Former Girlfriend Shows Off Naked Body

As much as we can tell from the bottom half of her face, I would say she’s at least kind of cute. I mean, she has a nice enough body. I don’t know if she has the type of body that would turn heads, but I would gladly climb under the sheets with her. Plus she has a pretty, little snatch and some of the best nipples I’ve ever seen!

Robert submitted these pics of his anonymous ex girlfriend showing off her naked body. As you can see, he opted out of showing her face, and the same goes for any story about their relationship. He may just be sharing photos of what curls up next to him every night as bragging rights. I know I would have to share with someone if I had a girl with awesome nipples, like her. Whatever the reason, I’m glad he did share them with us! Thanks, Robert!

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Roommate’s Girlfriend Horny and Nude

I’ve known a few girls in my lifetime that have had absolutely no qualms about being nude or having sex in front of other people, and they weren’t even strippers or hookers. Just awesome party girls that seized an opportunity when it arose. *ahem* Are they the type of girls you want to have a serious relationship with? No, but they sure are a lot of fun. I still talk to one of those girls to this day. She’s one of the very few of my female friends that I haven’t enjoyed at least one roll in the hay with. Unfortunately she still hasn’t seen an “opportunity” in me yet. If she’s every ready to throw down, she knows where to reach me! (hint, hint…if you’re reading this you know who you are!) ;)

Jack says that he and his ex roommate met this chick at a bar one night and brought her back to their place to party. As you can see, his roomie ended up getting lucky that night and she had absolutely no shame doing it in front of Jack. In fact, according to Jack, he has nailed her a few times too. However, it was his roomie who ended up getting serious about her. One day he came home to discover his roommate was moving into a place with this chick, without any sort of notice. On top of that, they stuck Jack with the full month’s rent. He says he knew these pics would come in handy one day, he just never thought he would use them for this. One things is for sure, it all worked out great for us! Thanks, Jack!

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Cute Former Girlfriend Posing Naked

I’m diggin’ this “girl next door”. I wouldn’t consider her a head-turner, but when she’s naked she looks good enough to eat! The only thing I’m not liking about these photos is the lousy quality (although we should all be used to cell phone pics by now), and the fact that we don’t get a good look at her backside. from what we can see, I’m guessing it looks just as good as her front.

This is Chris’ cute ex girlfriend posing naked for some self pics and showing off her cute, little body. Chris didn’t send us a story, but we can assume that she did something bad to end up here. Sometimes, when I receive photos, it’s hard for me to believe that some of these girls could do any wrong, and this one is no different. That’s how we get fooled, sometimes. There are girls out there that look so sweet and harmless on the outside, but then we get blindsided by their cold, black heart. (Yes, I’m being a little dramatic.) I still want to believe that there are some good ones out there though. Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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Drunk and Horny Ex Girlfriend Can’t Wait

Ooh, she’s a pretty one. If these photos are any indication, she doesn’t wear panties, either. A pretty girl + no panties = hell yeah! I once dated a girl who never wore panties under her dresses/skirts. We were at a night club one night in a dark and isolated corner. I just lifted her dress, unzipped my pants and slipped it in. She loved the thrill that there was always a chance we could get caught at any second. Unfortunately I only got a couple slow pumps in before we were disturbed. She was a little embarrassed and would never let me do it like that again, but it was definitely a few seconds of bliss.

Carson submitted these pictures of his ex girlfriend when they took a trip together. By the looks of it, I’m going to guess that they’re in New Orleans. Sex and booze (and voodoo) are in the air in the French Quarter. It wants you to get laid, and it seems they made sure that happened. If I was there with her she wouldn’t receive any less. Carson didn’t share a story with us, but he did send me more pics. I’ll get those up soon. Thanks Carson!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Boobs

UPDATE: If I find out ANYONE is submitting illegal photos again I WILL report your ass! Read the damn submission rules before you submit!

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Matt’s sexy ex girlfriend naked in bed. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Matt submitted these pics of his pretty, blonde ex girlfriend naked in his bed. Unfortunately we only get to see the top half of her, but it’s a very nice half. I mean, if her boobs are real (which is what I think), they are fantastic. If they are fake, the surgeon did a great job. She doesn’t even need a bra, really. It’s a win-win situation for her in the breast department. Plus, when she’s not making goofy faces, the mug doesn’t look too shabby, either. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

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Playful Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bed

Damn! Another cute, girl-next-door type looking great in the nude and gracing our pages. In the first few pictures she kind of reminds me of a nude ballerina. Perhaps it’s because she has her hair up, but either way it looks very feminine and beautiful. However, the rest of the pics just remind me of why I love women, and I just want to grab her and have all kinds of fun with her.

Tony says he fell for his ex girlfriend from the first time they met. She was just as sweet as she looks in these photos, or at least for a time. He had his work cut out for him to get her into bed the first time, but once he got her there she was a lot wilder than he expected. Not only did they have a great relationship, but a very passionate sex life, as well. Tony did say that she ended up leaving him, but never elaborated as to why. Thanks for sharing, Tony!

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Ex Girlfriend Gets Naked in Bedroom

I love when we get pictures in, like this. Just an average girl getting naked before a good, hard pounding. I usually don’t date these types of girls, so getting a good look under the hood is a treat. I may have to adjust my screening process, because I would definitely be missing out. She has a nice body, but I think the real treasure is between her legs. That’s a pretty, little puss she’s got there.

Steve and his ex girlfriend dated on-and-off for quite a while. They had one of those love/hate relationships where when things were good, they were fantastic; and when things were bad, they were horrible. He said the main thing that kept them coming back for each other was their intense sexual chemistry. Drunken horniness and late night drunk-dialing always would lead to them getting back together again. There wasn’t one reason why Steve was finally able to find the strength to finally cut her loose, but many. The important thing is that he was able to do it. And I’m glad he did too, otherwise we may not be looking at her naked right now. Thanks Steve!

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Ex Girlfriend Looking Cute in the Nude

Is this chick adorable, or what!? She’s pretty enough to turn heads, but average enough to be the girl next door. Not to mention she has a dynamite little body on her. I love her pointy, little tits and her nicely manicured puss. She seems like she may be a bit on the skinny side, yet she’s still sporting some nice curves. At least on the outside, I’m thinking she’s high quality.

Adam sent us these pics of his very cute ex girlfriend posing nude for various self shots. He didn’t have a story to share with us, but plenty of photos as you will see once you click-thru to the full gallery. One thing I think we all know for sure is, this girl just loves to show-off that little body, considering these photos look like they were taken at several different times and locations. Consequently, it all worked out great for us! Thanks, Adam!

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