Busty Girlfriend Nude For Self Shots

Admittedly, she’s not the typical type of girl I would normally pursue, but it seems I would really be missing-out. She has that cute, girl-next-door thing going on, and a hot natural body begging to be ravaged. Clearly she takes good care of those holes too, scoring some major bonus points. It appears that she may have the propensity to get quite big if she is not careful, but for right now I wouldn’t want her to change a thing.

Charlie sent us these pics of his current girlfriend. He says that she absolutely loves the attention she gets from both men and women seeing her nude photos. They have shared her pictures of her before elsewhere and it always gets her real hot reading the comments which, in turn, ends up working out well for him. SO they wanted to share her nude pictures with a fresh set of eyeballs (us) to see what we have to say. What do you think? Do you have something better for her than her own fingers? Thanks Charlie!

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Tight and Horny Ex Girlfriend Returns

Yup, this little hottie is back again. Perhaps not as glamorous this time around, but she is still sexy as hell. And I really like how much she’s enjoying those fingers. If you haven’t seen her previous posts, you will want to. You can find them here and here. She doesn’t disappoint.

Of course there isn’t anything to add to the story. Matt sent me a bunch of pics of his ex girlfriend showing off that smoking hot, little body. So you will definitely be seeing more of her soon.

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Former Girlfriend Nude and Spreading

She’s not really my type, but she does have a pretty smoking body on her. As far as I’m concerned, those tits of hers are just about perfect, she has a hot little ass, and when she keeps it manicured that’s quite a tasty looking snatch she’s sporting. Plus, she looks like the type of girl who really enjoys being nude, and when they have a body like this, who wouldn’t dig that?

Benjamin submitted these pics of his horny ex girlfriend during a couple of different sexcapades of theirs. He even says that he wasn’t all that attracted to her, but there was something aboiut her personality and look in her eyes that oozed sex appeal. Plus she has the body and know-how to back it up. He admits that it was lust at first site. However all the lust and passion only lasts for so long and they had a hard time getting along outside the bedroom. It sure looks like she was a lot of fun while it lasted! Thanks, Benjamin!

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Horny Ex Wife Displays the Goods

Oh man! This chick seems like she’s on the dirty side when it comes to sex, and judging by a few of the pics she also has a taste for dark meat and backdoor entry. This wouldn’t be the first time a husband got-off on letting black dudes drill his wife; and if that’s her thing, more power to her. As you can see she has a pretty hot, natural body and if she likes many men to enjoy it I say, where can I get in line?

Martin didn’t actually say that this is his ex wife, only that she is an ex. The rings just made me assume that at least she is married. Perhaps he was just one of the guys that lined up for a shot at her for all we know. I’ve known a couple women in my lifetime who were open relationships/marriages where they could freely sleep with whomever they wanted, so it’s not completely unheard of, although rare. Martin didn’t go into any explanation of their relationship, but after you see all the photos I think we have all we need to know. Thanks, Martin!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

What is it about blondes that command attention? I’m not even particularly into blonde girls, but this one would definitely catch my attention if she were to pass me by. Looking at these photos of her I’m not seeing her as my type of gal, but I think if I were to meet her in person it would be a whole different story. Knowing what’s underneath that little, black cocktail dress makes her all the more desirable. Especially when she’s bent over–such sweet-looking holes!

Ian submitted these pics of his Scottish ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs. He says this Scottish lass was quite the wild party girl, which I don’t doubt for a second. He didn’t say what led to their demise, but from my own experiences with party girls; they are after excitement and if you don’t keep them on their toes they lose interest quickly. And with a body like that I’m sure Ian had plenty of competition. Thanks, Ian!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Has Fun in Bed

As many of you know, I had to remove the last chick. So I moved some things around to get up a new post as quick as possible. I have to be honest, I actually dig this girl way more! I mean she’s super cute, has a beautiful body and it seems to be all natural. I respect a woman a lot more who can maintain a great body using what God gave her. And she is obviously gifted in the looks department.

Tug says that not only was his ex girlfriend a knock-out, but she was also a sexual dynamo. As he pointed out, she’s not all hot and sweaty in these pics because she just lays back and takes it. She wouldn’t stop until Tug was full satisfied. If she had to kick things up a few notches in order to get him there, she would without hesitation no matter what holes needed to be opened. He didn’t mention why they broke-up, but I have got to say, it seems like she’s pretty great to me! Thanks, Tug!

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Ex Girlfriend Plays with Herself in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Matt’s horny ex girlfriend playing with herself in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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This is Matt’s ex girlfriend flashing and fingering her puss, and a very tight one at that, according to him. He also says that she was an extremely horny and sexually driven girl. There were definitely no complaints in that department. The problem was that she got way too clingy. It’s tough to tell what her body looks like, but from what we can see I’m guessing it would not have been easy give that up. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

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Playful Ex Girlfriend Naked on Floor

I dig this chick! The flabby belly is not really for me, but that just might be the positions she’s bending in. Other than that, everything else is seeming a-okay to me. I mean, she looks like she’s pretty cute, although we don’t have a lot to go by. But she has some soft, swinging boobies and a couple of smooth holes that want and need to be drilled. Judging by the location of some of her fingers, she thoroughly enjoys it too!

Ranin sent in these pics of his playful and horny ex girlfriend from a bit of a year ago. No word as to why they split-up, but he did say that this buxom blonde used to love sending him naked photos of herself when they were apart. Needless to say, when they were finally together again, Ranin would tear that up. I don’t think we need confirmation on if she’s a three-input gal, or not. Where she likes it seems pretty clear to me! Thanks Ranin!

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