Alt Ex Girlfriend Naked for Self Pics

I couldn’t find any Christmassy pictures for today’s post, so I kind of went the other direction and posted a sexy, little pseudo-goth/emo honey. I do have a little thing for these types of girls, just as long as they’re not covered in tattoos. Lo and behold this inkless babe. However, I prefer them a bit more on the flashy side. Then again, when it comes to a no-strings roll in the hay my standards drop quite a bit. Not that that would matter with this chick, because she looks pretty hot naked.

Although it’s pretty rare, I really like it when women join in our fun here. Tamara submitted these pics of her sexy ‘alternative’ ex girlfriend posing naked at home. She didn’t mention if her ex goes both ways or not, so we can assume they both prefer the company of women. And the fantasy of being one of the first or few men to get inside that is a pretty hot thought. Tamara didn’t go into details about their break-up, but homosexual relationships aren’t any different than hetero relationships from what I understand. So I’m sure Tamara’s ex isn’t much different from the rest of the girls here and what they did to their lovers. Thanks Tamara! And I wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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Very Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude in Mirror

Is this chick a knock-out, or what!? From what I can see, she’s damn near perfect in my opinion - both with clothes on and without. She looks clean and pretty; and she’s sporting a cute, little body that would make any man’s little guy stand at attention. A shot of the caboose would have been nice, but it would make little difference in my opinion about her because she has already won me over.

This is George’s ex girlfriend posing nude for us in the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much info with this series of pics, which is a shame because I really wanted hear that she’s some sort of sexual dynamo that can’t go more than a few hours without getting some. Anything to increase my chances with a shot at her, as slim as my chances already are. She does look like a keeper, but those looks can be very deceiving. Thanks for sharing, George!

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Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Her Goodies

This chick is pretty cute. I’m loving her pretty, little titties. She’s another one tiny enough to easily flip and spin around to a desired position at will, and that’s I quality I appreciate in a girl. She doesn’t seem at all shy about getting naked and spreading her legs for the camera either. And that’s a quality I can appreciate in a sex partner, but I don’t know about in a girlfriend. I guess as long as I’m the only one she has done that for, that would be acceptable. Either way, if this cutie was sending me naked pics, I would have no problem accepting them. :P

This is Jake’s ex girlfriend snapping pics of her naked goodies and he says that she was quite the dirty, little thing. They were together for a while, but the main problem in their relationship was that she couldn’t keep her legs closed for other men. I could see where that might be an issue in any relationship, however it doesn’t surprise me much. Probably since we hear virtually the same story here over and over again. And here I thought women were supposed to be sugar, spice and everything nice. What gives, ladies? Anyway, thanks for sharing, Jake!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

I’m loving this chick’s little body! Although the first couple of pics don’t necessarily scream sex appeal, once her clothes come off there’s no question. I’m diggin’ everything on this spinner; from her perky tits with erect nipples down to her hot, little ass and yummy snatch. Judging by the tan lines, I bet she looks amazing in skimpy bikini. Plus I like how she looks like your average girlfriend in public; but can turn into a naughty, little thang back at the ranch.

Ryan submitted these pictures of his sexy, little ex girlfriend posing nude at home. He says she had quite the sexual appetite. Since she practically lived at his place, where he lived alone, there was a lot of naked time around the apartment. There were times when they would have more sex in one day than he thought was even possible for a man (ah, to be young again). She loved the attention she got from men, though, and he soon discovered that she had given into temptation one more than one occasion. He was a bit a bummed, because he was starting to really like her; and Ryan thought that he drilled all the horniness out of her. With some women, everything is never enough…if that makes sense. Thanks, Ryan!

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Cute Latina Ex Girlfriend Posing Naked

I figured I’d continue down the path of hot girls with less than perfect noses and throw this chick into the mix. Actually, it’s completely coincidental, but why deny a fine little specimen, like this, just because of her schnoz. I mean, this chick has a smoking, all-natural body and she’s sporting a bit of that innocent look - a combination that would make most men ache in the danglers. Yes, it would have been nice if she had given us a gander at her other goodies, but I’m pretty impressed with what we’re getting.

This is Hector’s ex girlfriend from a few years back. He says anything that happened between them in the past was so long ago it barely phases him. However, he had these pics from when they were dating still on his hard drive and join in the fun. Hector remembers that they had a pretty wild sex life. They were both fresh out of school, reckless and horny. There was a lot of room for experimentation and they took advantage. He says there’s no reason to go into details about their break-up. He just wanted to share these naked pics of her, mainly for bragging rights. Thanks, man!

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Ex Girlfriend Nude and Naughty at Home

Oh, I’m diggin’ this chick! She looks pretty damn sexy as the naughty secretary. That’s the type of office work I could get used to. And she doesn’t disappoint once she sheds her clothes, either. She has a great set of boobs and a body that looks like it would be all kinds of soft, jiggly fun. Plus, wouldn’t you rather have her laying in front of your fireplace rather than some bear skin rug, or something?

Liam submitted these sexy pics of his even sexier ex girlfriend being a naughty girl at his place. He says they were together for quite a long time and Liam remained faithful and committed to their relationship. So I’m sure you could imagine his anger and disappointment when he learned that she had been sleeping with another dude behind his back for a month before he found out. It also began a month before Liam dumped her. Probably a good move, Liam. Thanks!

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Ex Girlfriend Bends Over in the Tub

To be honest, I would probably never notice this chick unless she was naked. She’s not really the type of girl that would catch my attention, but it would be a big mistake on my part because she has a cute, little body. I don’t think I have to point out that sweet pooper of hers. If it were me dating her, I think she would find herself stripped and face-down quite a bit. Although, she does have some very cute, little tits. The more that I think about it, if she lost the pseudo-goth look and glammed herself up a bit, she would be damn sexy.

Dino’s ex girlfriend was quiet and shy on the outside, but she really came out of her shell in private, and once she felt comfortable. Get her in public, though, and she would completely clam-up. The difference was almost like night and day. He really thought he had something special; a very horny girl that had no idea how sexy she really was and not outgoing at all with other men. Of course Dino never took into account the persistence of other men that saw the same thing in her as he did. Her insecure nature led her to give-in to aggressive male hands. In other words, she ended up cheating on Dino and he cut her loose shortly after.

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