reason why they broke-up. Things just didn’t work out between them, not to mention Jesse being far from ready to settle down with one woman. He’s pretty sure she felt the same way. Thanks Jesse!

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