Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Undrwear

Wow! This chick knows how to look good with no clothes on. She seems a bit on the average side as far as her face goes, but again, we aren’t getting any great face shots. That body, on the other hand, is tight as hell; a great figure and fantastic tits! She also looks great in a bra and panties, which means that removing them for her will be a lot of fun. Oh, and great tan lines too!

Jack submitted these pictures of his cute 20yo ex girlfriend removing her underwear and posing nude in bed. When Jack began dating her, he was actually the ‘other’ man, which worked out great for him. He got a LOT of sex, but with little relationship responsibility. In other words, every man’s dream. She eventually left her boyfriend for Jack, but the whole thing back-fried on him when he discovered she was cheating on him too. I learned the hard way on a similar situation, myself. If she’s cheating to be with you, she will almost definitely do the same thing to you eventually. My advice when it comes to women like this, enjoy the perks, but stay emotionally distant. Thanks, Jack!

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Ex Girlfriend Horny and Nude in Bed

From what I can tell this chick is pretty nice. Unfortunately the only decent face shot we have of her she clearly is not looking her best, but the rest of her is looking fine as hell. I mean, she has some nice jiggly boobs, a tight little ass and one beautiful clam. However, those pelvic star tattoos I really don’t like at all. Those are the new tramp stamps and they’re just as ugly. Of course that wouldn’t stop me from hopping in the sack with her. :P

These photos came by way of Byron, and this is his ex girlfriend nude and horny in bed. He says that she really enjoyed being nude around the house, whether he was there or not. So it was important to her that she looked good without any clothes on, which he thinks she accomplished quite well. Of course when Byron was there this always lead to sex, because he simply just couldn’t control himself and she was always raring to go. They couldn’t make their relationship work, she will always be remembered as the best sex he ever had. Wow! That’s quite a title, Byron! Thanks for sharing!

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More From Petite Asian Ex Girlfriend

When I have more than one set of photos for the same girl I usually don’t post them this close together, but I also usually don’t get as many requests as I have to hurry up and post them. So, I present to you another set from our hot little Asian with the type of ass we dream about. As far as I’m concerned I’m loving everything we can see on this girl; from her pretty titties to her perfect little snatch. We still don’t get to see her face, but it looks like she has a nice mouth, which another bonus. ;)

There’s nothing new to add from Ramon’s side. As far as I know she’s still his ex girlfriend and she’s still showing off her beautiful nude body to the next lucky (or maybe unlucky) SOB. Thanks again, Ramon!

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Average Ex Fiance Spreads Her Legs

Well, she is definitely not the type of woman I would pursue, but after getting a look under the hood I would absolutely be up for going a few rounds with her under the covers. She has a pretty nice body it seems, especially from the waist down. I mean, picture #3? I’m wiping the drool from my mouth as we speak. Plus I love when average women are really freaks behind closed doors. To me, it’s much hotter when they don’t have to announce that they are whores by the way they dress or act in public. I like that to be a dirty secret between me and whichever woman I’m with at the time.

This is Gary’s ex fiance stripping naked, spreading her legs and assuming the position in front of the camera. While this was just one evening having a little fun with the camera, he says this was pretty much a typical night for them, and more often than not it was her that would initiate sex. I can see why he wanted to put a ring on her finger. Gary didn’t get into the nitty-gritty details, but he got word that she was messing around with one of her co-workers. He didn’t believe it at first, because they were so over-sexed as it was. However, he confronted her about it and she eventually admitted to it. And that was the end of that. Thanks, Gary!

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Petite Asian Ex Girlfriend Naked

Man, I love women with little tiny bodies, like this chick here. Plus I’m an ass man, so I’m loving everything about this set of photos. You will see what I mean once you click-thru to the full gallery. If you have similar tastes, trust me, you are going to be drooling. No, we don’t get to see her face, but unless she’s cross-eyed or something, I’m guessing she’s at least attractive.

Ramon sent us these pictures of his very petite ex girlfriend being sexy and showing off her luscious little ass. He says that she absolutely loves to pose naked and there were a couple of times they even posted her pics online before. Ramon says it would get her super horny thinking about all the men touching themselves her. They are no longer a couple, but he has plenty of photos and videos to remember her by. He also mentioned that if you guys like these that he will send us more. Thanks, Ramon!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Brian’s horny ex girlfriend spreading her legs and holes in a girlscout uniform. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Brian didn’t have a lot to say about his ex girlfriend and it’s tough to get a good read on her, because most of her body is clothed and we only get one face shot, and not a very good one. However, what we do know about her is; she has a nice figure, she has a hot ass, she keeps her holes clean and smooth, she owns at least one pair of stripper shoes, she’s not against role/costume play and if you look closely she’s obviously a little turned-on during this photo shoot. This all brings me to the conclusion that she is welcome to rest her ankles on my shoulders anytime. :P Thanks, Brian!

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More from Cute Current Girlfriend

I’m sure some of you regulars remember Tish from a couple of months ago. As you can see, this time around she’s showing us a bit more skin and I like it. Of course I love the T&A on her, but I’m also a big sucker for a nice set of curvy hips, and this chick has got them. Science says men are attracted to curvy hips because it symbolizes the ability to bear offspring, but I like them because it gives me something to hold on to while driving from behind. :P

Outside the photos, John really didn’t have anything to share about his current girlfriend this time around either. I’m guessing John and Tish like what you guys had to say the last time, since they are still submitting nakled pictures of her. So your comments and feedback are encouraged. Thanks again, John and Tish!

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Tight and Horny Ex Girlfriend Returns

Yup, this little hottie is back again. Perhaps not as glamorous this time around, but she is still sexy as hell. And I really like how much she’s enjoying those fingers. If you haven’t seen her previous posts, you will want to. You can find them here and here. She doesn’t disappoint.

Of course there isn’t anything to add to the story. Matt sent me a bunch of pics of his ex girlfriend showing off that smoking hot, little body. So you will definitely be seeing more of her soon.

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