Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Undrwear

Wow! This chick knows how to look good with no clothes on. She seems a bit on the average side as far as her face goes, but again, we aren’t getting any great face shots. That body, on the other hand, is tight as hell; a great figure and fantastic tits! She also looks great in a bra and panties, which means that removing them for her will be a lot of fun. Oh, and great tan lines too!

Jack submitted these pictures of his cute 20yo ex girlfriend removing her underwear and posing nude in bed. When Jack began dating her, he was actually the ‘other’ man, which worked out great for him. He got a LOT of sex, but with little relationship responsibility. In other words, every man’s dream. She eventually left her boyfriend for Jack, but the whole thing back-fried on him when he discovered she was cheating on him too. I learned the hard way on a similar situation, myself. If she’s cheating to be with you, she will almost definitely do the same thing to you eventually. My advice when it comes to women like this, enjoy the perks, but stay emotionally distant. Thanks, Jack!

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Current Girlfriend Naked for Self Shots

While there’s no doubt that this chick is very sexy and has a great body, she seems a bit too hard-looking for my personal tastes. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity for a roll in the hay with her though. She definitely has some nice little tits, but that ass! Especially in picture #8. I suspect that she’s a stripper since a few of the submitted photos, which lacked serious clarity, she’s wearing fishnet stockings stuffed full of dollar bills. That’s not a problem for me, though. Who doesn’t love women that get naked for a living?

This is Mark’s current girlfriend posing naked and looking sexy, however there is a little twist to their relationship. She’s actually married to a sailor who is currently living a state away. Mark isn’t the only person she is cheating on her husband with though; he says that she also absolutely loves girls. One of his favorite things to do is watching her go-down on another girl while Mark is steering from behind. She also loves showing off her naked body and gets very turned-on just at the thought of so many men pleasuring themselves to her. She definitely has the body for it, so let’s give her what she wants. Thanks Mark!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Petite Nude Body

Wow! What a little cutie! I wouldn’t say she’s perfect, but I’m not seeing anything about her I would like to see different or changed. I especially dig the last two photos. She looks so pretty and innocent I want to just eat her up. The rest of the pics she seems more like a ‘bad girl’, which according to the story, seems to be more along the lines of her true colors. This is also a two-part post, as I have a bunch more pictures of her.

Ryan says he was with his ex girlfriend for two years and he was crazy about her. He didn’t say one way or another, but from the pictures he submitted I’m guessing she was a-whole-lot of fun and quite the naughty girl. All of Ryan’s friends kept telling him that he needed to cut her loose and he could never understand what his buddies were seeing in her that he wasn’t. That was until he discovered that she had been sleeping with another dude behind his back, and he didn’t find that out until she dumped him for this other guy. Apparently she had switched her preference to dark meat and a big, black rod. It really didn’t matter who it was though, he was devastated. Thanks for sharing, Ryan!

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Older Ex Girlfriend Horny in Motel Room

I think just about any woman could win me over when she’s in this position-all fours with her ass arched into the air. Evidently our photographer likes his women the same way; and she has some beautiful holes to show, so I can see why the focus is on that sexy ass and what’s between her legs. Obviously we don’t get a great look at her face, but from the little we can see it appears that she’s fairly attractive from the front, as well.

James submitted these pics of his sexy, older ex girlfriend assuming the position in a motel room. She was really more of a sex partner than an actual girlfriend since she had a husband at home. That’s one of the main reasons he didn’t include any direct face shots. As far as James knows she’s still married. He said they would often get motel rooms for a few hours of privacy while they screwed each other silly. He knew from the beginning that there was no future with her, so he wasn’t too broken-up when she called off their sexual rendezvous. He misses the times they had together, but has plenty of visual content to remember. Thanks, James!

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Young Cheating Wife Posing Nude

This one is kind of a cutie. She’s a bit wide in the mid-section for my personal tastes, but if she were tugging at my zipper I would definitely give her all the room she needed. For starters, there’s not a doubt in my mind that she’s a dirty, little thang. I don’t know if it’s the photo where she’s spreading her legs or the one where she’s biting the head of a vibrating penis, but something tells me you would not leave this chick’s bed disappointed. Plus I’m loving her pointy, little titties.

Kenny says he was webcamming on MSN when he met this particular horny, yet local girl. She kept insisting that she really wanted the opportunity to suck him off, so they exchanged naughty photos of each other. After that, she wanted to meet up. So, like any other living/breathing male, he agreed and they ended up screwing like a couple of wild monkeys. Kenny later found out that she’s married to some guy in the military, stationed in Iraq at the time. He says he feels terrible about nailing one of our troops wives behind his back, but in Kenny’s defense, he didn’t know at the time. It’s so horrible that some women treat their military husbands like this.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

This chick definitely has a cuteness about her. She wouldn’t fall into the ‘pretty’ category; but that sexy, little body also boosts her up a few notches. I just wish we got to see her completely nude, without the lingerie. Personally, lingerie doesn’t do much for me. How I see it is, it’s going to be coming right back off, so why bother even putting it on? However, if it’s something that’s going to put a woman in the mood, she can dress like Godzilla for all I care.

Geoff had a relationship going with his ex girlfriend for about two years, or so. She even was a live-in girlfriend for a time. It was when she moved out that he knew things were really on the rocks. She was already being distant and picking arguments with him, but he never suspected she would be messing around with someone else. Of course, Geoff didn’t get wise to that until she dumped him. According to him, she left suspecting the grass will be greener on the other side. Most of us know that that’s rarely the case.

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Nude Self Shots of Cute Ex Fiance

Not the highest quality pics, but she looks pretty damn cute! Evidently she’s very proud of her piercings. She could lose the nose and lips rings; other than that I don’t mind the piercings. I love pierced nipples on women, but it’s when they overdo it that I don’t like. This one looks like she has a great, little body on her so it’s not like she needs to decorate it.

Jim, from Illinois, was engaged to this little cutie. When they were dating, he says that she was always on his case about marriage and having kids. They were together for quite a while already, so Jim decided to pop the question and she readily accepted. However, he discovered that she had cheated on him a total of four times (that he knows about)! To add insult to injury, only two months into their engagement she left Jim for some flunkie, burger-flipper. To make matters even worse, she’s now sleeping with one of Jim’s co-workers. Ouch! Talk about a nightmare! Jim also was sure to include that she has already slept with over 40 men, which seems like an awful lot for a girl at her age.

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Ex Fiance Gets Naked in Her Bedroom

Ok, so she’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but that body is looking mighty yummy. Yes, she has a great pair of all-natural funbags, but I’m particularly loving the view from the rear. She’s another one that I just want to take a bite out of that juicy ass. get her in the ass-up/face-down position and the view gets even better. I’d love the opportunity to thoroughly explore both of those fantastic, pink holes! :D

BigJoe dated his now ex fiance for a couple years before he popped the question. He thought she would be the perfect wife. She wanted a lot of the same things out of life, as he, and their sexual passion for one another never died down one bit. She spoke a lot of family and having her own offspring, so BigJoe figured the timing was perfect. Apparently she was telling him one thing and thinking another, because BigJoe discovered she was getting some action on the side. He traveled a lot for business. When he was gone, she would call the other dude. She was lying to that guy, too, because he had no idea she was engaged to BigJoe, either. Yikes!

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