Petite Ex Girlfriend Horny and Nude

Personally, I’m only mildly attracted to her in the face, but wow! - what a great, little body! Both her perky, natural boobs and her hot, little ass are the perfect handful(s). Plus she appears petite enough where she could easily be tossed around and flipped over in the throws of passion. Even better, she seems like she would be the type of girl to be a willing participant.

Hans says that his 18 year old ex girlfriend was all about showing off her sexy, little bod. She loved the attention she got from men. He believes that if she were a bit braver she would be stripping or doing porn. She was also pretty sexually adventurous and had a thing for doing it in public places. Their relationship only lasted several months, but that’s how Hans likes to keep things; short and sweet. And so far, she was the sweetest of them all. Thanks, man!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Nude at Home

Yowza! Check out the headlights on this babe! She has a very nice, all-natural rack; as well as, some great nipples. I like the fact that she seems to be in fairly high spirits about her nudity. It’s so much better to be with a woman who is not afraid of you seeing her in the nude. For one thing, the sex life is much better. Unfortunately, most women are pretty shy about their bodies. Obviously, this chick has absolutely nothing to be shy about. Besides maybe a little trim of the hedges, I think she’s ranking pretty high on the Hottie Meter.

George says his ex girlfriend was actually a pretty wild one. In the company of others she played it off like she was this naive, innocent young lady. When she and George were alone she was much different - but in a good way. They had a really good relationship until a new, male “friend” entered the picture. She and this guy wre always hanging out, and despite that she kept reassuring George that they were “only friends”, he knew what the outcome would be. And he was right. She ended up leaving George for him. Why women think friendly men are interested in anything more than a piece of ass is beyond me. Thanks for sharing, George!

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Current Girlfriend Getting Naked In Bed

This chick really isn’t the type I go for, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hop in the sack with her given the opportunity. She does have a bit of a hard look in her face, in my opinion, but that body looks like it would be a fun ride. And going by what our submitter claims, she enjoys spending a lot of time naked in that very bed.

Dominic submitted these pictures of his current girlfriend getting naked in bed. He says she’s a very dirty girl that sleeps around with as many men as possible; with his encouragement of course. He even asked if anyone wanted a shot at her, although he didn’t provide any contact info. So I’m not sure if that was a serious invitation or not. I’m sure she has no shortage of takers. Thanks, Dominic!

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Pretty Emo Ex Girlfriend Posing Topless

My gawd! Is she a cutie, or what!? I admit it, I’m digging the whole ‘emo’ look on girls these days. They were called ‘punk’ in my day and weren’t as nearly gorgeous as they are now. I don’t think this chick would have any problems attracting the opposite (or ’same’) sex no matter what her style was. I mean, she has a gorgeous face and what appears to be a great, little body. Those perky tits are fantastic and I love it when chicks wear thigh high stockings. It would have been nice to see the rest of her, but that doesn’t make her any less gorgeous.

Ben met this pretty ex girlfriend of his while attending art school. He said it was her wild hair and big, beautiful eyes that first caught his attention. All the guys were after her, but Ben brags that he was the one who got her. He didn’t go into further details, or what led to their demise, but I can imagine that he had a lot of competition. Thanks for sharing, Ben!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Getting Some Action

I just love a woman’s sex face, or more commonly referred to as her “O-face”. Especially when she’s as cute as this girl! She’s got some beautiful, perky, pointy tits and what looks to be a tight, little ass. Plus you have got to love a girl who takes control on top and grinds her hips for her own pleasure.

Beau says his ex girlfriend would try to act all shy and/or grossed-out when it came to certain sex acts, but her actions didn’t lie. She loved every minute of it, as you can see here; as did Beau. As you probably have already guessed, things didn’t work out for them in the long run. They both began to lose interest in each other while gaining interest in others. Beau was actually lucky enough to hook up with her a couple times after they broke-up striclt for sexual gratification. Good job, Beau!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Off Her Nude Body

Well, isn’t this chick a little cutie!? Especially that tight, yummy ass. I like small tits, so there is no problem there for me. I think part of her allure, besides the obvious, is that she reminds me of Julia Bond before she went plastic. Hopefully this girl doesn’t make that same mistake, because she looks hot just the way she is now. Although Eeyore keeps distracting me for some reason. Damn you, Eeyore!

Tag submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing nude and showing off her body in bed. He says she wasn’t really the wild, sock-to-me type of girl, but more of a slow grind gal. She enjoyed a lot of teasing and playing before the big bang, so to speak. Tag says she was actually a pretty good girlfriend while things were going well, but after about a year together the relationship began to run it’s course. It was obvious they were losing interest in each other and he even suspected that she had already began seeing other people on the side. So Tag ended it. Thanks for sharing, man!

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Horny Ex Fiance Speading on the Sofa

This chick ain’t too shabby at all! I usually prefer a smaller waist on women of her proportion, but she carries it well. I’m loving her perky, pointy tits and I’m betting she has a dynamite ass. Unfortunately, no ass shots, but we get a peek of everything else. This is one of those rare occurrences when the girl is smiling as she proudly poses naked, too!

Bob and his ex fiance actually dated for a few years before they got engaged. Their engagement was short-lived though. They figured they probably shouldn’t get hitched since they were both cheating on each other. These pics were actually taken AFTER they broke-up. The commitment part of their relationship was over, but not the sexual part. Bob said she always made herself available when sex was involved. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me - a woman who knows how to work your unit with no strings attached. Beautiful!

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