Girlfriend Posing Nude with Costume

Now that’s a stormtrooper I would like to use my blaster on! I’m suddenly wondering what it would be like to nail a girl if she were in that costume. Would it be kind of hot, or just weird? I’m not all that geeky, but I must admit these photos are sort of sexy and funny at the same time. I’ve actually had these pictures for a while, but was saving them for one special occasion.

This is Rob’s current girlfriend posing nude in a pretty cool stormtrooper (from Star Wars) costume. He’s in school on the opposite side of the country and she surprised him by sending him these pics that friend took. He thought they’re hilarious and wanted to share them with us. And he’s right-they are pretty amusing. I couldn’t imagine a sexier stormtrooper (that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say). Thanks, Rob! And Happy Halloween, everybody! And if you dig horny, amateur party girls on Halloween, then check out today’s sponsor after the pics. They have a whole special section for it!

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Return of Beautiful Redhead Ex Girlfriend

Awwww yeeeah! The girl so many of you have been waiting for! And once again, she doesn’t leave much, if anything, to the imagination. For those of you just tuning in, these pictures are part 2 of a girl posted a week or two ago. This time she lost the schoolgirl costume and looks even hotter, if that’s possible. And I must admit…I love the socks!

There’s new information or story to share this time about Scott’s gorgeous ex girlfriend. However, I did notice she’s wearing what could be considered an engagement ring this time around. Scott didn’t mention anything about an engagement and she wasn’t wearing the ring in the first set of pics, so I’m not sure about that. It really doesn’t matter though. I would be surprised if anyone is actually reading this now and not more busy with their hands beneath the desk. And to make things even better about this chick is that I have even MORE photos of her. Yep, Scott sent me a shitload and they’re just too damn good to skip over.

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

I swear, it’s completely coincidental that all our recent girls are posing for self pics. In a way it goes to show just how easy some girls make it for us these days. Believe me, I’m not complaining. Especially when they look as good as this chick-a pretty face, a cute body and some pretty, little titties. Add that to sending nude photos to her man and you have got yourself one hot, little number.

Damien submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend poising nude in front of the bathroom mirror. He says she was kind of quiet and barely even spoke of sex when other people were around, but in private she just loved getting naked for a romp between the sheets. Surprisingly, she was a real screamer when she came, and she would dig her nails into his skin. Yes, it hurt, but ultimately Damien loved it. The loving part of their relationship only lasted several months, but their sexual relationship lasted quite a while. She finally broke it off when she decided to get serious about a new guy. Thanks, Damien!

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Cute Ebony Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked

What a a body on this chick! And she’s pretty cute too! She looks very feminine and girlie, which is a quality I always dig in a woman. Of course all those firm curves I dig even more! It’s a shame we didn’t get a shot of that caboose, because I’m betting she also has one hell of an ass on her. I just hope our submitter wasn’t the one who broke her arm (only kidding).

Melvin says not to let his ex girlfriend’s sweet and innocent appearance fool you. He says she was very high-maintenance, but that all paid-off in the bedroom. She was a freak and didn’t hide it. Melvin didn’t say why they are no longer a couple, only that he’s “moved on to something better.” I would assume that she’s definitely a hall-of-famer, though. Thanks Melvin!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Her Body

What a cutie! That pretty face would definitely get my attention. Although, after the first few pics, I was really hoping her boobs would be better; but hey, they’re still boobs, right? Judging from the angles we’re getting of her, it appears like she has a pretty nice body, but I have a suspicion that if she’s not careful she could get quite large. If nothing else, she has a pretty, pink snatch that looks like it’s in a need of a good tongue job.

This is Sam’s pretty ex girlfriend posing nude for self pics at home. He didn’t have a story to she with us, but I can tell by the look in her bedroom eyes that she’s a woman not easily tamed; meaning that I don’t think she’s a one man type of gal. Even if she isn’t, from my point of view, I’m not thinking about marrying her anyway. So if she likes with additional partners, I have no problem being used by her. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

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Former Girlfriend Strips for Self Pics

We’ve had mainly petite and skinny girls the last few posts, so I figured I’d get a girl up with a little meat on her bones; but not too much meat. I wouldn’t really consider this chick my type, but getting a look under the hood first does help. I’m definitely not disappointed and would gladly join her for a quick roll in the hay should the opportunity come up.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, this Andy’s ex girlfriend showing-off the goods. He says there’s not much to the story of their demise. She cheated and he dumped her. Where it gets interesting is that, she sent him these naked pics of herself AFTER they split-up. Andy said it was her attempt to win him back. Of course he went to her place a few times for an easy piece of tail, but there was no way he would be able to take her seriously again. Thanks, Andy!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked and Waiting

One of the things that I love about the younger ladies these days, besides the fact that they’re much more willing to be photographed/video-tapped nude and that they keep their holes so much more clean, is that they’re starting to take a liking to rear entry. In my college days, getting a girl to open up the backdoor was no easy feat. Perhaps it’s because people are less religious now. Whatever the case, I’m loving it; even though I was born in the wrong generation. I can’t say for sure that this chick is a three-input gal, but she sure does take awfully good care of that butthole for it not to be used to it’s full capabilities. :P

Andrew submitted these pics of his cute and horny ex girlfriend ready and waiting for penetration. He says she wasn’t very aggressive when it came to sex, but loved to be dominated by a take-charge type of man. Sounds like a fun girl to me! He said their relationship was over in under a year and Andrew claims it was because of all the head games she would play with him. A lot of great memories of her in the bedroom, however. Thanks for sharing, Andrew!

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Tiny Ex Girlfriend and More Free Amateurs

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Jared’s tiny ex girlfriend posing naked in the mirror. Thanks and enjoy!!

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Jared says that his 18 year old ex girlfriend is a Russian girl who was adopted and brought to the US. Personally, the ultra petite chicks drive me crazy no matter where they’re from. They had a pretty hot relationship, too. She never said ‘No’ to Jared and of course he took full advantage of that. Unfortunately, it seems evident that she didn’t say ‘No’ to the other boys either. Jared says that after about six months together he discovered she had been hanging out with these other dudes behind his back and performing some oral favors for them. Jared tried to make it work with her for the next month, but she just couldn’t be trusted anymore. He cut her loose and joined the Army. Thanks, Jared!

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