Petite Ex Girlfriend Naked on the Floor

I’m a little turned-off by the granny panties. They’re pretty much the opposite of sexy, but the fact that she removes them quickly negates the her original choice as far as I’m concerned. Besides, the rest of the packaging seems to be top notch, and man is she tiny! Just the way I like them. You know what they say about girls with small hands, right? :P Plus, who doesn’t like a naked girl who carelessly positions herself into the piledriver, waiting for penetration? Now, if I could find a woman who would greet me at the door like that I just might put a ring on her finger.

Caesar sent us these pics of his tiny and adorable ex girlfriend removing her underwear, assuming the position and spreading her legs like a good girl. He says that she has a certain sexiness about her that you would never see unless you met her in person; feminine, yet she wasn’t at all timid about taking what she wanted. This was all well and good until there was another man she wanted. He didn’t know it at the time, but he claims that she was also getting into these positions for one of her co-workers. Needless to say, that was the end of that relationship. Thanks, Caesar!

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Cute Former Girlfriend Primping

She’s not the typical type of girl I would be attracted to, but I’m loving that taut little body and I’ve always been a sucker for long tight curls, like hers. I’m really digging her cute little ass. I can’t say if I would notice her in public, but from the looks of her I would definitely be missing out. See now, if we could get a look under the hood before we even bothered pursuing a woman we would be saving everyone a lot of time and pain. I wonder if there’s an app for that yet?

Joel sent us these pics of his former girlfriend primping in the mirror while naked; of course she’s showing off a little bit too. He said that she was very proud of her body, and while she really didn’t go out of her way to expose it, she certainly enjoyed men looking her up and down. And she most definitely was not timid when it came to sex. Joel claims it was she that initiated sex much more often than him; not that he’s complaining or anything. He didn’t go into any details as to why they split-up, only saying that it didn’t end pretty. Thanks, Joel!

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Average Ex Fiance Spreads Her Legs

Well, she is definitely not the type of woman I would pursue, but after getting a look under the hood I would absolutely be up for going a few rounds with her under the covers. She has a pretty nice body it seems, especially from the waist down. I mean, picture #3? I’m wiping the drool from my mouth as we speak. Plus I love when average women are really freaks behind closed doors. To me, it’s much hotter when they don’t have to announce that they are whores by the way they dress or act in public. I like that to be a dirty secret between me and whichever woman I’m with at the time.

This is Gary’s ex fiance stripping naked, spreading her legs and assuming the position in front of the camera. While this was just one evening having a little fun with the camera, he says this was pretty much a typical night for them, and more often than not it was her that would initiate sex. I can see why he wanted to put a ring on her finger. Gary didn’t get into the nitty-gritty details, but he got word that she was messing around with one of her co-workers. He didn’t believe it at first, because they were so over-sexed as it was. However, he confronted her about it and she eventually admitted to it. And that was the end of that. Thanks, Gary!

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Average Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Chris’s cute, but plain ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Chris’s ex girlfriend is a bit on the plain side for my tastes, but she’s definitely on the cute side of plain. I bet if she dolled herself up a bit she would be turning heads. I mean, I’m not seeing any disappointments with the clothes off–cute little tits and scrumptious looking snatch; so why not dress up the goods a bit? Despite her average looks, Chris says that she oozed sex appeal. To this day he’s still not sure what it was about her, but he couldn’t keep his hands off her and she loved it. In the long run things didn’t work out between them, but he didn’t go into any details as to why. Thanks, Chris!

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Current Wife Loves Showing Off

My gawd, what a beautiful ass on this chick! Overall she’s not really my type, but then again if I had access to that hot little hiney I would consider putting a ring on her finger too. Of course I would like to see the rest of her, however I’m pretty impressed with the view we are already getting.

This is Mark’s current wife showing off her delectable ass. He says that she loves displaying the goods for the camera and wear/do anything to keep him pleased in the bedroom. I’ve never been married, but from what my married buddies tell me this one is pretty much the opposite of most wives. If that’s the case Mark is a lucky man. Thanks for sharing, Mark!

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Former Girlfriend Naked for Selfies

I don’t know if this chick would capture my attention if I passed her on the street, but if I were to get a private show from her I would most definitely not be able to keep my hands off of her. I mean, she’s kind of cute, has a slim figure and has some nice all-natural boobs. What’s not to like? Of course a tight 21 year old who can keep her ears warm with her ankles would be ideal, but I rarely discriminate when it comes to a roll in the hay.

This is Wild Bill’s ex girlfriend posing topless at home. He says that she absolutely loved taking naked photos of herself and being sexy, and she always delivered the real thing when they were together. She had a big sexual appetite and kept an arsenal of sex toys on hand for when Wild Bill couldn’t be there when she needed it. I once dated a girl who wasn’t into sex toys, but she was a chronic masturbator. For the most part, when we weren’t having sex she was masturbating, which made her even more hornier. If this girl was anything like my ex, I’m guessing Wild Bill was at least happy with their sex life, because he didn’t mention why they are no longer together. Thanks, Wild Bill!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

I bet this girl is super cute when she’s smiling. I think when girls pose with this non-expression they believe they are being sexy. Personally I think it it just looks sort of ‘blah’ and uninteresting. Maybe we can just sum that up with one word; unattractive. I have zero complaints about the rest of her though! She has some great firm tits, soft skin and some beautiful shaven holes. Plus, who doesn’t love a girl who enjoys spreading her legs this much?

This is Ben’s cute ex girlfriend showing off her hot naked body and spreading her legs. He says they actually broke-up a several years ago, so he has no hard feelings towards her these days, although she wasn’t the best girlfriend at the time. He’s just a fan of the site and happened to find these photos stashed away on an old flash drive. So he wanted to share them us. Thanks, Ben!

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Former Girlfriend Posing Naked in Bed

I think this girl is attractive, just not a knock-out. A little makeup and/or glamor couldn’t hurt her. I mean, she looks like she has a fairly nice body; especially those large natural boobs, which is always a treat as far as I’m concerned. If she were to invite me under those blankets right now, I would happily join her.

This is Sergei’s ex girlfriend posing naked and showing the goods in bed. He says that she came to the USA from Russia under the pretense of wanting to be in a real relationship, however as soon as she got her Green Card she began to show her true colors. Apparently this was a scam on her part from the get-go. Once she got her card she began to file (false) allegations of abuse, so she could legally leave her petitioning sponsor husband and file the rest of the citizenship papers on her own, while taking money and belongings from Sergei. However she screwed up and forgot a bunch of important details in the whole process, the case was dropped and she lost out on all material possessions she was after. She’s now married to a new sucker. Thanks for sharing, Sergei!

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