Jiggly Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude

At first glance I thought this girl was a bit on the chunky side, but she’s really not. She’s just a bit jiggly and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Although, if she doesn’t watch herself, she could easily end up chunky. Right now she looks great. I mean, she has a very pretty face, some nice funbags and a couple of yummy holes that look like they’re just begging for attention.

Torres submitted these photos of his busty, Latina ex girlfriend posing nude for some self pics. He says she’s just as every bit of sexy and fun as she looks in this picture series. Torres claims he was the first guy to make her cum and she would have these intense, screaming orgasms. He knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but was unprepared for to completely latch on to him. All the sudden she started talking marriage and family. He tried to get away, but she didn’t give-up quite so easy. It turned into a big ordeal, but was finally able to cut her loose. Something tells me posting these pics won’t be helping matter, but who am I to judge? Especially with such a beautiful girl! Thanks, man!

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Emo Girlfriend Posing Naked in Bed

Most of you know my personal feelings on women with tattoos, but outside that this chick is pretty damn sexy! One thing I kind find of sexy about the inner-thigh tats is that I would think any girl who has those is only trying to accentuate the beauty that rests between the two. She doesn’t need to do that, but I think her heart is in the right place. I say, if she wants attention down there, give it to her! :mrgreen:

This is Mark’s current girlfriend, Kelly, posing naked and showing off the goods in bed. He really didn’t say why he’s submitting them, so I’m going to assume it’s strictly for bragging rights. Although, sometimes couples enjoy getting naughty feedback and there are plenty of naughty things to be said about her. Thanks for sharing Mark & Kelly!

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Ex Girlfriend Lays Nude and Spreading

We only really get see a glimpse of her face, but she looks fairly cute from what we can see. That really makes little difference when she’s sportin’ a body, like that! I think picture #3 is my favorite. Both her body and the position she’s laying in just says “pound me!” Although, that ass of hers is looking pretty damn scrumptious!

Brutus says his ex girlfriend loved being naked, but she was also a little shy. She would fantasize about all kinds of mens eyes glued to her beautiful, nude body and being turned on by her. She just couldn’t bring herself to do anything like that. He says that if she were a different person she would most definitely be a porn star or stripper. Luckily for Brutus, she was comfortable enough with him to act out her fantasies. He didn’t say why they broke-up, however he thought this would be a good way to help her get over her shyness. Seems to me this is more of a fantasy come true for her. Thanks Brutus!

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Older Ex Girlfriend and Some Great Sites

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just nott enough pics to fill a post - one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have ‘mini’ submission of Nathan’s older squeeze. Thanks and enjoy!!

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This is Nathan’s older ex girlfriend who is obviously not shy about her nudity one bit. From what we can see, she has every reason to be showing herself off too. She had several years on him, but she had the sex drive of a teenage boy. That was a good thing, because so did Nathan. This made them a great couple for a while, but as many relationships do, things began to sour. Nathan didn’t say exactly what broke them up, but rarely do you hear about couples with a big age gap working out. Thanks Nathan!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Loves Her Hairbrush

I wouldn’t go as far as calling this chick gorgeous, but you can she has a pretty face when she’s not making a weird face. Even if you disagree, you must admit she has a set of firm, beautiful guns just little further down you could stare at. Besides, any girl that obviously enjoys penetrating herself with her hairbrush has got to be something special. I mean, picture #5 has me thinking all kinds of naughty thoughts.

Joe says his ex girlfriend was a very dirty girl, if the pics didn’t already tip you off. He admits that he was stupid in thinking that she was a one-man type of gal and that his brains were in his balls. In the back of his head he knew that she was going to be trouble for him, but the sex was so good that he looked the other way on a lot. Joes suspected she was messing around, but didn’t want to believe it, or at least couldn’t say no to hooking up with her again. I think most of us have been in that situation more than once in our lives. Joe wised-up and got the hell out of there. Thanks for sharing, Joe!

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Cute Former Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

She has an interesting look to her, but I still think she’s pretty cute. I’m betting that if she were smiling she would be much prettier. Either way, she has a nice body. Judging by that lovely ass, I think I would rather look her in the back of the head anyway.

This is Tanner’s ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs in bed. He claims that he had several girlfriends at the time, but this one was his favorite. Not only was she a cool chick, but she knew how to work his unit, like a pro, and in more ways than one. Unfortunately, she started to get really attached to Tanner and began to get very possessive. He informed her from the beginning that he was not looking for a serious relationship, but this just seemed to make her more crazy. When he tried to cut her loose, things got even worse. Tanner left it at that, so we can only assume that he was finally able to ditch her. Thanks for sharing, Tanner!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

What a cutie! She looks like she has a nice and soft body with some curves I could really get my hands on. Plus she evidently enjoys showing it off. It’s nice to see more and more women these days being comfortable with their nudity. It’s still a small percentage, but just maybe some of it will rub-off on the women I date. I prefer the lights on. ;) Especially when the girl has a sexy, little ass and a pussy so bright pink I almost have to wear shades, like this chick.

This is Stephen’s 18 year old ex girlfriend posing nude for some self pics. At least most of them are self pics. Obviously Stephen is behind the lens in the last two pictures; and he gives us quite a view. By the looks of it, I’m guessing Stephen just finished slipping her the beef before he shot those photos. He said they only dated for the summer before she went away to college, but it’s three months he will never forget. If she’s this dirty now, just imagine getting a few drinks in her when she’s away from home for the first time. I bet she’s a lot of fun! Thanks, Stephen!

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Former Girlfriend Stripped and Penetrated

I really don’t have a fetish for the slutty schoolgirl look, but admittedly this chick looks pretty damn hot in that outfit. If I were with her in that room she wouldn’t have it on for long, that’s for sure! Judging by these pictures her boyfriend was thinking the same thing. And with smooth, pristine holes, like hers, who can blame him?

This is Grayson’s ex girlfriend stripping off her clothes and getting drilled. This was another one of those relationships that was mainly about the hot sex. Grayson, however, made the mistake of beginning to fall for her. He was pretty confident she was on the same level-she obviously enjoyed the sex and always wanted to spend time with him. He was really starting to like her. Luckily for him he discovered before it was too late that she wasn’t the girl he thought she was. Grayson found out she had went home with some dude she met on one of them infamous ‘night out with the girls’. He didn’t hesitate to break it off. Thanks for sharing, man!

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