Sexy Former Girlfriend Flashing the Goods

Whoa! What a knockout! She’s a bit older than what we’re used to here, but definitely not lacking in quality by any means. She’s obviously a woman that takes care of herself and cares about looking good naked. She has some nice, natural boobs that seem like they’re really hanging in there; a hot ass and what appears to be some clean, manicured holes. Throw in that pretty face and we got ourselves one hot babe.

This is Marcus’s ex girlfriend in various states of undress, proving that a cool car really does encourage women to get naked and/or spread their legs. He really didn’t have a story to share with us, but it’s obvious these pics were taken over time. Judging by pic #3, I’m also guessing their break-up was fairly recent. However, we all know the direction most of the women featured here go. otherwise, they probably wouldn’t be here. Thanks Marcus!

UPDATE: Marcus sent me a note with some more info about his ex girlfriend. The following is verbatim: “[She] was a gold digger from the word go. She actually has fake boobs but had a baby so she gained size in her boobs and they look natural. She loved posing in the BMW and the Ferrari, and liked to show off in public places, but when it came time to be serious and responsible, the elevator didn’t quite go to the top floor.”

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naughty at Home

Wow! I just want to eat this chick up…and out. I couldn’t imagine bringing her home to meet the folks, but I’d love to have her as my dirty, little secret. Actually, a woman like her–I wouldn’t keep a secret. In fact, I would happily parade her around in that bikini and high heels in front of my buddies, just for bragging rights; but the full-on nudity and banana show I would be sure to save for our private time. :mrgreen:

Barret was the one whom has graced us with these pics of his very sexy ex girlfriend being a naughty girl at home. He says, for one, she was a very sexual woman. She loved porn and had a fairly large collection of sex toys. But she was also a nudist, so wearing very little to no clothes around the house at all was pretty normal for her. They were never very serious about each other, although they were exclusive sex partners for quite some time. Barret says their time together eventually ran it’s course and they went their separate ways. Thanks, Barret!

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Ex Fiance Gets Naked in Her Bedroom

Ok, so she’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but that body is looking mighty yummy. Yes, she has a great pair of all-natural funbags, but I’m particularly loving the view from the rear. She’s another one that I just want to take a bite out of that juicy ass. get her in the ass-up/face-down position and the view gets even better. I’d love the opportunity to thoroughly explore both of those fantastic, pink holes! :D

BigJoe dated his now ex fiance for a couple years before he popped the question. He thought she would be the perfect wife. She wanted a lot of the same things out of life, as he, and their sexual passion for one another never died down one bit. She spoke a lot of family and having her own offspring, so BigJoe figured the timing was perfect. Apparently she was telling him one thing and thinking another, because BigJoe discovered she was getting some action on the side. He traveled a lot for business. When he was gone, she would call the other dude. She was lying to that guy, too, because he had no idea she was engaged to BigJoe, either. Yikes!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows-Off Her Hot Body

Day-yum! Another cutie with a great body. I don’t know about the Snoopy bikini, but I’m sure she’s turning heads at the beach. Of course, she looks even better naked. She looks so soft and clean, I just want to eat her up…and out. I wonder if that Playboy necklace of hers is an aspiration, because she just might be able to pull it off as a Playmate. I’m a little old to hang centerfolds on my wall, but she would definitely have a special place under my mattress.

Andreas says his ex girlfriend was very comfortable with sex and being naked, so there were never any problems in that department. Plus, she knew she looked hot and she liked the attention she got from the men-folk when she dressed provocative. However, she was also a huge flirt which increasingly became a problem for Andreas. It wasn’t so much her flirting, but that other guys were constantly calling her and trying to get into her pants. He was already at the end of his rope when, he discovered that she had been giving-in to temptation with at least on of her pursuers. That was the final straw for Andreas and he got the hell out. Good idea.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Showing the Goods

I know, I know. Another set of low quality pics. However, the girl is far from low quality. That tight, little body of hers is nothing short of amazing, in my opinion. If them firm, full boobs aren’t enough for you, just spin her around and, “pow!” - her soft, round ass is staring you in the face. Plus, when she’s not trying to make what she thinks are sexy faces, she’s downright adorable. I just wish we had clearer pictures and plenty more of them!

Rico and his ex girlfriend were just barely 18 at the time of these pictures, the summer after they graduated high school. he met her at the local public swimming pool in their town. It was a frequent meat market for the older teens/younger 20’s crowd and boy did he strike gold with this one. Rico said she was fairly promiscuous, so he knew what he was getting involved with before he made his move. He liked her enough to date her for a brief time, but she soon lost interest and moved-on to another dude. It didn’t bother Rico much, though. he also had a honey on the side.

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Exotic Former Girlfriend Posing Nude

First, I’d like to officially throw this girl’s hat in the ring, as a contender for World’s Most Spectacular Pooper! You’ll see what I mean when you click-thru to the full gallery. They invented thongs for asses, like hers. I mean, she has a great body to begin with, and she’s obviously a girl who takes care in her appearance; but I’m sure she’s stopping traffic where she’s wiggling that hot, little ass of hers. What is it about South American women and their beautiful buns? Did I mention that I like her ass?

Ferdinand, from Brazil, snapped these picture while he and his ex girlfriend were on a little getaway. I’m sure you can guess what happened between them, to break-up their relationship. She was a high-maintenance girl and she was well aware of the effect she had on the opposite sex. Of course, she used that to her advantage, too. If she wants something, she gets it one way or another. On the other hand, she was not a tease by any means. She loved sex and she put-out if he wanted it without hesitation. However, according to Ferdinand, as soon as she drained his bank account she was on to another poor sucker. I guess some women are the same no matter what continent your on.

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

Ooh, I like those blue eyes against her darker complexion. The rest of her ain’t too shabby, either. Actually, the rest of her is looking pretty freakin’ good. That purple lingerie/bra number is a bit too gaudy for my tastes, but as long as she’s only wearing it for no more than a couple minutes, I could live with her wearing it. I’m just being nit-picky, though. I really wouldn’t care what a kind of underwear a girl wears, because hopefully the only place I will be seeing it is wadded-up on my bedroom floor.

Goose claims that this sexy thang is an ex girlfriend of his and a fairly kinky one, at that. Unfortunately, he didn’t go into any dirty details about her kinkiness, but judging by these pics alone, I would say she’s at the very least an exhibitionist. He says she loved to pose for sexy and/or nude pictures. She once told him that she often fantasized about being a girl featured on a porn site. Well, it may not be ideal, but now here’s her chance to shine. Thanks, Goose!

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Ex Girlfriend Strips and Spreads ‘Em

Wow! What a hot body on this one! Minus the trashy tattoos, I think that body just might be in the perfect category. At least damn close to it. I mean, she has a great figure and I love her perky, little titties and pierced nipples. She has the type of ass you can really grab a hold of and a couple of yummy holes that are looking smooth and snug. Plus, she doesn’t look like the type of gal that would say, “No” too often. What’s not to love about her?

Dennis had the pleasure of dating and getting naked with this sexy thang. Actually, I really don’t know if she was a pleasure to date, because Dennis left that info out. However, I don’t think we need anyone to tell us that getting naked with her would be a pleasure. That’s kind of a no-brainer. Dennis just said that this is his ex girlfriend that he dated for around eight months, or so. Anything beyond that is up to our dirty minds. Thanks for sharing, Dennis.

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