Short-Haired Ex Girlfriend Naked at Home

I’m not a big fan of short hair on women, but other than that I’m thinking this chick is pretty cute. I have this gorgeous neighbor who is also a model. She had this long brown hair she used to tease-up in what my buddies & I used to call, “stripper hair”. She had to cut it all off, as short as this chick’s, for a photo shoot. Ugh. She went from gorgeous to kind of cute. I suppose I could get past the hair for a couple-three nights, though. The rest is looking good to me! She has a decent body and I think she looks yummy as hell in picture #4.

Bob and his ex girlfriend met while they were both attending college. The sexual tension between them strong from the get-go, but they both held back because of other relationships. Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore and more-or-less became attached at the genitals for about a year straight; screwing every chance they had. This led to them becoming more and more experimental, and they even brought home an extra fella one drunken night so she could have two men at once. Apparently this broke the flood gates and she thought this was a green light to an open relationship, unbeknown to Bob. he happened to walk in her one day while she sandwhiched between three dudes. Needless to say, he was done with her after that. Thanks Bob!

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Average Ex Girlfriend Masturbates in Bed

This chick really isn’t the type of girl I would be inclined to go after, but there’s a certain something about her that I also find very attractive. Is it her glasses and average looks? Her milky-white skin? Her round, firm boobs; or the fact that she’s spread-eagle on the bed masturbating? Probably all of the above, but whatever it is I would happily join her for a roll between the sheets.

Mickey met his ex girlfriend the summer after his first year in college. They were both working at one of the local fast food joints for the summer. he says she was very flirty with him, so he figured he would close the deal. It turned out he kind of liked her and it became a regularly thing for them. Mickey said they tried to keep the relationship going when the summer was over and he went back to school. It didn’t work out too well, though. Apparently she found another fast food stud to keep her company. Thanks for sharing her with us, man!

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Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Lips in Bed

I’m not sure if this chick is Indian or perhaps Middle Eastern, but I believe this is the first time we have had a woman from that ethnic group on this site. Over 2,000 posts on this site I sometimes lose track, so don’t hold me to that. Either way, she’s looking pretty damn good to me! I’m not much into piercings, but at the same time I’ve always been a sucker for pierced nipples. However, the stand-out attributes on this chick are obviously that beautiful bright-pink puss and that scrumptious, little pooper. I would readily fill any of those given the opportunity.

This is DarkHorse’s ex girlfriend and most of these nude pics of her were shot at different times. It’s good know that she’s consistently horny. They were together for quite a while and even had serious discussions involving marriage, but things didn’t work out that way. That’s where DarkHorse ended their back story. He says that he shouldn’t have to point out what a naughty, little firecracker she was in the sack. The pictures speak for themselves.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

I’m really diggin’ this little chick. Not only is she adorable, but she kind of reminds me of Mila Kunis which makes me even happier in the pants. Especially in picture #2. Just give her some blue eyes and we have a dead ringer for Kelso’s girlfriend! But this one we get to see in the nude and I’m loving her body. As I’ve stated many times, I have a weakness for those petite bodies with small tits and she has all the right equipment in my book.

Ethan submitted these pics of his cute, 19 year old ex girlfriend posing nude for some self pics she snapped in her bedroom. She was in his hometown while he was far away at school. So they would try to keep things as spicy as possible when they were apart. Unfortunately, like many stories here that begin like this, it ends the same too. Apparently, Ethan’s ex got lonely while he was away. He would be more upset if he wasn’t screwing around, as well, but she was doing it with one of his buddies, so she wins the “bad guy” award.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked in Dorm Room

This chick is a real cutie and I think she’s pretty damn sexy in her own right. In fact, I bet if she glammed herself up a bit she would be a real knockout. Actually, all she has to do is remove her clothes and she’ll be just fine the way she is. Plus she looks like the type of girl who would be open for sexual experimentation. I mean, it’s college and everyone experiments in college, right?

This is Eddie’s ex girlfriend from college if you hadn’t guessed that already. He said they were pretty serious and were dating throughout most of their college years, but apparently couldn’t keep together after graduation. Eddie didn’t mention why they split-up, but I’m sure we can all take take a guess and be close to accurate. Thanks for sharing, Eddie!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Taking Nude Self Pics

This one really isn’t my type, although I’m sure she turns some heads. I mean, she has a pretty face and what appears to be a cute body. The problem with self pics is that we rarely get any good angles, but you have to appreciate their/her effort. More importantly she’s nude on her own accord and she’s making sure her naughty side will be seen by at least one person, or in this case, probably many more.

Marshal says his ex girlfriend sent him these nude pics in an attempt to get him back after he had dumped her. He thought they had a fairly intense relationship, but all that went out the window when Marshal discovered she had been messing around with another dude behind his back. He broke it off right away, but she was trying to get back on his good side anyway she could. He eventually took her back , but only for her to get caught cheating on him again with a different guy. Yikes! Good thing you got out when you did, Marshal!

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Ex Girlfriend Strips Nude and Spreads

This chick looks really cute in the first picture; a pretty smile and her nice, natural boobs hanging. Unfortunately she doesn’t display the expression throughout the rest of the pics, but on the bright side she has a great body and looks pretty sexy in the nude. She has a very nice set of all-natural knockers and that glistening pussy of hers is absolutely delectable.

Lou submitted these pics of his cute ex girlfriend getting nude and spreading her legs for us. He says that she wasn’t the type of woman who was hard to get into bed, but there was something about her that he really liked and he pursued a relationship with her, anyway. They were already sleeping together, but Lou wanted to make it official and exclusive. He says it was a huge mistake, because he just set himself up for months of aggravation and frustration with her. She clearly was not 100% on-board with the exclusivity of their relationship and continued her lifestyle with other men on the side. Needless to say, Lou couldn’t stick around for that and cut her loose. Thanks, Lou!

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