Pretty Ex Girflriend Nude for Self Shots

Whoa! What a knockout! I’m loving those big, pretty blue eyes and that fantastic soft and curvy body; not to mention a pretty little pussy. Of course that trashy leg tattoo is horrendous and in a terrible location, but I think I would be able to look past that; at least for a little while.

Jordan sent us these pics of his wild and pretty ex girlfriend posing nude for some naughty selfies. He says that they had a very passionate, love/hate, on-again/off-again type of relationship. They had little in common, but the sexual chemistry was so intense that it kept them coming back for more no matter how much they weren’t getting along. They’re broken-up for good now, but he also added that he has declared that before. Good luck, Jordan!

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Her Bod

Pow! What a hot little ass! As I’ve stated here many times before, I’ve always been an ass man. So I usually prefer the posts where the caboose is the main focus. Especially when it’s a pretty one, like this girl’s. The flip side ain’t too shabby, either. I love that adorable figure and perky little tits. She clearly knows her best features. Shame we don’t get a face shot, though. Judging by the little we can see of her I’m guessing she’s pretty cute.

Kurt is also an ass man and lucky for him, his ex girlfriend was quite proud of her derriere. So, not only did he get a regular eyeful of beautiful ass, but he also had free range to show his own brand of appreciation how he saw fit. Sounds like a match made in heaven, as far as I’m concerned. However, he says that she was a bit on the moody side. When things were good, she was fantastic; and when things were bad, she was nightmare. After a while bad began to outweigh the good and he got to steppin’. Thanks, Kurt!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude Selfies

What a little cutie! I love those tight, tiny bodies; the only requirement for me is that she has hips and an ass. As you can plainly see, this girl fulfills those requirements. Plus she’s cute and has some pretty little titties. Unfortunately, the older you get the less you run into girls like this; in your own age group at least. That’s not to say that there aren’t any incredibly sexy woman over 25, only that they usually fill-out a bit, get boob jobs; that sort of thing. Now I’m forced to accept sexually experienced women with an ass you can grab a hold of and big ol’ breasteses…oh, the humanity! :P

This is Brian’s ex girlfriend showing off her tight, skinny little body and she seems happy to do it. He didn’t go into any details about their relationship or why they are no longer an item, but he was eager to share. So I’m guessing it’s either for bragging rights or things didn’t end pretty. Either way, she was clearly a lot of fun at one time. I mean, any girl smiling while naked is a good sign of things to come (no pun intended). Thanks, Brian!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Nude in Mirror

Whoa! What a body on this chick! She has perfect all-natural boobs, a very inviting snatch and ass you want to take a bite out of. The trashy tattoos are a bit distracting, but I’m fairly certain I could look past them for a wild night with her. I mean, she does have much more attractive things to keep focused on.

Carl says that his sexy ex girlfriend was a true exhibitionist, and showed off that body whenever she could; she just loved the attention. I’m sure she gets plenty of it too! She wasn’t just a feast for the eyes, either. She really delivered in the bedroom, as well. However, girls like that usually aren’t the faithful type and that was exactly the problem Carl was having with her. I can see why he may have put up with it for a while, though; she looks like she would be a tough little piece to give-up. Thanks, Carl!

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Body for Selfies

Day-yum! What a body on this babe! Of course I’m disappointed that we don’t get any face shots, but it’s hard to imagine that face being anything less than an 8 with a body like that. Then again, we have been fooled before here; a gorgeous physique, but with a face like a Mack truck. However, once she gets nude I don’t think her face would be the focus anyway, no matter how hot or ugly she may be. I mean, those boobs are perfect and that ass is near-perfect; I’m not seeing much of a reason to be gazing into her eyes.

This is Neil’s sexy ex girlfriend showing off that beautiful bod for some selfies. He says that she knew exactly how hot she is, but she also worked pretty hard staying in shape to keep that body looking good. Obviously, that hard work has really paid-off. He didn’t mention why they broke-up, but if her face is at all near the same quality as her body I’m guessing that Neil had a lot of competition. Thanks for sharing!

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Former Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

I like it when a woman puts a little extra effort into looking hot in the bedroom. I always say, what’s the point in lingerie since it’s coming off quickly?–But it does look pretty sexy and is a bit of a tease. Knowing there’s a smoking body, like this girl’s, underneath it all makes it worth the wait. Plus I’m a sucker for a sexy gal in high heels, clothes or no clothes. I’m loving that sexy little ass and that well-manicured landing strip, and it seems that she has a great set of tits with some beautiful nipples that just might be a force to reckoned with. All that makes her look great with her legs spread or her ass sticking in the air, too.

These pics came by way of Chris and this is his ex girlfriend, or maybe his ex fiance. He didn’t specify, however it looks like she may be wearing an engagement ring in a few of the pics. He didn’t have a story about her or their relationship to share with us, so we can only assume that she did him wrong in some way, shape or form. By the looks of it I’m guessing that she was a lot of fun in the bedroom though. Thanks, Chris!

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Current Girlfriend Removes Her Dress

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have another ‘mini’ submission from James’ current girlfriend proving that she’s still got it. Thanks and enjoy!!

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James sent us these pictures of his current girlfriend who, according to James, is going through a bit of a mid life crisis, even th9ough she really isn’t at ‘mid life’ quite yet. Of course he thinks she’s smoking hot, but she’s not agreeing with him these days. Every now and then we get a girl who needs a little sexual validation and apparently James recognizes that we are not afraid to give it to her. So he thought he would prove her hotness and letting us voice our opinion. I, for one, like what I’m seeing. If she is a bit on the older side, as suggested, then I would say she’s got it and should flaunt it. Thanks James!

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Pretty Ex Girflriend Showing Her Body

Wow! This chick is absolutely beautiful! We get a lot of hot women on this site, but rarely are they of this caliber. I mean, those big pretty eyes and sultry mouth are enough to get me going; as long as her body isn’t covered in boils, or anything, that face has already won me over. Although, this chick’s body is quite fantastic, so that is not an issue we have to be concerned with. It’s a shame about the fake boob but, like I said, with a mug (and body) like that I really don’t care.

Kevin sent us these pics of his very pretty ex girlfriend looking hot and showing off her nude, tight little body for some sexy selfies. He says that she was actually his live-in girlfriend, but didn’t give us much details outside of that. So I’m guessing that she either did something so awful that her pretty face couldn’t mend, or that she left him. Either way, if she were my ex (or current) I would be showing her off as much as possible too! Thanks, Kevin!

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