Ex Girlfriend Playing with Herself

This chick is pretty sexy. I mean, I’m not noticing anything that particularly stands out about her, but there aren’t any disappointments either. Rarely am I disappointed when any beautiful woman is naked, spreading her legs and playing with herself. So maybe that’s not a fair assessment, but you can tell she has a cute shape and all her other goodies seem to check out. Overall, Daddy like. :grin:

This is Rodney’s sexy ex girlfriend playing with herself in bed. He said he loved watching her masturbate to full orgasm, but more often than not, Rodney can’t wait that long. These pics were taken during one of those times. He says she was a real temptress, always teasing him until he couldn’t take it anymore. However, for the most part, their relationship was more on the casual side. It only lasted several months before they went their separate ways.

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Cute Ex Girlfriend Spreads Legs in Bed

What a cutie! She would very much be my type if I were about ten years younger, but still sexy as hell all the same. I don’t know what it is these days, but girls are so willing to show off their nude bodies it’s not even much of a challenge anymore, because they do it for us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s great to be alive during these times. I’m just amazed that beautiful young women, like this chick here, are doing it so often and at their own accord. She doesn’t look a bit shy about it either. Nor should she, because she has a rockin’ little body, great tits and a bright pink snatch that looks like it’s just begging to get worked.

Tim met his ex girlfriend at the local junior college in his town. They had a class together and he ended up in the same study group with her. There was sexual tension between them from the get-go and one night when they were the only two study group members that showed up, they couldn’t take it anymore and finally gave in to those temptations. They dated for about year until she transferred to a university in another state. Tim hokked-up with her one more time when she returned home for a holiday, but she will no longer return his phone calls.

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Showing Her Boobs

I know, I know; she’s not showing off a whole lot, but damn — she fine! I figured she was quality enough to post despite the lack of skin exposed. I like that she’s pretty, but has just a tad of that party girl look about her, which I really dig. Plus I think most of you would agree that she has some very nice, all-natural boobs and a sweet, little ass.

I can’t believe I lost this submission after I saved the photos! I’ve searched everywhere and the only conclusion I can come up with is that I accidentally deleted it. Unfortunately I don’t remember our submitter’s name, but I DO remember the gist of the story he included with these pics of his very hot ex girlfriend. She was a bartender at his favorite watering hole. Eventually he started bringing her home and nailing her, and he seems to be very lucky. Evidently it didn’t work out or she probably wouldn’t be here, but it worked out great for us! Thanks man!

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Buxom Ex Girlfriend Clean and Naked

She might be a bit on the plain side for my tastes, but I’m really diggin’ those jugs. I’m not even much of a boob man, but I would really love my hands to be on them. She’s looking pretty good from the rear, too, which I also wouldn’t mind having my hands on. Plus I just love a woman freshly clean. There’s nothing like a good romp when she’s just out of the shower. It’s all soft skin and yummy holes.

Brett submitted these pics of his buxom ex girlfriend showing off the goods after a good scrub-down. She was actually another ex girlfriend’s roommate at college. Brett split-up with that girl when she transferred to another school and he almost immediately started nailing this one. He had his eye on her the first time he met her, but couldn’t make a move for obvious reasons. She was attracted to him too, so it wasn’t a big stretch for them to end up in bed together and eventually dating. It wasn’t love, though - it was pure lust. When they weren’t screwing they were arguing. So the relationship didn’t last very long.

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Ex Girlfriend Posing for Naughty Photos

Damn, this chick is sexy! One of the things i really like about her is that she looks VERY similar to this girl I was trying to take out on a date for years. She wouldn’t give me the time of day, so I did the next best thing — I nailed her sister, and she definitely gave me a lot more than the time of day. She had a nice body, but not like this one. I usually find the perfectly sculpted bodies uninteresting, but there’s something about this chick where I’m diggin’ hers. It’s shame we don’t get to see a lot more of it.

Dez said his ex girlfriend was definitely high-maintenance, but he loved maintaining her. In fact, he even bought that rack for her; and a car as well as many other things. It didn’t go unnoticed, though. She never left him unsatisfied, so the relationship worked out well for a while. Sounds like your average relationship to me; you open your wallet and she opens her legs. Tit for tat. Thanks, Dez!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Showing Off Nude

This chick is a little cutie! And she looks like she would be a lot of fun. In my experiences, girls who like to show off their bodies and/or expose themselves in public are usually fairly easy to get naked in private. And we all know that getting a girl out of her clothes is over half the battle. It appears this girl does all that for you and that’s just a grand quality in woman. :grin:

Eric snapped these pics of his ex girlfriend over what I believe is a few years. They were actually more like sex partners than boyfriend/girlfriend, but then she would start pressuring him for more. When he finally began to give-in to her seductive ways he said she would do something really stupid to mess everything up. Her mind games would always end-up as trouble for Eric (Girls play mind games? Shocker!). He had a hard time cutting her loose because she was always a sure thing, plus he claims she had some mad oral skills. I’ve been there, my friend. Thanks for sharing!

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Naked Ex Girlfriend Bends Over in Bed

Personally, I’m only finding this chick mildly attractive in the face, but that body? Day-yum! I’m loving her perky tits and erect nipples, and she has the type of ass you can really grab a hold of, but she has a couples of yummy holes that I believe just made me leave a hot mess in my shorts. As I’m sure you have noticed, our submitter’s dick kind of ruins the last shot, but I’m trying to block that part out.

Sergey submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend getting naked and bending over onto all fours in front of the camera. He didn’t leave us with any real back story on her, but I’m fairly certain I know what happened immediately after Sergey snapped these pictures. I don’t know if I would have the patience to stop and take photos. I would be tackling her into bed as soon as those lovely tits came out. Thanks Sergey!

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