Petite Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

This chick reminds me of the sorority girl type that’s cute and proper on the exterior, but a downright dirty girl behind closed doors. Personally, I just love women like that. If I’m dating a girl who posses these qualities, it’s like I have my own secret slut. I’m not saying this chick is a slut, but I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to find out for sure on my own.

This is Reggie’s ex girlfriend and he says she was a really fun, little chick. They both loved going out and partying regularly and he says it’s always nice to have a “sure thing” to bring home. She was fun during their sober moments too, so it grew into a full-blown relationship. Reggie didn’t realize it at the time, but it’s pretty tough to maintain a healthy relationship when you’re partying all the time. Not only was she messing around with other dudes behind his back, but he was doing the same thing with other women behind her back. As you can imagine, it didn’t end on good terms. Thanks for sharing, Reggie!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

Ooh, I like this chick! I would have liked to see the whole package, but how can any man resist such a sexy, little thang who can’t stop playing with her pussy? A very nice pussy, at that! Once you click-thru to the full gallery she’s not shy about giving you a good look deep inside, all while flashing a devilish grin. Of course, she made herself less attractive by getting big tattoos across her belly, but something like that wouldn’t stop from me from helping her out. ;)

Ray submitted these pictures of who I assume is his ex girlfriend. He didn’t leave us with a story, but there was something indicating that she may be an ex fiance. It wasn’t clear to me and I didn’t see a ring on her finger, so I went the girlfriend route. She’s obviously a fun, little hottie no matter what her status with Ray was. She’s the type that you would want to keep around as long as possible. Thanks for sharing her with us, Ray!

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Dirty Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Lips

This one is a bit hard looking for my personal tastes, but she looks like she would be fun as hell. I mean, there doesn’t appear to be much mystery to her. Judging by these pics, I’m guessing she would fall into the “sure thing” category and in my opinion, a sure thing is usually a good thing. Of course, she looks like she’s the type of woman who would expect a lot of her man in the sack, so anyone who takes her on better be up for the task (double entendre intended).

Shooter dated his ex girlfriend on-and-off for a couple of years. They had one of them love/hate types of relationships and sex was always used for the cure. That’s what really had him keep going back for more. In reality, Shooter couldn’t stand her all that much, but since they spent most of their time together in bed, it dulled his disdain for her. It didn’t last forever, though. The sex band-aid only works for so long. He ended-up cutting her loose a while ago, but loves some of the memories.

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Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude for Self Pics

Damn, this chick has a smokin’ body! It’s obvious she takes care of herself, but those funbags are all-natural, and quite beautiful I might add. I don’t know if it’s the lighting, her make-up, or what, but in pic #1 she looks amazing, but the rest of the pics, not so much. I mean, her body looks great in all the pictures, but her facial expressions are not her most attractive feature.

Travis didn’t mention how he got these shots of his ex girlfriend posing nude for what looks like self pics, but I’m assuming she took them for him, like in most cases. He says she was pretty hung up on money, money, money. Travis dealt with it for a while because she knew how to work his unit like no other woman. Unfortunately, she ended it as soon as she met another man with a bigger pay check.

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Former Girlfriend Snaps Nude Self Pics

She seems like she may be a bit plain for my tastes, but I’m diggin’ her natural, swinging boobs. And, as I’ve said before, any woman that enjoys snapping nude pictures of herself is a-okay with me. It’s a good sign that they have naughty side to them and what man doesn’t appreciate that in a female?

Howard submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing nude for her own camera. They were together for four years, broke-up for awhile and got back together for another two years. After they both finished college, Howard worked his ass off for 6 months to save for a long, nine month trip around the world, while paying her bills at the same time. She picked the countries to visit and he planned and financed the whole trip. Three months into their world tour, things hadn’t been going so well. One morning she woke-up, and decided she was heading home. She changed her ticket and left Howard in another country. He says he hasn’t talked to her since and I completely understand why.

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

Hum-ma-na, Hum-ma-na, Hum-ma-na! She’s not showing off a whole lot, but damn! What a body! A pretty girl with a hot bod; how can you go wrong? Maybe it’s because I spend far too much time at strip clubs, but there’s something sexy about a a topless girl with money hanging out of her g-string. Especially when she has beautiful, bouncy, all-natural boobs that she’s flaunting outdoors.

Ernesto and his ex girlfriend were just messing around one night, when she started stripping on his porch. To make it official, he stuffed some bills in her panties and grabbed the camera. He says that she was a lot of fun and he kind of wishes she was still around. However, he didn’t mention why she’s no longer his girlfriend.

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Ex Girlfriend Horny and Naked in Bed

Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, bikini season is just about over. Girls are going to start wearing more and more clothes, and we’re all going to be seeing less skin. That’s why I can always appreciate a girl with a hot body in bikini. Of course, I like it when they are out of them and completely naked much better. This chick looks sexy both in and out of her bikini, not to mention a clean-shaven pussy that I would go down on as much as humanly possible. Well, maybe not that much, but I would have my face buried between her legs quite often.

Michael says that there were a lot of pluses and minuses about his ex girlfriend. On one hand, she loved sex and was always up for trying something new. The down side was that if he wasn’t around to perform those duties, she wouldn’t hesitate in getting it from someone else. He pretended like her promiscuity didn’t bother him, but eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore and ultimately gave her the boot. Thanks for sharing her with us, Michael!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Naked and Wet

I’ve been noticing I’ve been going back-and-forth about tits. I’ll say something like, “This chick has perfect big boobs”, or that, “I love small, perky titties on chicks”. The truth is, I just love them all! This little cutie is no exception. I’m lovin’ her tiny tits! Especially when they’re all wet and her nipples get hard from the cool breeze.

Jammer didn’t send in a story along with these pictures of his ex girlfriend. She looks like she would be a real wild one. She has that naughty look in her eyes, and her willingness to be naked, or at least topless, is always a treat. Thanks for sharing, Jammer!

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