Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude in Dorm Room

I like this girl. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous, or anything, and I’m not sure if she would catch my eye if she passed me by, but she has that girl-next-door quality that’s just so hard for us men to deny. It seems like she might have a bit of a schnoz, but other than that I think she’s pretty damn cute. I’m digging her body too. She has some nice, little tits and in one shot her ass is equally sweet.

Derrick met his ex girlfriend their freshman year in college. He says she was really shy and quiet, but he found that an attractive quality with her and he was up for the challenge. It took him a while to get into her pants and even then it was lights out, or she stayed hidden under blankets. Once they got to know each other better, Derrick was really able to make that kitty purr and she really loosened up. However her insecurities never changed and all it took was one drunken night for her to sleep with someone else. The rest, including her, is history. Thanks, Derrick!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Nude and Wet

Now that’s a woman! And what a beautiful, all-natural body. She obviously takes great care of herself, but she was still blessed with sexy eyes, a tight ass and a gorgeous rack. She must be causing traffic accidents when she’s all dolled-up for a night on the town. I mean, we’re seeing her without all the make up and glamor and she’s still looking amazing. In the looks department, she’s quite the catch!

Randall submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing nude around the house they shared. He says she was a real firecracker and he had every intention of putting a ring on her finger. Obviously things did not work out that way otherwise she more than likely wouldn’t be gracing this page. Randall didn’t care to share the details of their demise, but he did say their relationship didn’t end pretty.

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Goodies at Home

This girl isn’t bad at all. She easily fits into the ‘cutie’ category. If nothing else, she has the type of body I would gladly take for a roll between the sheets with. I mean, she has some great little titties, a sweet ass and a yummy looking snatch - what more can a guy ask for? She even shows off her little feet for you foot fetishists. She’s a bit on the young side for my tastes, but I sure wouldn’t turn her down either.

This little 19 year old, naked cutie is Josh’s ex girlfriend. He says she was a girl who liked to get a little freaky in bed and had some amazing oral talents. Josh ended up breaking up with her when he moved away, but the relationship was about to end anyway. He had recently discovered that she was screwing some other guy behind his back. So it wasn’t much of a stretch to cut her loose. Thanks for sharing, Josh!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Assumes the Position

Day-yum! This chick looks like a fun ride to climb aboard. She seems like she would be up for trying just about anything too, and with a body, like that, she would definitely get anything she wanted. I mean, if she were offer-up that ass, as in picture #5, she would get the world from me; or at least I would promise her the world until I was able to hit a few times.

Dick says that he and his ex girlfriend had many evenings planned specifically for sexual marathons. She would wear some sexy lingerie and he would bust out all the toys, lubes and lotions for a long night of licking, sucking and penetration. In the sex department Dick couldn’t have been happier. Actually the only real issue in their relationship was that she wanted marriage and he did not. Dick had already been married once before and wasn’t about to go through that again. In short, he ended up losing her to another man who was all for marriage.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Spreading in Bed

What a cute, little thang! Evidently she’s a pretty horny girl, too; at least on this day she was. I like that we get to see her in the old school Scandinavian get-up, then laying naked on her back and spreading her legs. It’s always nice to know what is underneath the dress and she seems very willing to show us all of it!

Palle, from Denmark, submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend naked and spreading for the camera. I opted not to share a story with us, but I think these pictures say all we really need to know; she’s cute, she’s not shy about getting naked and by the way she’s spreading her ass cheeks I’m thinking she just might enjoy some third hole penetration. Thanks, Palle!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Getting Herself Off

This chick just looks like she exudes sex appeal. Not that she’s super hot, or anything, but something about her seems like she knows what she’s doing in the bedroom. That’s not to say that I don’t find her attractive though. And from what we can see she definitely has the type of body I would like to hold against mine. Then again, just about any girl rubbing herself to readiness is enough to peek my interest.

Jules submitted these sexy pic of his/her horny ex girlfriend. I’ve never known a man to be called ‘Jules’, so I’m not 100% sure what gender we’re dealing with here. However there is no reason the ladies can’t participate too, just as long as their ex is also a lady. Man or woman, this is Jules’ former ‘fuck buddy’ and they would trade nude photos of themselves with each other when they weren’t indulging in the real deal. Jules isn’t sure what happened though. It is assumed that the ex found another buddy and moved on without saying a word. Thanks for sharing, Jules!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Strips Nude at Home

I like this girl. She seems very much the girl-next-door type, but has a delightful dirty side behind closed doors. Which we all know is a great combination and actually quite a find. The again, looks can be deceiving and she could be the complete opposite for all we know. What we do know for sure is that she has some fine, perky boobies and a smoking, little ass just begging for a good smack. As far as we’re concerned here, that’s all that matters. ;)

Greg says his ex girlfriend was very sexually playful meaning, she loved to tease him. He really liked it though. She would do strip teases, rub and grind against his growing excitement - it would drive him crazy. She wasn’t only a tease; she would follow through. He says this is only a small glimpse of what she’s really like in private. Unfortunately for Greg, she has shown her dirty side to another man one weekend while he was out of town. Needless to say, the rest of the story, as well as her, are history. Thanks Greg!

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