Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed

It was this girls’ hot, little body that sold her for me. While I think she’s attractive, I’m not sure if she would get a second look from me with her clothes on. If I already knew that bod was waiting underneath it all, I wouldn’t hesitate in introducing myself in hopes of getting my hands on her. It appears she has a beautiful, round ass and I just love pointy, little tits, like hers.

Cole submitted these pics of his cute and horny ex girlfriend posing nude in her bed for what seems to be self shots. He says she was quite the dirty girl who had some incredible oral skills. They had a tough time getting along with each other outside the bedroom, however. Cole admits that it wasn’t what most would consider a serious relationship, but he was still pretty bummed that he would no longer have the opportunity to hit that after they broke-up. I know the feeling, Cole. Thanks for sharing!

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21 Responses to “Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Nude in Bed”

  1. blah
    April 26th, 2012 | 8:18 pm


  2. ppete
    April 26th, 2012 | 8:23 pm


  3. Ryanos
    April 26th, 2012 | 8:35 pm

    I get third with her!

  4. crashdaddy
    April 26th, 2012 | 8:51 pm

    Damn….I’d take 4th with this little slut!! Smokin’ body, and pic #6 is perfect!! Nice little cum dumpster… Great job eRock!!

  5. Hugh G. Rection
    April 26th, 2012 | 9:04 pm

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  6. dunx
    April 26th, 2012 | 9:32 pm

    damn, those are some tasty looking nips!!! I think she needs to lose the pubes though

  7. fucker
    April 26th, 2012 | 9:59 pm

    Sweet baby jesus!
    I’d love to have me some of this yummy stuff.
    Where do I sign up?

  8. pres
    April 26th, 2012 | 10:09 pm

    Lookin’ good.

  9. April 26th, 2012 | 11:12 pm

    Maybe it’s just me, but the pictures sucked. She’s nice looking.

  10. Big M
    April 26th, 2012 | 11:22 pm

    Not bad, 8 out if 10.

  11. boris the spider
    April 26th, 2012 | 11:24 pm

    very hot……….love the gap, reminds me of driving the car through the redwood tree in cali…thanks erock

  12. Shemp
    April 26th, 2012 | 11:39 pm

    check out the bedroom. man, that is one industrial grade bed. she looks quite at home in it. wow, she would be quite the f^%$#.

  13. April 27th, 2012 | 1:28 am

    Very nice

  14. kolokolo
    April 27th, 2012 | 2:31 am

    I wouldn’t spend a night without sex with this sexy kitten! Oh yes baby!

  15. April 27th, 2012 | 6:35 am

    Nice , very very very nice :)

  16. Scooter
    April 27th, 2012 | 7:54 am

    Love the nipples … erect in some pics and puffy in others. It would be fun to get her excited and watch them perk up. Tasty looking snatch too.

  17. Oliver Klozoff
    April 27th, 2012 | 10:40 am

    Nice, very.

  18. April 29th, 2012 | 7:14 am

    Tidy looking lass - pic number five is particularly enticing! And is it just me, or does pic six reveal some natural blond bush? Lovely!

  19. trev
    May 2nd, 2012 | 3:47 pm

    I love a hairy pussy, i would nail this lass, deep and hard

  20. adrenaline junkie
    August 17th, 2012 | 5:33 pm

    I think this bitch would be wild as hell in bed id fuck her till my dick was sore

  21. adrenaline junkie
    August 17th, 2012 | 5:33 pm

    I think this bitch would be wild as hell in bed id fuck her till my dick was sore

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