Cute and Busty One Night Stand

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Archer’s cute, busty and obsessive one night stand. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Archer says he was traveling out of town and met this cute ‘Hooters’ girl one night. The sexual attraction between them was instant and they didn’t waste much time with getting-to-know-you small talk before they ended up getting a hotel room and in bed with each other. We was from way out of state and even informed her that night that this was a one-time encounter. That didn’t stop her from programming her phone number in his phone while he slept. She has since continually texted him with pleas to come visit her and when he doesn’t respond or repeats that it was a one night stand, she sends him sexy photos. Unfortunately, this is as racy as she got, but she still looks damn good! Those natural boobs are beautiful! However in my experiences, if you tell a woman you’re not interested she becomes more interested in you than ever. I must admit, I might just make the trip to see this girl if it were me in Archer’s situation. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Former One Night Stand Strips Nude

I don’t know if this is the type of woman I would actively pursue, but if we were alone in a room together and clothes started to come I would be all for it. For one thing I love small tits, even when they’re as tiny as this chick’s. Plus it appears that she makes sure that snatch looks nice and pretty. The fact that she has her clit pierced and a pelvic tattoo tells me she likes to, or plans to, be seen without any pants on, and more than likely somewhat regularly. Sounds good to me. I prefer my women bottomless. :P

Danny met this chick one night at a dance club. He said it was a wild night that couldn’t have ended much better. Danny brought her back to his place and was a bit surprised how easy he got her out of her clothes, but she had no problem with him picking up a camera snapping a few pics for proof when he brags to his buddies. With a bald, wet pussy in front of his face the photo shoot didn’t last long. He wanted to get in there and she readily took him on. It wasn’t until the next morning that she informed Danny that she actually had a serious boyfriend and they could no longer see each other. He didn’t have a problem with that, either, but still wanted to share. Thanks, Danny!

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One Night Stand Lays Naked in Bed

Personally, I wouldn’t put this chick in the “stunner” category, but like with most women, that would deter me very little in my never-ending quest for physical gratification from the opposite sex. I mean, she has a cute body and she’s obviously a very willing participant. That whip cream canister sitting next to her bed tells me she likes to have all kinds of naked fun. So I’m not about to get a little thing like, intense attraction, get in the way of what seems would be a good romp in the sack.

I don’t think Tony would actually consider her an ex girlfriend. He’s a Navy man and she was a port visit somewhere. He doesn’t remember where exactly, or even her first name, but these pics bring back some great memories of that wild night. Here I thought horny port girls were a thing of the last, but apparently I was way off thinking that. He met her at a bar well-known for catering to sailors. By the end of the night he had her naked, on her back with her legs in the air and she was loving every minute of it. Evidently she loved it enough to let a one night stand snap naked photos of her spreading her legs in bed. Nice! Thanks, Tony!

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Horny One Night Stand on Her Back

Well, we don’t get a great look at this chick, but I’m always happy to see a sexy, young woman; naked; on her back and in a semi-orgasmic state. From what we can see, though, she looks like she’s pretty hot. For one, she appears to have a nice pair of jiggly, natural boobs. I’m always a fan of that! She also has nice hips, a shaved pussy and seems like she’s really enjoying the sex. Sounds like a great one night stand, to me!

Daniel met this sexy, little thang at a friend’s party. He said she was giving him “fuck me eyes” from across the room, so he made his move. It turned out, besides being hot, she was also pretty cool. They flirted with each other and continued getting drunk throughout the night. By the time the party ended, they were all over each other and he brought her back to his place to continue with their own little party. These pictures are from their private party. She stayed the whole night and left Danial with her phone number in the morning. He called her a couple of times, but she never returned his calls. So, he moved on.

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One Night Stand Drunk and Horny

For the most part, this chick is pretty cute. She would definitely catch my eye and I bet she’s a real knock-out when she’s all dolled-up, before the cocktails start flowing. I’m assuming that the “X’s” on her hands are from earlier in the night at the nite club(s), where she apparently was getting hammered. Either that, or she’s straight-edge. Whatever the reason behind the “X’s”, she has one hot, little pooper and there’s no doubt that she’s raring to go.

Tre says that she wasn’t so much as girlfriend as she was, a girl whom he knew and ended-up bringing her home. She wasn’t a close friend, or anything; just a girl he partied with a few times. She pretty wasted one night and acting very flirty with him, so he seized the opportunity and gave her the attention she was craving. Before he knew it, she was back at Tre’s place, stripping down nude. He thought it was a great night, but he never saw, or heard, from her again.

Picture #7

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Dirty Pics from Hot One Night Stand

Something tells me that if this chick wasn’t making so many goofy faces, she might be actually a pretty girl. She’s still very striking, though, and once her dress is lifted that beautiful, pink pussy makes up for any of her short-comings. Just looking at these pics, my mouth is watering and my jeans are getting very tight in the crotchal region.

Jani says that he and a couple of his buddies met these girls at a club and ended up getting together for a little after-hours partying. It was a pretty wild night. These girls were getting drunk as hell and were making-out with each other, getting naked and just doing what drunk girls do. Jani later snuck-off this cute blonde into a backroom, away from their little party. As you can see, Jani managed to get a few snaps of her yummy pussy in before he ended up nailing her on the floor. Nice job! She would be in my scrapbook, too!

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Candid Sexy Ex Girlfriend in Her Panties

We don’t get a great shot of this girl’s face, but from the little bit we CAN see, I would says she’s an attractive girl. When we get to her mostly nude body, I think most of you would agree that she moves up a few notches. She has a great set of all-natural lungs and nice firm ass to go along with the rest of her hot body. She seems to be a little shy being nude in front of the camera, but she doesn’t seem to be shy about being nude with men.

Thomas, from Düsseldorf (Germany), met his pseudo ex girlfriend at a Carnival Sunday in his town. He put in a lot of time separating her from the heard of dudes hitting on her. When she realized she lost the group of girls she attended the party with, Thomas invited her back to his place for “ice cream”. They actually did eat some ice cream, and she even sucked some off of his unit. Before he knew it, he was reaming her hard, on the kitchen table. She was screaming so loud the neighbors later complained. But when he visited her in her town of Hamburg, she was a completely different person. There was no more sex or her even being friendly, at all. She even left him alone, while she went out with other friends. After that, Thomas never heard a word from her again.

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