Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Below that we have another ‘mini’ submission from Monte’s adorable ex girlfriend posing nude in her bedroom. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Monte didn’t have a lot to say about his ex girlfriend besides that she was both very mischievous as well as sexy as hell. I can see where that combination would be attractive, but frustrating as well. But then all she has to do is take her top off and all that frustration goes away. A cute face and pretty titties (and a bald snatch) goes a long way, and clearly this chick possesses all those qualities. At least in this stage of her life she doesn’t exactly look like the type of girl to get serious about, but she also looks like one helluva ride. Thanks Monte!

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Naked Ex Girlfriend Posing at Home

Personally, I’m finding this one only average in the face but I don’t think anyone would argue that her body is pretty damn cute, and those natural tits are pretty amazing! When girls, like her, are stacked that well they should just go around topless and let the rest of us admire and enjoy them. I would think even other women would like to get a gander of those puppies; I mean, how many of them pay th0usands of dollars to get a chest just like that?

This is Blake’s cute ex girlfriend posing naked at home. He didn’t have a story to share with us, but when you have a girl that looks this hot naked I can’t imagine him being able to concentrate on much else when around her; or even keep his hands off her for that matter. Then again, if she’s that distracting then maybe she shouldn’t follow my advice above. :P Thanks, Blake!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude for Selfies

I’m really digging this chick; a cute, girl-next-door with a soft, beautiful all-natural body. Plus, she’s clearly a very sexual girl who loves to show off her nude body. As far as I’m concerned, it really doesn’t get much better than that! In all honesty, I’m really not seeing anything about her that I don’t like; adorable and sexy!

Rick submitted these pics from his very cute ex girlfriend posing nude for some selfies. I hope you guys like her, because he sent me a bunch of photos of her that I will publish soon in upcoming posts. He says that she was as just as much fun and horny as she looks in these pictures. He would love it if she were still his girlfriend, but says that she is a wild child that he just can’t tame; and he has no interest in sharing her. It was a tough decision, but he had to move-on before she drove him crazy. Oof, that IS a tough call. Thanks for sharing, Rick!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Removing Her Clothes

This chick is kind of cute! What she lacks in striking beauty she makes up for when her clothes come off, because that is one fine little bod she’s sporting, there. I like the way her boobs hang and I can’t imagine anyone thinking that she has anything less than one hot caboose. It appears that she knows how to do some sexy poses too, so I’m assuming this isn’t her first time nude in front of a camera.

This is Morgan’s cute ex girlfriend getting undressed in front of the mirror and showing off her dynamite all-natural body. He says that for the most part she was a sharp and sexy chick, but they tended to butt heads quite a bit. On the bright side, their passionate arguing led to frequent and fantastic sex; however it eventually got to the point where the bad outweighed the good and he felt he was too young committing himself to that type of a relationship. I would think a relationship like that is no fun no matter how old you are. Thanks, Morgan!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Riding Cowgirl

I would say that this chick is on the cute side of average. I probably wouldn’t be chasing her down, but I certainly wouldn’t turn her down either. In the first picture she looks like the type of girl that would be on the innocent side, but willing to experiment; and that’s the best kind of girl in my opinion. The rest of the photos say she’s enjoying that experimentation too! Even better!

This is Stephen’s ex girlfriend from college riding him in a state of ecstasy. He said he loved her sounds and facial expressions when she was on the verge of orgasm & this particular time he grabbed his camera to document it. I’m with Stephen on this one, I love those contorted faces from the agony and ecstasy. He didn’t say why they split-up, but most relationships at that age don’t last long. Thanks for sharing, Stephen!

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Sexy Latina Ex Girlfriend Naked

I swear, it’s completely coincidental that we suddenly have so many Latinas to share. Not that I mind one bit; my ex girlfriends could tell you that I definitely have a little weakness for the Latin ladies. With the recent posts, including this one, I’m sure you can see why. And what’s not to like about this sexy thing? She has a nice figure, great perky tits, a tight little ass and clearly willing to show it all off. I can’t say if she’s the type of girl you would bring home to meet mom, but I would say that she’s definitely the type of girl you want to bring home. :P

Mike sent us these pics of his sexy Latina ex girlfriend getting naked in what appears to be a hotel room. He didn’t have a story to share with us about her or their relationship, but judging by the background of these photos, this was a special night or celebration of some sort. And now she’s here. So we can only assume things didn’t end pretty between them. She looks like she was an awful lot of fun for the time being though! Thanks, Mike!

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Cute & Curvy Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude

I just love a girl who appears to be innocent and wholesome on the exterior, but behind closed doors they are the opposite; especially with a body like this! I mean who doesn’t love all those soft natural curves on that cute little frame? She has some hips that you can grab on to, those big boobs look like a lot of fun and that ass is scrumptious. Plus she seems to be adorable to boot! All the right ingredients, in my book.

This is Cody’s cute and curvy ex girlfriend posing nude and showing the goods for some selfies. He says that she put on a good innocent act around family and close friends, but these pics show the tame version of the real girl. Of course he has no complaints about that side of her, because she not only looked the part, but she also delivered in the bedroom. She was an awesome girlfriend in the beginning, but all the mind games eventually sent him packing. Thanks, Cody!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

There is something about this chick that I’m really digging. Yes, she is sort of cute and of course the petite little body gets my motor running every time, but it’s something more than that. Maybe it’s her piercing, light-colored eyes. I’m always a sucker for a dark hair girl with light eyes. Either way, I like her cute body and tight, little ass. In all honesty, picture #5 alone is enough convince me to join her in that bed.

Jay sent us these photos of his petite ex girlfriend getting naked and spreading her legs and cheeks in bed. He says that she was a girl who loved sex, so much so that he wasn’t the only one she was giving it up; and it wasn’t just other men. Jay wasn’t in to sharing her and was turned-off by the whole ordeal, so he cut her loose. Simple as that. Thanks, Jay!

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