Former Girlfriend Posing Naked in Bathroom

I think this girl is a real cutie! Of course that serious look on her face takes some of the cuteness out of her, but you can tell she’s still pretty damn sexy. For one thing, I’m loving that somewhat large, yet firm rack on such a tiny girl. Those puppies are almost pointing straight-out! I’m loving her long hair too. You could wrap that around your fist a few times for maximum leverage when driving from the rear.

This is Michael’s ex girlfriend posing naked in the bathroom. I can’t quite figure out what that straw-like object is she’s penetrating herself with, but I can’t imagine that skinny, little thing being much pleasure for her. Michael says that she was actually pretty controlling and demanding, but the sex was so mind-boggling that her wish was his command. The ended-up backfiring, because she just walked all over him. He forgave her the first time he caught her cheating, but after the second time he finally cut her loose. Probably a good move, Michael. Thanks for sharing!

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Asian Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Goodies

It’s hard to say what this girl really looks like in the face. The one face pic we do she’s making a weird face, but there’s definitely to confusion when it comes to that body of hers. I love that shapely pooper; definitely a couple of handfuls! Also, that sweet little snatch is looking quite dee-lish. Evidently, she’s not the shy type when it comes to sex and nudity, which is a great quality in any female. :D

Jake says his ex girlfriend was more of a short term sex partner than a real girlfriend. They lived quite a distance apart and were only able to get together several times, but he rode her bareback on their first date and never pulled-out. And it’s hard for a man not to go for more from a girl, like that. Jake says that she was a crazy squirter when she came. He wasn’t really into that, but says it was quite the sight to see. She would also send him naked pictures of herself. He never asked her to do this, it was a pleasant surprise when he would open his email. The long-distance thing just wasn’t working for both of them, and he says she was very marriage minded; so they called it quits after only a month. Thanks Jake!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Horny at Home

This chick just looks like fun! For one thing, she has a smile on her face in just about all the pictures. Plus, any girl that obviously enjoys getting nailed on the bathroom sink has got to be a girl to be remembered. And if her sexual spirit isn’t enough for her to be remembered, then that body is. She’s another one with some spectacular, all-natural boobs.

Richie submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend nude and horny at home. He says she had zero reservations about her nudity. Although with a body like that, I’m sure she won’t hear too much complaining either. Judging by the photos she’s seems pretty open about sex too! Perhaps a bit too much. Richie says he discovered that she had been, at the very least, messing around with one of his buddies. He’s not 100% sure if they slept together or not, but they crossed the line in his eyes. Thanks, Richie!

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More of Sexy Blonde Ex Girlfriend

I almost forgot that I still have more pics of this chick! I’m sure a lot of you remember her from about a month ago when she showed us what is underneath her dress; and it was quite the sight to see. This time we get to see a bit more of what’s in front. Even thought they are obviously fake boobs, I still think they’re quite nice; especially the nipples. She just needs a bit of an adjustment on those puppies.

Nasse did really have a story to share last time and nothing has changed in that department. All we really know that he is one lucky SOB - such a beautiful woman that obviously loves sex. You can’t get much better than that! However she DOES seem to be a high-maintenance girl. Then again, look at what you would get in return. Seems to be worth it to me. Thanks again, Nasse!

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Ex Girlfriend Lays in Bed Spreading

This chick doesn’t look like much of a looker in the face, but once those clothes come off she jumps a few levels in the hotness department. What a gorgeous, little body on her! Those all-natural tits are spectacular and that smooth pussy not only looks delicious, but looks quite snug, as well. If I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate jumping in between the sheets with her.

These pics come in from Deiter who says his ex girlfriend was much hornier than you would think by just looking at her. In public she was actually pretty quiet and laid-back, but once they were alone and the mood arose she was like a wild animal. He says the whole time they were dating his back was completely covered in claw marks she would leave during orgasm(s). He loved it though. Deiter didn’t say exactly what broke them up, besides that they just couldn’t make things work. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend and Some Cool Sites

I receive photo submissions from time-to-time where there are just not enough pics to fill a post - usually one to three photos. I hold on to them anyway, because some of them are really good & I’m always trying to find a way to fit them in somewhere. So directly below is a group of links to some other FREE sites where you can find all kinds of FREE amateur and homemade porn. Beneath that we have a ‘mini’ submission of Sean’s ex girlfriend showing off her best assets. Thanks and enjoy!!

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This sultry, little vixen was Sean’s summer fling. He says he was very happily surprised how much and how often she loved to screw. Better yet, Sean claims she was one of those girls who really loved anal sex, and of course he took full advantage. Their relationship started off a bit more romantic where he had feelings for her, but once he found out she was sleeping around behind his back that quickly changed. Sean confirms she was a lot of fun while it lasted, though. Judging by these pics, I can imagine it was! Thanks, man!

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Petite Ebony Ex Girlfriend Naked at Home

I’m not all that attracted to this girl in the face, but that body is looking pretty dee-lish. The “T” and the “A” are looking exceptional, and from what we can see of her snatch, that’s looking clean and yummy too. Judging by the fingernail polish, I’m guessing naked self pics are a common thing with her. It makes me wonder if there are more pics.

Dyson submitted these pictures of his petite ex girlfriend posing naked in the bathroom mirror. In case you were wondering, he confirms that she was a freak. He says she would would bend into all kinds of crazy positions for him. Dyson wasn’t about to settle down with one woman, though. He says that he has a long way to go before he’s ready to commit to one girl. Thanks for sharing, Dyson!

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Skinny Ex Fiance Spreading on the Sofa

I wasn’t 100% sure on what I thought of this chick after only seeing the first few pictures, however as they went on I really was digging her. It’s not just because she’s spreading her legs (though it does help), but she looks much prettier and more into what she’s doing. I love her skinny body too! And the tiny titties. And that pretty, little pussy. Plus she has some hips you can grab on to! Yeah, I like her.

This is James’s ex fiance posing nude and spreading her legs on the sofa. He says she was actually on the shy and quiet side, except when it came to sex. Not only was she a screamer, but she would really let loose in the bedroom; almost aggressive. No wonder James put a ring on her finger. He didn’t say why their engagement ended, but he did mention that as soon as he proposed she began to change. I’m not married, but I have heard buddies same similar things about their engagement/marriage. Thanks James!

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