Ex Wife Nude, ready and Waiting in Bed

It’s tough to judge this chick fair, since she’s mostly covered up, but she’s showing off the important stuff and from what I’m seeing, it’s looking mighty scrumptious to me. For one thing, I’ve always been a leg-man and she has some nice stems, and her clean-shaven pleasure holes look, pink, ripe and ready to be penetrated. The look on her face also says she’s raring to go.

Pete says he just returned after a long time away from home, when his wife gave him a nice, little welcome home package. I don’t know if the shirt she’s wearing has anything to do with Pete returning home, because it looks like a part of military uniform. Whatever the case, he came home to some very hot lovin’. Judging by the pics, she was also very happy to see him. He didn’t mention why they divorced, but if he was gone a lot, that might have something to do with it.

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Sexy Ex Wife Nude and Naughty in Bed

It’s nice to see that a married woman can still be a naughty girl. I’ve never been married, but all the horror stories I hear about sex stopping once you’re married, does not sit well with me. So, when I see a married woman that still likes to get her freak on, it shows that there is still hope with some chicks. Plus, you can tell this girl didn’t completely let herself go, after she was married, which is also a a good quality in her.

Ron says he and his ex wife split-up merely because they just stopped getting along. Apparently, they started going in different directions in life and eventually and nothing left, in common. There sexual passion for eachother never really died-down too much, after they were married, though. If it weren’t for daily responisbilities, he believes their sex life would never have suffered at all, and she only got better with time.

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Ex Wife Spreads Her Legs for the Camera

Whoa! This chick is not at all shy! Some dudes might not have a problem with their girlfriend or wife getting their naked body pawed and/or groped by other men, but personally, that would drive me nuts. It’s obvious that this girl has absolutely no problem with it, or is at least drunk enough not to care, and she’s loving it. Whatever the case, someone (or many) got lucky, besides her, that night.

TRM submitted these pictures of his ex wife, in various states of undress and spreading her legs for the camera. He didn’t have a whole lot to say about his ex wife, except that she is, “…a total slut” and that she would, “fuck anything that moved”. I think the first three pictures of her in the bar with her legs spread for the fellas, and getting her box munched on, backs-up his claim. I can see where she would be a really fun chick, but she’s probably just not the marrying type. TRM didn’t say why they divorced. I’m only assuming it has something to do with her cheating or sleeping around.

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Horny Ex Wife Gets Naughty on the Sofa

At first, I wasn’t all that attracted to this chick, but she’s actually pretty nice looking. I think it was the fact that her playing field hasn’t been mowed in quite a while. I don’t mind some girl fur on her pussy, but if it’s not well-kept, I just can’t go into that kind of uncharted territory. But that’s just me and my own personal preferences. Other than that, this MILF is pretty sexy.

Randy, from West Virginia, didn’t go into details about his relationship and divorce with his ex wife, but he did assure me she was one horny woman with a huge sexual appetite. After hearing from all his buddies how marriage turns a horny woman into more of a frigid roommate, he was expecting their sex life to go south, but that wasn’t the case, at all. In fact, that is the one thing that was great about their relationship. Randy never had a complaint about their love life, it was just everything else.

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Redhead Ex Wife Posing Naked at Home

You must admit, that this woman looks damn good for someone at her age. Evidently, judging by her stretch marks, that she’s squeezed out a puppy or two, yet she still has a very nice figure. So many women, these days, blow-up to the size of a hot air balloon after they have a kid(s), and usually stay like that, using the excuse of pregnancy for being lazy. To me, a woman that looks this good at her age, after kids, shows that she takes care of herself. And most of us know what a great quality that is to find in a woman. Like my pops used to tell me, “you can always tell how a woman will age by checking out her mother”.

This would be Dan’s sexy ex wife, posing naked at home for us. Well, I’m sure she didn’t know she was doing it for us, at the time, but now she’s a our super-star for the day. For good reason, too. Dan, himself, couldn’t stop from hitting that on a regular basis, and she loved it too, but somewhere along the line, she decided she wanted to sleep with other dudes on the side, and that wasn’t for Dan. So, he decided it was time for him to move on.

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Young Ex Wife Masturbating in a Chair

She’s kind of cute, in a plain sort of way. She definitely doesn’t look like she has an average body, though. We don’t get to see the full package, but those big, natural boobs are a good start in the right direction. Her willingness to open the beef curtains and insert her fingers for the camera, is another quality I’m really diggin’ about this chick. Now, if I could get her in my office chair, nude and masturbating like that, we’re in business. ;)

Smokey, from Nebraska, and his ex wife were highscool sweethearts (awwwwww), and got married almost right out of school, and at a very young age. They thought they had it all figured out, and that love will conquer all. After a few years with this train of thought, they were both miserable. They had both only been with eachother, sexually, and once things got bad, they started to stray. Smokey says once he found out she was cheating on him, he started cheating on her, as revenge. In the end it was just a big mess, and the finally got divorced.

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Thick Ex Wife Posing Nude on the Beach

Normally, this woman would be too thick for my personal tastes. As I’ve said many times before, I love the petite girls, but every once in a while it’s nice to enjoy all the jiggle a woman has to offer. Especially when her bright pink snatch is all creamy and ready to be stuffed full of sausage, like in picture two. It’s not a bad view, when she’s on her hands and knees, either.

Dennis and his ex wife were on a tropical vacation, when one night, while drinking heavily, they got a little daring and decided to shoot some pictures of her nude on the beach. It was right outside their backdoor and it was pretty late at night, so the beach was virtually deserted. This was completely out of character for her to do something this risque and wild, and she got so turned-on by it that she more-or-less attacked him as soon as they got back into their villa, for an all-night romp. Dennis didn’t say why they divorced, but he made it clear that she is “long gone”.

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Horny Ex Wife Exposes Her Goodies

We really don’t get a good look at this chick’s face, but by the little bit we CAN see, something tells me she’s a hot wife, or in this case, an ex wife. She obviously takes care of herself, which is always a good sign, because so many women just let themselves go, after marriage. Guys do too, of course, but it’s expected of us, plus we’re the shallow ones in the relationship. I’d be proud to have a wife that looks this good, as long as she keeps it up, and keeps getting naked for me. ;)

California Dave, I’m assuming from Cali, was married to his ex wife for approximately three years, before she ran off with some male stripper she met during a night-out with the girls. Only his ex wife and the stripper knows what reallky happened the night they met, but whatever it was, she was never the same after that. Dave knows it wasn’t the money that lured her away, because he does alright; and their sex life was never lacking, that he noticed. He says that only leaves one other option why she left and he tries not to think about that. I’m assuming he means that the stripper’s horse cock was what she was after. Who knows…women have weird reasons for doing stupid things.

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