Leggy Ex Girlfriend Removing Clothes

Hot damn! What a looker! It’s kind of funny that I do not like tall women, but I love long legs; especially when they’re wrapped around my neck. It’s tough to judge proportion in photos, but it seems like this chick is on the tall side. No matter what her size is, everything else is definitely beautifully proportioned; the long shapely legs, the nice all-natural boobs, the curvy hips and the sweet little ass. And look how clean and smooth she keeps that puss, too! Overall she’s a winner in my book.

Like most of the women we see here(otherwise they probably wouldn’t be posing for photos), Cody says that his ex girlfriend loved showing off her gorgeous bod. Except for accentuating clothing, she wasn’t brave enough to show it off in public, but behind closed doors he always got one helluva show. Better yet, he got to nail the ’stripper’ that just did a strip tease for him. How many of us can say we get to do that? He says that they were always more in lust with each other, than love. So the relationship didn’t last long, but it sure was fun for a while. Thanks, Cody!

Oops! Forgot an important photo: Picture #9

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Exposing Her Body

My gawd! What a body on this chick! Of course we don’t get to see her face, but with a body like that I don’t know if I would even notice she had face. I’ve been noticing a lot more faceless/anonymous submissions these days, and I believe that it’s because it’s an easy way to fulfill some sort of exhibitionist fantasy without the neighbors knowing. I prefer to see their face, but if this is what it takes to bare a beautiful body, like this chick’s, then I’m all for it.

Matthew submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend showing off her incredible body. He says that she loved the attention that body provided for her too, whether it was from him or other men; even attention from other women got her a little hot. So, needless to say, she did what she could accentuate her figure without looking like trash. Basically, it was a natural progression for her to begin showing more skin to a much bigger audience. Hopefully one day we will see more of her, along with her face. Thanks, Matthew!

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Sexy Ex Fiance Nude on Vacation

Well, I can see why someone would put a ring on her finger; that is fine body. I love how her beach attire so sexily accentuates it, but of course I’m pretty certain she looks much better without any attire. Not only does she have a tight and shapely figure, but those big natural boobs are just splendid, and that sexy ass looks fantastic. She’s no college girl, either, so I’m guessing it takes her some effort to keep yourself looking so good.

This is Liam’s ex fiance showing the goods while on a vacation they took together. He says that she absolutely was not at all shy about her nudity and she had even less inhibitions behind closed doors, which made for a lot of fun in the bedroom. He didn’t say why he called off the engagement, only that he said he had “made a huge mistake.” Good thing he realized that before they tied the knot. Thanks, Liam!

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Tight Ex Girlfriend Assumes the Position

My, my, my…what an adorable little thing, and that body is looking tight as hell. I’m loving those tiny perky tits and that sweet little ass the most on her, and a nude woman clearly on birth control is always an attractive quality. Come to think of it, that kind of scenario really can’t get much better unless, maybe, her best friend is also ready to jump in the mix. :P

Anders submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend from a few years ago. Any anger towards her is long gone, since he moved-on long ago. However, he still loves looking (and sharing) these pics of the time she surprised him by entering the room wearing nothing but a coat and high heels. Of course this led to a very passionate night of humping like bunnies, and with a tight little looker, like her, I can only imagine it was a glorious evening. Thanks for sharing, Anders!

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Former Girlfriend Spreading Her Legs

I’m not sure how attracted I am to this girl in the face, but that body is looking dee-lish; especially those perfect tits and that clean, smooth snatch. Personally, I prefer my women to be more fragile looking, but with a body like this girl’s–well, she could spread her legs in front of me any time.

These pictures came by way of Jake, and this is his sexy ex girlfriend spreading her legs for the camera. He says that she was the epitome of sex; she lived and breathed it. Now, he didn’t go into details on what that meant exactly, but if she was anything like a girl I knew who I would label the same way; she had a very active sex life, she always found a way to bring up sex in a conversation, had a plethora of sex toys and loved porn. If that’s the case, she sounds like an awesome girl to me! He really didn’t leave us with any more information abo0ut her, but I would bet she was a lot of fun. Thanks, Jake!

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Pretty Ex Wife Nude & Horny in Bed

This chick is pretty damn sexy! She’s not tally my type in the face, but she’s also attractive enough where it really wouldn’t bother me much; especially when she more than makes up for it with that gorgeous bod. Clearly her beautiful natural boobs are her standout feature, but from what I can see I would guess her backside is just as nice as the front. Plus, any girl who eagerly takes a dildo that size has got to be a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Hannes sent us these photos of his sexy ex wife horny and posing nude in bed. He says that they had a terrific sex life and she was a great woman…before they were married. He’s not exactly sure what happened, but after they tied the knot it was like she became a completely different person almost overnight. Personally, I’ve never been married, but I have heard from many friends that some women do change quite a bit once they are hitched, and usually not for the better. It’s probably a good idea that you got out of there then, Hannes. Thanks for sharing!

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Biracial Ex Girlfriend Nude for Selfies

I’m loving the girlie curves on this chick, although it does seem like she has the potential to get quite large in the future, if she is not careful. But for now, those shapely hips and perky tits will do just fine, as far as I’m concerned. She’s pretty cute too, but she could be a knockout. I can easily see that with the right makeup she could easily have a Vanessa Williams vibe going on, but with a much more voluptuous body to ogle.

Darren submitted these pics of his sexy biracial ex girlfriend posing nude for some naughty selfies. Besides the obvious, he says that it was her lecherous personality that attracted him to this exotic-looking sexpot. She was no tease, either! For the first few months that they were together they just couldn’t get enough of each other; pretty much sex every chance they got. It was the next few months that weren’t so sweet. Darren didn’t go into the nitty-gritty details, but he says that she suddenly became a different person; one day she was a sweet and loving(and horny) girl, the next she was the opposite. He felt he was too young to get tied up in something like that, so he cut her loose; and he’s right. Thanks, Darren!

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Former Girlfriend Horny and Nude

Day-yum! Another beauty with a smoking body! We have been getting pretty lucky lately and, as you can see, that luck didn’t run out at the last post. I’m loving this girl’s perky tits, that ass looks absolutely dee-lish and I don’t think I will have too many disagreeing with me on how beautiful that snatch is. I mean, picture #5 is pretty damn sexy, but picture #11 tells me she’s a bit of a freak, too. Add those glasses and that crimson red lipstick and we got ourselves one fine woman.

This is Austin’s sexy ex girlfriend removing her clothes and getting horny at home, appearing to improvise on a few sex toys. They met at a dance club where she was dressed to kill. He noticed her as soon as he walked in. She was wearing this little dress that tightly hugged all her curves and so short that it just barely covered her ass. She clearly wanted the attention and he gave it to her. Three dates later and he finally got under that dress. It was a passionate relationship, but Austin really didn’t see it going anywhere outside the bedroom. However, the sex was great, so he kept it up as long as he could get away with it. She finally got wise to the situation and ended the relationship. Really, you can’t blame either one of them. Thanks, Austin!

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