Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

Yowza! Check out the headlights on this babe! She has a very nice, all-natural rack; as well as, some great nipples. I like the fact that she seems to be in fairly high spirits about her nudity. It’s so much better to be with a woman who is not afraid of you seeing her in the nude. For one thing, the sex life is much better. Unfortunately, most women are pretty shy about their bodies. Obviously, this chick has absolutely nothing to be shy about. Besides maybe a little trim of the hedges, I think she’s ranking pretty high on the Hottie Meter.

George says his ex girlfriend was actually a pretty wild one. In the company of others she played it off like she was this naive, innocent young lady. When she and George were alone she was much different - but in a good way. They had a really good relationship until a new, male “friend” entered the picture. She and this guy wre always hanging out, and despite that she kept reassuring George that they were “only friends”, he knew what the outcome would be. And he was right. She ended up leaving George for him. Why women think friendly men are interested in anything more than a piece of ass is beyond me. Thanks for sharing, George!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Taking Nude Self Pics

This one really isn’t my type, although I’m sure she turns some heads. I mean, she has a pretty face and what appears to be a cute body. The problem with self pics is that we rarely get any good angles, but you have to appreciate their/her effort. More importantly she’s nude on her own accord and she’s making sure her naughty side will be seen by at least one person, or in this case, probably many more.

Marshal says his ex girlfriend sent him these nude pics in an attempt to get him back after he had dumped her. He thought they had a fairly intense relationship, but all that went out the window when Marshal discovered she had been messing around with another dude behind his back. He broke it off right away, but she was trying to get back on his good side anyway she could. He eventually took her back , but only for her to get caught cheating on him again with a different guy. Yikes! Good thing you got out when you did, Marshal!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs in Bed

She looks pretty damn sexy with those glasses on. Of course, I’m sure the nudity has something to do with that, but still she would definitely grab my attention with her clothes on. And I would be even happier getting her naked; because that skinny, little body is fine. I love her tiny, perky titties and that tight, round butt is looking scrum-diddly-umptious! She could use a little trimming around the holes, but that’s an easy upgrade.

BigMack submitted these pics of his little ex girlfriend spreading her legs in bed. He says she was actually a fairly conservative girl until they got between the sheets. You would never know just how sexual she really was, unless you were lucky enough to nail her. BigMack wasn’t expecting her sexual aggressiveness at all. Normally, he admits that he would probably be pretty intimidated by girl, like that, and more than likely would have never approached her if he knew that about her before hand. He’s glad he did, though. Unfortunately, she moved-on, but BigMack didn’t say why. Thanks, man!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend in Bed Spreading

I’m thinking this chick is pretty cute. I don’t think she would be stopping traffic, but I’m sure she turns some heads. Average and cute. Nothing particularly stands out about her, however I would happily join her in the sack. She just might be a bit hairy for me to wrap my lips around hers, but at least she has some control over it.

Spook submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend from a few years ago spreading her legs in bed. he said he snapped these pictures on some special night they were celebrating, but he can’t remember what the occasion was. She was a real sweetheart until you got on her bad side. Then she becomes Satan incarnate. You would never know it by looking at her, but she can be as mean as they come. That’s why he has no problem exposing her to the Net. Thanks, Spook!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Masturbates at Home

I don’t know if this chick began her night without panties underneath that dress, but I’m going to pretend that she didn’t. I love when women go pantyless under their dress, especially when it’s shorter dress. An ex girlfriend of mine used to go without both a bra and panties all the time. It was quite the turn-on! The only problem was, if we were out on the town I would be like a walking hard-on. All I could think about is pealing-off that one thin layer of clothing and drilling her ’til next Sunday. If I knew her pussy was as ready as this one looks, I don’t know if I would have been able to control myself.

John and his ex girlfriend have long since split-up; over five years ago. He stumbled upon these pics on a disc he found while doing some cleaning. Before throwing the disc out he luckily came across good ol’ and found a new home for them. Not that he has any resentment towards her these days, he did say she was quite scandalous when it came to her messing around behind his back. He caught her cheating with her ex boyfriend, a co-worker of hers and even another woman she met online all while John was dating her. And those are just the ones he found out about! He says she was absolutely incredible in the sack, so he wasn’t about to give that up so easily. However, five years later she’s long gone. Thanks for sharing, John!

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Former Girlfriend Showing the Hairy Goods

Well, I’m thinking this chick is fairly cute. She has a pretty face, a hot ass and a pussy that just looks like it’s begging for it. Personally, I *prefer* when a girl shaves down there, but at the same time it wouldn’t slow me down from the task at hand. I don’t know why she would be hiding her tits in most of these pics. From the few shots we can see, it appears she has a pretty nice rack, as well!

Shane says that his ex girlfriend was actually pretty good about keeping her goodies shaved and smooth, but he encouraged her to let it all grow out. While I prefer it smooth, he likes some grass on the playing field. Oddly enough, Shane began to suspect something was going on with her when she began shaving again, despite his pleas to let it go. His hunches were dead-on, too. Not much longer after her relapse to back to bald, he discovered she had started something up with a guy she worked with. Apparently, a few happy-hours led to a sexual relationship with another man. Shane said he wasn’t serious enough about her to fight for her, so he cut her loose.

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Masturbates with Dildo

Whoa! This chick looks like she would be a lot of fun! For one thing she’s pretty easy on the eyes and if her blouse happens to pop open you might get your eye poked out. I would have to say she, and those nipples, are definitely worth risking an eye, though. I mean, she’s practically hanging hula-hoops off those things and they’re still sticking straight-out. That well manicured snatch isn’t disappointing, either; and I love that she’s not at all shy with that glass dildo. I’ve heard from quite a few women that, when it comes dildos the glass ones rank the highest.

Lenny and his ex girlfriend were pretty serious about each other at one time. He says he took these pictures of her while they were on a trip together. She was one of those types of women who carried her dildo in purse and took it with her wherever she went. In case you didn’t guess, she was a highly sexual gal. of course, that was one of the qualities Lenny loved about her. Unfortunately, that combined with her very flirtatious nature lead to a lot of problems. he was never able to prove it, but to this day he’s fairly certain she was messing around behind his back.

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude and Horny in Bed

I just love cute and busty girls, don’t you? Actually she kind of reminds me of this French exchange student my parents used to have stay with them, which in turn, is putting all kinds of naughty thoughts into my head. With that aside, I’m finding this chick pretty freakin’ sexy! I could do without the hairy snatch, but it’s not too hairy. Plus, like I said, she’s sexy regardless, so she gets a pass. ;)

Jeremy says the first time he laid eyes on his ex girlfriend, he couldn’t stop staring at her tits. He said she was wearing this tight top with cleavage jacked up to the ceiling. If she was trying to get male attention it worked, like a charm, on him. It didn’t take long for Jeremy to get her into the sack, either. Unfortunately, he didn’t say why they split-up, but with a girl, like her, I can see there being a lot of competition.

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