Horny Ex Girlfriend Raring To Go

Ok, the tattoos are a bit of a disappointment for me, but there’s something about this girl that I really like. For one thing, she looks like she would be a lot of fun both in and out of the bedroom. Plus, just look at how scrumptious she is when she’s bent over the bed! Tattoos visible or not, that lovely ass deserves a lot of TLC and attention.

Jack submitted these pictures of his cute and horny ex girlfriend bent over and assuming the position. He says she was fairly dirty and always willing, so he had no complaints in that department. Things were going great between them and something set her off where she started to be come very possessive. She was always calling him to find out where he was and who with. Eventually he just couldn’t take it any more. The relationship was no longer a joy, but a pain. So he got out, and I can’t say I would blame him. Thanks Jack!

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Former Girlfriend Waiting Naked in Bed

I’m diggin’ this chick. A “girl next door” with a beautiful, all-natural body. Lucky for us she seemingly has no problem showing it off, either. From the little we can see, it appears she also keeps that pubic patch nice and manicured. I don’t mind grass on the playing field, just as long as she keeps it under control. Then again, I wouldn’t be very judgmental if she were lying in my bed naked right now. We could have that discussion afterwards. ;)

This is Timmy’s on-again/off-again girlfriend. They are currently broken-up and this time Timmy says it will stick, so she’s now officially an “ex girlfriend”. Although if he’s anything like the rest of us in a similar relationship, he will probably cave-in a few more times to her feminine wiles, and of course sex, before he’s strong enough to move on for good. I’ve had girlfriends like that in the past–we just couldn’t get along, but we also couldn’t keep our hands off each other, either. It’s very tough to say no. I wish you luck, Timmy! And thanks for sharing!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Sexy Body

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Bob’s dirty ex girlfriend in various states of undress. Thanks and enjoy!!

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This is Bob’s ex girlfriend showing off her beautiful, naked body. I’m loving each and every curve on this one, but I’m not so sure she’s for me in the face. Although it does look like she’s been rolling around in bed, so maybe that’s her “I just got nailed” look. Every other angle of her, however, is looking scrumptious. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so, since she cheated on Bob; not once, but twice! He cut her some slack the first time she cheated, but the second time he cut her loose. Sounds like that was the smartest thing you could do if you love a girl like that. Thanks, Bob!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs

What is it about blondes that command attention? I’m not even particularly into blonde girls, but this one would definitely catch my attention if she were to pass me by. Looking at these photos of her I’m not seeing her as my type of gal, but I think if I were to meet her in person it would be a whole different story. Knowing what’s underneath that little, black cocktail dress makes her all the more desirable. Especially when she’s bent over–such sweet-looking holes!

Ian submitted these pics of his Scottish ex girlfriend posing nude and spreading her legs. He says this Scottish lass was quite the wild party girl, which I don’t doubt for a second. He didn’t say what led to their demise, but from my own experiences with party girls; they are after excitement and if you don’t keep them on their toes they lose interest quickly. And with a body like that I’m sure Ian had plenty of competition. Thanks, Ian!

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Sexy Ex Wife Showing Off The Goods

Hot damn! I sure hope my future ex wife looks this good as she gets older. She can pull-off being both classy or trashy, and that’s the best kind of woman. Plus, she obviously takes very good care of herself and her body. You run into less and less women like that as you get older. Trust me. Sure her boobs are a bit deflated, but I still prefer her naturals over some rock-hard torpedoes. Overall I think she’s a knock-out.

James was married to this beautiful lady, and he says they had a great marriage for a while. Things changed when his career demanded that he spend more time on the road. She’s a woman who craves attention and James did every thing he could to give it to her. As much as he tried, he just couldn’t afford to be choosey at his job with the economy being so bad. Apparently she wasn’t very understanding, as James explained that she sought the attention elsewhere, and into the arms of another man. Of course all this eventually lead to their divorce. Ugh…that sounds rough, James. Thanks for sharing!

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Latina Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

This girl really isn’t the type I would pursue, but she’s also not the type of girl I would turn down at an opportunity for a roll in hay, either. I mean, I do love the way her little tits look when she’s sticking them out, and from what I can tell she looks pretty good both bent over or on her back. Plus she cares enough how she looks with her legs spread that she keeps those holes shaved. So I say she’s worth a shot, for sure.

This is Tommy’s then 18 year old ex girlfriend posing naked and spreading her legs in bed. They actually split-up a few years ago, but he came across these pictures of her, and since he’s a fan of the site he wanted to share them with us. Sounds like a good plan to me! Thanks for sharing, Tommy!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed

My gawd! This chick is yummy! I just want to take a bite out of her, among other things of course. In picture #3 she’s looking especially delicious, but she looks great in all the photos. She has a pretty face, a dynamite body and she obviously keeps those holes clean and manicured. What more can a superficial male want in a woman? Don’t take that the wrong way, because I’m one of those superficial males. :P

This is Neo’s ex girlfriend posing nude in her bed. He didn’t say where they are from, but I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say somewhere in Eastern Europe. He said that you wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but she was enthusiastically into just about everything when it came to sex. He didn’t go into much more details other than she wanted to sleep with other men. It just goes to show that women are the same pains in our asses on the other die of the globe. Thanks Neo!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Masturbates at Home

Something tells me this chick is very dirty…and I love it! She obviously enjoys her butt being plugged, but judging by the last two photos she’s not afraid of size either. I don’t know she is the typical type of woman I would pursue, however if she approached me I would definitely like getting those pantyhose off her. The fact that she just might being wearing a butt plug underneath them makes her that much more desirable. She has some long legs and what seems to be a spectacular ass. So even is there’s no anal play I’d still be up for the task at hand. ;)

Veronika submitted these wonderful pics. Now, I’m not sure if this is Veronika sending in pictures of herself or if this girl is actually her ex girlfriend. She says she has all the picture sets and if we want to see them just to let her know. So what do you guys think? Do you want to see more of Veronika (or her ex)?

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