Horny Ex Wife Feeling Frisky at Home

This one isn’t bad at all! She appears to be a bit older than a majority of the girls here, but she looks good in the buff all the same. I mean, she has a cute face and what seems to be a pretty nice, natural body. We don’t get to see all her curves with that robe getting in the way, but she would definitely entice me to come to bed.

Marty’s ex wife was feeling particular sexy and horny this evening and began strip tease for the camera. The got married on a whim. In fact, in hindsight he’s pretty sure the fantastic sex had a lot to do with it. Apparently it was the same for her, because he claims she didn’t hesitate to say yes to his proposal. About six months in to their marriage they realized they had made a huge mistake. They tried to make it work, but it just wasn’t in the cards for them. Thanks, Marty!

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Sexy Ex Wife Feeling Horny at Home

Now, this is what I call a girl ready to go! While some women are more subtle and demure when it comes to their desires, this chick leaves no question about it. Judging by these pics, I would gladly oblige her. We don’t get a great look at her face, but it seems like she’s pretty cute; not to mention that hot, little as and inviting snatch. But then again, just about any woman balancing herself in front of me in a position, like picture #8, I would probably be steering from the back before her palms hit the floor.

This is Charlie’s ex wife spreading her legs and assuming the position for a good pounding in the living room. He said they finally had spent a long weekend with just the two of them. She was in rare form, and especially horny that weekend. She let Charlie do things to her that they hadn’t done since they first began dating. We can only guess what those things were, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately that was the last time they enjoyed each other with that much intensity. He didn’t mention why they are now divorced, but she’s long gone now. Thanks for sharing, Charlie!

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Cute Ex Wife Posing Naked at Home

She’s not my usual type, but she’s definitely attractive. Knowing that she’s sporting a cute, all-natural body underneath her clothes pushes her from ‘attractive’ to ’sexy’. She has a really cute figure and I’m imagining that those funbags are bouncing, flopping and swaying all over the place during a hard romp. It looks like she could use a little more junk in her trunk, but I’m not complaining.

Jeremy submitted these pictures of his ex wife in various states of undress at their former home together. He says she started out as his sexy neighbor whose panties he was trying to get in to. Obviously he was able to get in them and even eventually put a ring on her finger. Unfortunately, that was a huge mistake for Jeremy. It turns out she was just a gold digger putting on an act to get her hands on his loot. Jeremy said that while they were dating the sex was “okay”, but it virtually came to a screeching halt as soon as they were hitched. In hindsight, he wishes he would have never hooked-up with her. Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!

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Young Wife Stripped and Spreading in Bed

It’s almost scary how much this chick resembles this Brazilian girl(born & raised in Brazil, but actually of German descent) I dated for a short time about a year ago - even down to her body and hairstyle. The only difference really is the girl I dated had a much rounder ass and unfortunately was nowhere near this wild. So I’m ceratin this isn’t her. Although I enjoy seeing this one without any clothes on just as much, if not, more. I mean, she’s definitely got all the goods and evidently has no problem showing them off.

Christian submitted these pics of his current, young wife stripping down to the nude and spreads her legs. He says they have a pretty wild sex life where they do a lot of swapping or group sex activities with other couples. So obviously there is never any cheating, since sleeping around is the norm for them. Their only real serious rule is that the sex MUST be practiced safely. They save the unprotected sex for their private, one-on-one moments. Christian says he loves sharing his wife and we’re no exception. Now please send her over to my place, Christian. tell her I’ll leave the door open for her and she should go ahead and let herself in. ;)

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Naughty Ex Wife Masturbates in Bed

Although this chick doesn’t resemble the soft, demure girl I usually prefer; she’s still a woman I would happily join in that bed given the chance. She probably wouldn’t catch my eye if I passed her on the street, unless she was wearing that bikini. However, seeing her completely naked changes everything. As far as I’m concerned, she’s looking pretty sexy from every angle, but I’m especially diggin’ the view when she’s on her stomach.

Ryan says that he and his ex wife only dated a short time before they decided to get hitched. In hindsight, it was a huge mistake. Almost as quickly as they rushed into their marriage, they were getting divorced. Ryan didn’t care to get any deeper into the story than that. So I’m assuming that things didn’t end pretty between them. I can see why he wanted to lay claim to that little pooper, though. Thanks Ryan!

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Naughty Ex Wife Showing the Goods

I just realized I need to change-up the thumbnail configuration. It’s been exactly the same the last several posts. Anyway — this chick isn’t doing it for me, personally. It’s more of a matter of tattoos and silicone more than anything. Personally, those sort of things on women are a big turn-off for me. However, if I can just stay planted between her legs, that would be just fine. She has a sweet looking pussy when her legs are bent back behind her head, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, Mike’s story is another one of a military man serving his country while his wife/(girlfriend) is back home sleeping around with any man that will give her attention. She cheated during his first tour in Iraq, he forgave her when returned, but was deployed a second time. She also joined the military to be with Mike, but got the boot only three months in. She right away went back to sleeping around. Mike had no choice but to deal with it while he was away, and even turned it into a hot little game with her; just as long as she didn’t lie about it. Apparently, she couldn’t control herself, though and continued to cheat AND lie about it until she finally left him for one of her many lovers. Ironically, that guy also dumped her for cheating on him. From the sounds of it I think you’re WAY better off without her in your life, Mike. Thanks for sharing!

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More from Petite Ex Wife on Wedding Night

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the rest of these pics. I’ve gotten quite a few requests and I just keep forgetting about them. She IS pretty yummy, so I can see why the concern. As you can see, this series of pictures are a bit less posing and more of the real side of her; whatever that means. Yes, this is the cute, little Brazilian babe that remained a virgin until her wedding night I posted last month. And these are the pics from that night.

I was just reading over Julio’s story about his ex wife again. It’s a real shame such a sweet-looking girl could be so cruel as to kick her man out of his own home. That just goes to show that some of those cuties out there are really wolves in sheep clothing. Thanks again, Julio!

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Petite Ex Wife Horny in Hotel Room

My, oh my. For starters, she’s an adorable, little thang. She has a bit of that look of innocence to her. Judging by these pics she’s not all that innocent, though. Or at least, she’s not innocent anymore. This is another two-parter (meaning there’s more pictures to come) and she’s definitely not at all shy about being completely naked in front of the camera. Nor should she be shy! She has a cute, petite body and one of the yummiest looking pussies I’ve seen in a long time. I mean, I’m having a hard time typing this with only one hand free, presently. ;)

Julio says he met his Brazilian ex wife in Newark, however I’m not exactly sure which Newark. He was taken by her that he married her when she was only 21 and, according to him, still a virgin. Actually, Julio claims that this was their first night together as well as the night he de-virginized her. He also included that she was the tightest he’s ever experienced. While the getting was good in the bedroom, she wasn’t the sweetheart she appears to be. She has since kicked him out of, and taken over his own home. He didn’t actually say if they were divorced, or not, but I figured if they’re not, they’re definitely on their way. Thanks, Julio ! I’ll get the rest of her pics up soon.

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