Ex Girlfriend Naked in Her Bedroom

This chick is pretty cute. She’s not really my type, personally, but as I’ve mentioned many time before; once they get their clothes off just about all of them are my type. I’m not trying to sell this chick short, though. She has a cute body and she’s definitely sporting some nice, natural boobs. Her willingness to roll around on the floor naked is also quite appealing. ;)

Reed submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend naked and posing in her bedroom for what appears to be self shots. He was a little older than her and he just loved her young, perky tits. And although they dated a couple of years ago and she was less experienced sexually, Reed claims she is still the best sex he’s ever had. That’s quite a statement, so she must have really been something else in the sack. Thanks for sharing, Reed!

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Sultry Ex Girlfriend Nude on Web Cam

Oh man! This chick is porn star material. A beautiful face with a gorgeous, all-natural body to match; and evidently she enjoys showing off the goods, too. From what I can see, she really seems to have it all and since most of these pics were obviously shot at different times, she looks that yummy all the time. The pelvic tattoo reinforces my suspicion that she’s also quite the dirty girl. Me likey a lot!

Serious says he met this girl while chatting. It started out as just innocent text chatting and moved into video chatting, where they would have some sort of masturbatory cam sex. When they finally met face-to-face it was instant lust and they spent a very wild couple of nights together. Since they lived several hours apart they kept up with the cam/sex chatting and would get a motel room on the weekends, meeting in a neutral location. It was hard for Serious to take her seriously, though - mainly because of the way they met. He just assumed she was doing the same thing with other men. He says their on/offline affair began to dwindle when Serious began dating a local girl. A big ‘Thumbs-Up’ to you, Serious, for being lucky enough to hook-up with her.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Loves Her Toys

You have got to love a girl who loves her sex toys. When I was younger I used to think that if I let my girlfriend have sex toys she would never have a need/want for me, but it seems to work the opposite of that. Keeping your girl’s libido up usually will work in the man’s favor, at least in my experiences. So I encourage it in the women I date these days.

Kenny says his ex girlfriend was a very sexual girl and I’m doubting that, even a little bit. He actually sent me a bunch of pics and will get the rest of them up in a later post to spread it out a bit. She loved her sex toys and had a whole arsenal in her night stand drawer. Toys weren’t the only thing that got her motor running though. Kenny says she was a certifiable three-input gal and proud of it. He didn’t mention why they broke-up, but I can imagine it must have been pretty tough to give up that kind of girl. Thanks, Kenny!

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Horny Ex Sex Partner Nude at Home

Wow, this girl has a nice body! Personally, I think her mug is average, but not unattractive at all. Her big, floppy boobies might take some getting used to, but that tight figure and hot caboose of hers more than makes up for it. I mean, it’s obvious she takes care of herself and perhaps one day some sugar daddy can help her tweak the headlights.

Dan, from France, says he originally met this ultra horny babe while chatting online. She had suggested that they meet up at a coffee house, so Dan figured, “what the hell - why not?”Several drinks later, she then suggested that they go back to his place for a final drink of the evening. While Dan was in his kitchen looking for something to drink this sexy, little thang took it upon herself to strip down completely nude and wait for his return. He says that he doesn’t have to explain what happened next, but she was really something else! She even later sent him these pics of herself for some good memories. Now that’s a perfect ‘no-strings’ sex partner. Damn! Why can’t I meet a women, like that!? Thanks, Dan!

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Pretty Ex Fiance Removes Her Underwear

I’m diggin’ this sexy, little blonde. She’s cute, dainty and has a body that’s just begging to be ravaged. Judging by these photos, she seems to be all for it, too! I’m sure you have already noticed that her cute, little pooper is her stand-out feature in this pic series. Don’t get me wrong, though. The overall package is looking damn good.

This is Luke’s ex fiance removing her bra and panties, and showing us the goods. He says she was a very sexy woman and these pics do her little justice in that department. She was also one of the biggest flirts he’s ever met. He wrote it off as just harmless fun, because he knew she ultimately would be in his bed and underneath him at the end of the night. Plus, she was completely taken care of on every level. However, it apparently still was not enough, because he discovered that she was sleeping with one of his (former)close friends - a groomsman for their upcoming wedding. Luke was pretty bummed, but was at least happy he found this out BEFORE the wedding. She deserves to be here, then, Luke. Thanks!

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Ebony Ex Girlfriend Naked with BFF

I get a lot of requests for more women of color, but I don’t get that many sent in. Let alone a couple of younger cuties, like these girls, prancing around naked in front of the camera. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t mind being the meat in that sandwich. They both have cute bodies and seem to care what they look like. Plus, I’m thinking they are both open to experimenting with some kinky stuff.

It’s pure coincidence that this submitter is also a “Tyler”, and the girl with her hair down wasn’t really a “girlfriend”, per se (the girl with the pigtails is her best friend). She was more of just a hook-up when Tyler needed to get some. He didn’t mention to what extent his part was in this girl party, but even just being the man behind the camera had to be fun. However, his sex partner wasn’t the sweetheart she was in bed. Out of nowhere one day she started yelling at him, saying he was talking about her behind her back, and calling him an asshole. He didn’t want to disappoint her, so he decided to share these pics with us. Thanks, man!

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