Naughty Ex Girlfriend Showing the Goods

Damn, this chick looks like fun! She’s obviously very comfortable about her nudity and I love it! Unfortunately, it seems she can’t strike a pose without making a stupid face, but she definitely has the goods. She seems like she might be average looking in the face, however she’s not your average girl by the looks of it. I’m thinking you would really have to bring your ‘A’ game to the bedroom with this one.

Trent says his ex girlfriend loved posing nude and more-or-less looked for any excuse to expose the goods. He’s surprised that she never went into stripping or even porn. Surprisingly, she never showed any interest in that line of work. That was just fine with Trent, though. It was like he had his own personal porn star. The problem was that she loved the attention she got from men and it wasn’t against her morals to follow through with her flirtatious ways. At first, Trent didn’t mind so much. He knew who he was getting involved with and it was never something she hid from him. The more he became involved with her, the harder her external affairs bothered him. Trent gave her an ultimatum; all the other men, or just him. Obviously we know which she chose otherwise she probably wouldn’t be here. Thanks, Trent!

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Skinny Emo Ex Girlfriend Poses Nude

I like chicks, like this one. I wouldn’t bring her home to meet Mom, or anything, but I do have a real weakness for the wild, promiscuous types. They get me in a lot of trouble, but it’s hard to stay away. This girl is a bot on the skinny side for my preferences, but she makes up for it with that round, little pooper and her perky tits. From this angle, it appears she has a nice pussy too. It kind of reminds me of Kacey Jordan’s (who I just learned has left the business :( )

Esteban says his ex girlfriend was the typical daddy’s girl gone bad. He ensures us that if we saw him we would be very confused how he was able to land a girl, like this. It was just to piss off Daddy. Of course Esteban thought she was genuinely into him in the beginning of their relationship. He was pretty bummed when he figured out her real intentions, but in the end it was a blessing of sorts; because it opened him up to a whole new world of naive, rebellious, suburban girls. I guess that’s one way to look at it, Esteban! Thanks, man!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Enjoying Her Toy

Damn. Is this chick sexy, or what? It’s just a damn shame that she’s being such a tease. She’s showing a lot more skin than some of the other girls, but she really seems to have the type of body you need to stare at from all angles. She really looks to have it all; a cute figure, natural boobs and what appears to be one scrumptious ass. Very talented, indeed, in the T&A department.

Brenden had the pleasure of getting naked with this chick on a regular basis. He says his ex girlfriend was a certifiable horn-dog that loved being his little, sexual plaything. She was one of those old fashioned girls that believes in doing what it takes to keep her man satisfied. A pretty rare commodity these days. Unfortunately for Brenden, her need to please spilled over into involvement with other men and that just not acceptable with Brenden. On the bright side, he says she remains number one on the highlight reel. Thanks, man!

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Busty Former Girlfriend Nude at Home

As in most cases, I’m really diggin’ this chick. I think she’s only kind of cute in the face; though I’m not sure if it’s her big, natural boobs or her cute, little snatch but something about her me care little about her face. It appears she might have went through some weight changes throughout this set of pics, however I’m thinking she looks good either way. It’s a good thing too, because it seems like she’s the type of woman who enjoys being nude. Personally, that’s a quality I like in a girl. ;)

This is Brian’s ex girlfriend showing off her goodies for us. She was, and still is, a Hooters girl in their town. It’s nice to know that Hooters still hires girls with a natural rack. It’s tough to tell the difference these days. Anyway, he says they were together for a while, but the problem was that she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, keep her legs closed. According to Brian, she was giving it up to some of her regulars at Hooters. A dream come true for the regulars, but a nightmare for Brian. After he confronted her, she informed him that she had no plans to change her promiscuous ways. Probably a good idea you got out of that relationship, Brian. Thanks!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Naked for Her Man

Damn, this girl is yummy! A very cute face and a dynamite, all-natural body. Plus, any girl that has a smile on her face when tube steak makes an appearance is just nifty. She obviously enjoys showing off that beautiful, naked body too. This horny, little babe is scoring some very high points with me.

Chas submitted these pics of his very cute and sexy ex girlfriend getting naked for him. He says most of these photos were shot during his down time, before he had to return to serve his second tour in Iraq. As far as he knows, she was completely faithful to him during his first tour. When Chas returned his feelings for her were even stronger than before he left. They fucked like bunnies to make up for lost time. Then he got word he had to go back to Iraq. They were both really bummed, but there was little that could be done about that. She had a hard time dealing with him leaving again and unfortunately word got back to Chas that she had been seeking comfort in other men. After he returned the second time, he met up with her, nailed her then he dumped her. Good for you, Chas! Thanks for sharing!

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Some Cool Amateur Sites

Yup! I put together some more links I thought you guys may like, if you’re into the amateur/homemade stuff. Of course, all the sites listed below are 100% FREE and very similar to what you would find here. So please feel free to check them out when you have the time, or save them for a rainy day. Enjoy!

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Ex Girlfriend Horny in Bubble Bath

She’s not bad. Not the type of girl I would go after, but she seems to have a pretty nice body. I mean she has some cute, natural titties and an ass that you can really grab a handful. Actually, if she fixed the schnoz I bet she would be pretty cute. Plus she’s smiling throughout the photos and that seems to be rare. A girl who is happy while naked is a good sign in my book. Oh…and be careful looking in the mirror. You just might see something you don’t want to see.

Ryan dated his ex girlfriend while they were in college. That’s actually where they met. You wouldn’t know it by meeting her in person, but he says she was a real animal in the bedroom. He was completely shocked her aggressiveness once the clothes came off, but he really liked it; although she would have never let him snap these naked pics of her under normal circumstances. He happened to lay the romance on really thick this particular evening and it made her hornier than ever. However, after they graduated college Ryan was ready to move on. She had a certain way of how she thought their relationship should be and Ryan felt he still had some living to do. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, Ryan! Thanks for sharing!

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Lays Nude in Bed

This girl is kind of cute. I dig her little body, even though we don’t get a great view of the full package - yet. Since so many pics of her were sent to me, I decided to split this submission into two parts. This first set of pictures are a bit on the tame side compared to the second half. She’s definitely a enthusiastically horny, young thang who seems to love her special vibrating friend. She’s only warming-up in this round. I’ll get the rest of the pics up within the next few days, but I may need a reminder, as usual. ;)

Casper submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend getting nude and masturbating in bed. He says, when it came to the bedroom she was up for just about anything, however she would never let him in the back door. Other than that, she was practically a porn star in between the sheets. Her main fault was that she just loved to play mind games and try to make him jealous. Casper was never a jealous guy, but she eventually drove him to that. After he snapped out of her sexual spell, he realized she wasn’t worth the aggravation and he cut her loose. She did not go easy, though. But he says that’s another story. Thanks, Casper!

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