Sexy Ex Girlfriend Enjoys Her New Toy

Damn, this chick is sexy! I’m loving that body. Plus, any woman who enjoys inserting long, hard objects during her private time is just a-okay with me. She doesn’t seem to be much of a decorator, but as long as she concentrates on keeping that bod looking good I can deal with that. I used to know a girl who a vibrator just like this one, but a bit smaller. She would always pull that things out of her purse and tell us how it was her most reliable boyfriend. Of course that would put all kinds of naughty images of her in my head that looked a lot like these pictures.

Ox says his hot ex girlfriend sent him these when she was breaking-in her new toy that he actually bought for her. Evidently she was pretty excited to try it out since she still has her clothes on in the first photo. He says she always wanted one, but never owned a vibrator until he got her one. He was afraid he would get less action since she was satisfying herself, but the exact opposite happened. She became even hornier then she was before, which was quite a bit already. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them in the long run, although he’s happy to have this notch in his belt.

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Nerdy Ex Girlfriend Showing the Goods

At first, I was thinking that this chick just may be a bit too ‘granola’ (hippie-like) for me, but inspecting her further she’s pretty smooth and hairless for a hippie chick. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t notice a girl like her on the street, but when she’s showing us what she’s sporting underneath it all - she now has my full attention. I bet she would be turning heads everywhere if she fixed herself up a bit. I mean, she obviously has the body for it. She’s just a little plain.

Gordy submitted these pics of his very busty ex girlfriend showing off all he best assets. He says that although he had had sex before, she was his first real girlfriend with an on-going sex life and they did a lot of experimentation during their time together. He was under the impression that everything was just fine between them, but then some new guy from her work swooped in and stole her away. Gordy admits that he’s nothing to look at, but he was shocked on how quickly and easily she could end it with him and start a new relation with this other guy. Needless to say, Gordy is not happy about the situation.

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Sexy Asian Ex Girlfriend Topless in Bedroom

Damn- she fine! Not only is she cute as hell, but that body is just dynamite. I mean, that’s a sweet, little pooper she’s got there and I’m loving those natural jugs. If I was dating her it would be a constant battle for me to keep my hands off her. In fact, I would recommend to her that she just might as well stay nude, because I’m just going to be trying to remove her clothing again shortly. Well, maybe just the g-string would be acceptable. ;)

Bob says this sexy chick was more like a ‘fuck buddy’ than a real girlfriend. She actually had a boyfriend when Bob first met her at the local swimming hole. He saw her in a bikini and immediately knew he had to get his hands on those beautiful tits. On their first date, she was having her period, but wanted Bob anyway. So she offered up her third hole and let him drill her in the butt. That’s when he says he knew she was a really special lady (Jackpot!). The rest of that summer they screwed like horny, reckless twenty-somethings do until her boyfriend got wise to her getting it elsewhere. She ended it with Bob after that, but she’s far from out of his mind. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Tied to the Bed

Damn! I love skinny, petite chicks like this! I must admit, one of the down-sides to getting older, in the women department, is that these types of women are fewer and further between. This guy has the right idea, though - he just ties her to the bed; taking a page out of the disturbingly sexy scene in the movie “Spun”. Except this one is face-down and her hot, little ass is driving me crazy. It would have been nice if she had lost the panties for these pics, though.

Adam says his ex girlfriend was a pretty dirty girl. You wouldn’t know it just by knowing her, but when she cornered you in the bedroom it was a completely different story. She was like a horny, wild animal and Adam says their sex life was like living in his own personal porno flick. Judging by only these few pictures, I don’t doubt his story one bit. However, their relationship eventually ran it’s course and they have both since moved on.

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Emo Girlfriend Naked for Self Shots

I have probably mentioned this before, but I really dig the emo look on chicks. Unfortunately they’re just a little out of my age group. We called these chicks ‘punk’ in my day, and more often than not it rarely included glamor of any kind. This particular one seems to be more of a bad girl than glamorous, but that doesn’t mean I’m not finding her sexy. The tattoos are a bit unattractive, and those pelvic tats are totally original (sarcasm intended), but I like her tits; big areolas and all!

Jon says he’s been nailing this chick on-and-off “on the side” for a while now. He didn’t go into details, but I’m guessing that when he said ‘on the side’, he meant that this one is more of a piece of ass and that he probably has a serious girlfriend somewhere. However, Jon did mention that he’s happy to finally have some pics to contribute to the site. Thanks for sharing, Jon!

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Voluptuous Ex Girlfriend Nude and Horny

My gawd! If I had a woman with a body, like this chick’s, I don’t think I would ever let her leave my bed. Those beautiful, natural jugs alone are enough to be proud of this particular notch in the bedpost. And I’m guessing by the size of those thighs that she has an equally thick, but tight ass. Plus, these pictures pretty much lead us to believe that she’s a naughty girl on a somewhat regular basis. Now, if she had a mute button she would be the perfect woman! ;)

Nick submitted these hot pics of his even hotter British ex girlfriend nude and very horny. He says he was instantly attracted to her from the first time he met her, however he had no idea just how lucky was until the first time he got her out of her clothes. He was even happier to discover that she was a very horny girl. The only bad thing about a woman, like that, is that you have a lot of competition. Nick had his work cut out for him, because she always had other men hitting on her. In the end, she gave-in to temptation and he eventually found out that she had been messing around behind his back.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless at Home

Normally, it appears that a girl like this might have just a wee too much meat on her bones for my tastes; but this chick has a cute face and some very nice, natural knockers that look like they would be a lot of fun - hence the term, “funbags”! They look especially good when she’s laying on her back. It’s just unfortunate we don’t get to see the full package.

Edmond says his ex girlfriend sent him these topless pics of herself when she was trying to win him back after being caught cheating on him. Did it work? Well, sort of. He says he ended up sleeping with her a few more times, but emotionally was already done with her. His trust and respect for her was long gone, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying her a few more times. Thanks, Edmond!

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