Cute Ex Girlfriend Nude in Tanning Booth

What a cutie! I wouldn’t go as far as saying that, there is something spectacular about her, but she wouldn’t have a problem getting my attention. Especially when she’s wearing those little short-shorts directing my hand towards her hot, little pooper. Although I AM surprised that a girl with a cute body, like hers, would be tanning in a one-piece bathing suit. Maybe she’s one of those types of girls who’s shy about her body until it’s time for sex, because she’s obviously not too shy in these pics.

Tyler dated his ex girlfriend in the beginning of their college years. She worked at a tanning salon part time and some nights when it was super slow, he would stop by and they would fool around in one of the tanning booths. He says that if people knew some of the things they did in there they would probably never set foot in that place again. Sounds like some wild times to me! She was more of a short-term type of girlfriend, though. Tyler really liked her and had a lot of fun with her, but in the long run he couldn’t see himself getting serious with her. Not a bad notch to carve into the ol’ bedpost, though. Thanks for sharing, Tyler!

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Yup! I put together some more links I thought you guys may like, if you’re into the amateur/homemade stuff. Of course, all the sites listed below are 100% FREE and very similar to what you would find here. So please feel free to check them out when you have the time, or save them for a rainy day. Enjoy!

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Former Girlfriend Showing Off Nude

I’m usually not all that attracted to women as skinny as this chick. I mean, I love curvy hips on girls! It’s important to me that I have something to grab a hold of when I’m steering from the rear - my preferred drivers seat. However, this chick’s body is looking damn good. Plus, there’s something about skinny and/or petite chicks with large, natural boobs that’s hot as hell. I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Matthew had to take a job assignment that required him to be away from home for about six months. While away, he asked her one lazy Sunday to send him some pics of what she was wearing and this is what she sent him. It provided him some temporary “girlfriend material” for relief while he remained faithful to her. Matthew found out a few months after he returned that she wasn’t as willing to wait for his return as she told him. She had spent a few nights with her ex boyfriend during that six months and Matthew felt pretty betrayed by it all. Obviously, she is now his “ex” and for good reason.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Posing in Her Panties

Oh, man! I’m loving this chick’s perky, stand-up titties with the slightly puffy nipples. Unfortunately she’s not showing us much more than that, but from what I can see she has all the required goods and seems to like to show them off. I always wonder what’s going through a woman’s mind when she’s snapping self pics. Lucky for the the web, I’ve never thought about dropping trou and taking pictures of my junk. For one, I don’t want to make any of you guys jealous. :lol:

Schmoogy says his ex girlfriend loved her sex appeal and flaunted it whenever possible. After all, that’s what originally attracted him to her in the first place. So he loved it as well. In fact, Schmoogy believes had she a different upbringing we would be downloading her porn videos instead of looking at her posing topless. She has even voiced this, herself. However, there’s nothing wrong with having your own personal porn star at home; showing off her body at practicing her moves. Evidently their relationship didn’t work out in the long run, but he didn’t care to elaborate. Thanks, Schmoogy!

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Ex Girlfriend Strips Her Clothes at Home

For starters, I must admit that, this chick looks MUCH better with the dark hair. However, once she gets out of her clothes hair color is the last thing I would be thinking about. My hands and mouth would be giving-in to the gravitational pull of those big, firm, all-natural boobs. If that isn’t enough to get one going, she has one of the sweetest looking snatches I’ve seen outside of professional porn.

Aaron submitted these hot pics of his busty ex girlfriend stripping off her clothing, laying back and spreading her legs. He says she was very sexy and all, but she knew exactly what she was working with and used her sex appeal to control him, among other men. In the beginning of their relationship they were having sex all the time, but after the passion settled a bit she would use sex as a tool to get what she wanted out of him. Of course, Aaron didn’t catch on to this for a while, but once he did discover what was going on he dumped her shortly after. Thanks for sharing, Aaron!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude for Self Pics

I’m usually not much of a breast-man. In fact, I actually really like small tits on women. But that doesn’t mean a set of large, natural knockers won’t get my attention. I once dated a girl with a chest like this chick’s, maybe even a bit bigger. I think her most common words to me were, “My eyes are up here”. So breast men, or not, I believe we’re all under the trance of boobies to some degree. This girl is proving why.

Danny says he likes his women with some meat on their bones and he struck gold when he met his ex girlfriend. Not only did she have an incredible body, but she also had a big sexual appetite that he was happy to fulfill. She had a lot of other dudes after her and Danny was feeling pretty good that she chose him. Apparently she only remained exclusive to him in the beginning, because he later discovered that she had been messing around with one of her many admirers. That’s surprising! *sarcasm*

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One Night Stand Lays Naked in Bed

Personally, I wouldn’t put this chick in the “stunner” category, but like with most women, that would deter me very little in my never-ending quest for physical gratification from the opposite sex. I mean, she has a cute body and she’s obviously a very willing participant. That whip cream canister sitting next to her bed tells me she likes to have all kinds of naked fun. So I’m not about to get a little thing like, intense attraction, get in the way of what seems would be a good romp in the sack.

I don’t think Tony would actually consider her an ex girlfriend. He’s a Navy man and she was a port visit somewhere. He doesn’t remember where exactly, or even her first name, but these pics bring back some great memories of that wild night. Here I thought horny port girls were a thing of the last, but apparently I was way off thinking that. He met her at a bar well-known for catering to sailors. By the end of the night he had her naked, on her back with her legs in the air and she was loving every minute of it. Evidently she loved it enough to let a one night stand snap naked photos of her spreading her legs in bed. Nice! Thanks, Tony!

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A Few Good Amateur Sites

Here are some more cool, quality amateur adult sites you will like for finding submitted pictures, movies and links of REAL couples and women, and a bunch more. They’re all totally FREE and most are very similar to what you will or have found here. Hope you enjoy.

I’m aiming to have a new post up before the end of the night.

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