Asian Ex Girlfriend Naked and Handcuffed

Admittedly, I’m not one for bondage, but when she’s up for being handcuffed or strapped face-down to the bed I’m always game. I’d be especially game knowing I had free range of this chick, and more deliciously, those smooth and clean holes of hers. The rest of her ain’t too shabby either. I’m usually suspicious when girls don’t show their tits in these pics, but with any ass like hers, it’s no wonder that’s the focus here.

This is Danny’s horny Asian ex girlfriend handcuffed and assuming the position. He says she really enjoyed being dominated and he was more than happy to oblige. He was never all that serious about her in the girlfriend department, although he did stick with her for quite a while. She was quite the horny girl, though, and their was some intense sexual chemistry between the two. Danny didn’t say why they broke-up, but if he wasn’t that into her to begin with I can imagine it wouldn’t take much to lure him away.

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Best Assets

Unfortunately we never get a good look at this chick’s face, but she apparently loves to show off the rest of her hot, little bod. And from what we can see of the goods, they’re looking mighty yummy. I’m not exactly sure who likes her ass more; our submitter or her. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet little rump, so she’s welcome to shake it in my direction at any time. ;)

Lucky says it wasn’t only his ex girlfriend’s beautiful assets that made her such a special girl. She had a real thing for having sex outdoors and in public. So much so, in fact, that every time they did it outdoors she would cum so hard that she would squirt her juices all over. I’ve dated a few women who enjoyed sex in public and outdoors, but never to that extent. Needless to say they had a great deal of their sex outside the bedroom. Lucky never mentioned why they split-up, but I can imagine it would be some sex that would be tough to walk away from. Thanks for sharing Lucky!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Strips Spreads Her Legs

She’s not the type of girl I would bring home to meet Mom, but she’s definitely the type of girl I like to bring home, if you know what I mean. This chick looks wild as hell and let’s face it; when it comes to ass-slapping, hair-pulling, sock-it-to-me sex a woman who has a lot of experience is the best way to go. And this one appears to look like she could teach me a lesson or two. It looks like she doesn’t have much of an ass, but with a backdoor that well-kept I don’t mind easier access.

This is Korre’s ex girlfriend spreading her legs and putting on a sexy, little show for him. He says that she is a stripper and spreading her legs and showing off that sweet pussy of hers was not out of the ordinary. Probably the reason she keeps that butthole so smooth and pristine. He never could take her all that seriously because of her ‘profession’, but Korre was sure to keep her in bed as much as possible during their time together. Thanks man!

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Busty Emo Ex Girlfriend & Some Cool Sites

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just nott enough pics to fill a post - one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have ‘mini’ submission of Jaime’s busty, emo ex girlfriend getting naked in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Jaime didn’t have a lot to share about his ex girlfriend. He only said that she was a dirty, young thang and that she couldn’t keep her legs closed for other dudes. With those big, ol’ blue eyes and those large, natural knockers I’m sure she she’s fighting them off daily. Although the pierced lip is kind of a turn-off for me personally, I would gladly help her out of those confining clothes! Thanks Jaime!

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Cute Girlfriend Posing Naked in Mirror

Of course I wish we could see the rest of the goods, but from what we can see she’s pretty hot. Besides her firm, pretty titties I’m also loving her eyes. Yes, I’m a sucker for a girl with pretty eyes. One of many qualities in a woman that makes me pant, like a dog. Then again, if she approached me topless I probably wouldn’t even notice she had a face. :P

This is Pax’s pretty ex girlfriend showing off her hot, naked body in the mirror for some self pics. While he was away at college she would send him sexy photos from time to time. They usually weren’t nudes, but her just in her underwear or sexy clothes. Obviously these pics were some sort of special occasion. Unfortunately he says that this is as dirty as she gets on camera. He he returned home from school he learned that she had been seeing someone else while Pax was away. He didn’t care much though, because he had a few back at school himself. Thanks Pax!

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Sexy Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

Oh-Em-Gee! What a body on this chick! A cute and soft figure, beautiful breasts, a shapely ass and a pussy that she seems to keep smooth and hairless. What’s not to like about that? Plus I just LOVE when girls have hair, like hers. In the beauty department, I’m digging everything we can see.

Okno says his gorgeous ex girlfriend loved to pose nude, however she oddly would never let him film or photograph any sexcapades between them. Evidently, she wanted control of how she was perceived on camera. If she was going for the hot-piece-of-ass look, she definitely has it down pat. He says they were one of those on-again/off-again type of couples. This went on for a few years, while they would date other people in between. Okno claims he was once in love with her, but after all the back-and-forth he was just exhausted; to the point where he was no longer interested in putting any effort into it. If she hadn’t ended their relationship in such a hostile manner, he says she probably wouldn’t be here now. Yikes! Must not have been a pretty break-up. Thanks for sharing. Okno!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Naked for Self Pics

To me, this chick looks sexy and stuck-up…and I love it! I don’t necessarily dig stuck-up women, but when they do give me the time of day the conquest of getting into their pants is that much more rewarding. However, it can’t be too hard to get into the pants of a girl that obviously enjoys showing off her naked, little body. I’m loving those perky, little tits too!

Adam didn’t really have much to share about his ex girlfriend, besides the fact that she ended up cheating on him. I realize that’s a shocking revelation on this site, but it does seem to happen quite often here. Oh well, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, Adam. Thanks!

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Nude Ex Girlfriend Horny in the Tub

Oh man! This chick is yummy! To be honest, if I saw her out dressed the way she is, as in the first photo, I probably wouldn’t give her much more than a second look. Seeing how dynamite she looks in the nude, that changes everything. I mean, what a gorgeous, little body on this babe. She knows exactly how hot she is, too. I really wish we got a peep at that pooper of hers, but I’m not complaining, because I’;m sure she is some high-quality tail.

James says his ex girlfriend loved posing nude. In fact, he says these few pics are just the tip of the iceberg of the collection he has. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get some more pictures of her in from him(hint*hint). He also says this just isn’t her facade, either. She really delivered in the bedroom. No matter how much he begged and pleaded he couldn’t get her to take it in the third hole, but he can’t complain, because she really knew what she was doing. You have got to love the ‘naturals!’ He couldn’t tame her, though. James really started to want to date her exclusively, however that move ended up pushing her away and ultimately into the arms (and beds) of other men. Thanks, James!

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