Skinny Ex Girlfriend Spreads Her Legs in Bed

She looks pretty damn sexy with those glasses on. Of course, I’m sure the nudity has something to do with that, but still she would definitely grab my attention with her clothes on. And I would be even happier getting her naked; because that skinny, little body is fine. I love her tiny, perky titties and that tight, round butt is looking scrum-diddly-umptious! She could use a little trimming around the holes, but that’s an easy upgrade.

BigMack submitted these pics of his little ex girlfriend spreading her legs in bed. He says she was actually a fairly conservative girl until they got between the sheets. You would never know just how sexual she really was, unless you were lucky enough to nail her. BigMack wasn’t expecting her sexual aggressiveness at all. Normally, he admits that he would probably be pretty intimidated by girl, like that, and more than likely would have never approached her if he knew that about her before hand. He’s glad he did, though. Unfortunately, she moved-on, but BigMack didn’t say why. Thanks, man!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Snaps Nude Self Pics

Wow! What a great body! Especially that beautiful, natural rack of hers. Evidently, she knows just how great her boobs are, too. All the pics that she’s taking of herself are focusing on her tits. Leave it to the guy to spread her legs and start snapping pics of her pussy! Obviously she’s fairly proud of that too, as she should be. I know I would be diving right in!

Dan submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend from a couple years ago. He says she was very proud of her body and it was no problem getting her naked. Not only that, but she was quite the dirty girl. He says she really got-off when he inserted his fist into her, but oral sex was her favorite. They had plenty of time for sexual experimentation during their four year relationship. However, she began to get really controlling. She wanted the world from Dan and total dedication. She eventually had enough and dumped him, then moved away. Thanks for sharing, Dan!

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

This chick definitely has a cuteness about her. She wouldn’t fall into the ‘pretty’ category; but that sexy, little body also boosts her up a few notches. I just wish we got to see her completely nude, without the lingerie. Personally, lingerie doesn’t do much for me. How I see it is, it’s going to be coming right back off, so why bother even putting it on? However, if it’s something that’s going to put a woman in the mood, she can dress like Godzilla for all I care.

Geoff had a relationship going with his ex girlfriend for about two years, or so. She even was a live-in girlfriend for a time. It was when she moved out that he knew things were really on the rocks. She was already being distant and picking arguments with him, but he never suspected she would be messing around with someone else. Of course, Geoff didn’t get wise to that until she dumped him. According to him, she left suspecting the grass will be greener on the other side. Most of us know that that’s rarely the case.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Naked in Hallway

Another semi-hottie with a dynamite, little body. If you’ve already looked at the pics I’m sure you know that I don’t mean that in a bad way, either. She has a great, all-natural rack; a soft, round ass and a yummy, pink slit that looks primed for poke. I’ve always been a much bigger fan of soft body babes, as opposed to hard bodies, as long as they still take care of themselves. I don’t know how many heads this one is turning with her clothes on. She does have sexy lips and is definitely cute. But if I were lucky enough to get her naked she would be able to get away with a whole lot, with me.

Henry met his ex girlfriend one summer at the local public pool. She walked by him in this skimpy bikini and he just had to go talk to her. Although Henry tried just about everything to get in her pants from the get-go, she surprisingly wouldn’t give it up right away. But once she did, it was like the dam burst. All her sexual self-control disappeared with Henry. He didn’t include why they broke-up, but I would think she would have to do something pretty bad to let her go. Unless, of course, she was the one who ended it. Thanks for sharing, Henry!

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Ex Girlfriend Getting Nude on Sofa

Oh, my, my, my…what a sexy, little bod! I’m not sure I’m all that attracted to her in the face, but when a girl looks this dynamite in the nude - who cares? Those perky, pierced tits are enough to keep me busy for quite a while, but once she hikes that dress up I wouldn’t be coming up for air for quite a while. Actually, I’m not really finding anything I don’t like on this chick. Especially when she’s in that ass-up /face-down position. Yummy! :P

Marcelo submitted these pics of his sexy, little ex girlfriend getting nude on his sofa. They had a relatively short, but sex-filled relationship. He said it was instant attraction between them that quickly turned into unadulterated lust. I can’t say I blame him, either. My ‘other’ head would be definitely making the decisions for me on this one. However, she started to become attached and Marcelo wasn’t having that. He ended it before it got too intense. Thanks, man!

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Skinny Ex Girlfriend Returns for Close-Ups

I almost completely forgot about this chick! Even after someone sent me an email reminding me. I’m not sure how, because she’s definitely not easy to forget. I’m sure a lot of you remember her from the first time, about a month ago. We got a really good look at her, but it’s time for some closer inspection. I was pretty impressed her first time around, but she’s even better than I remembered. Those are some lips I wouldn’t mind wrapping my lips around. ;)

There’s really no story to add, here. It’s Marco’s ex girlfriend and she loved to pose nude. Who can blame her? She has a beautiful, little body and if she likes attention from drooling men who would gnaw-off a limb just for a shot at her, she’s getting it from me. Well done, Marco!

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Busty Ex Girlfriend Naked for Self Shots

They’re not the highest quality images, but the even the first two pics were enough to sell me on posting her. That body looks incredible in those tight-fitting clothes. If she’s dressed, like that, I’m sure she’s turning heads wherever she goes. From what we can see, she doesn’t disappoint when the clothes come off, either. I’m always a fan of natural tits and it looks like she has the type of curvy hips you could really grab a hold of.

Chris met his ex girlfriend when the carnival came to town. I used to love picking-up girls at those things when I was younger! When he met her, his method of operation was to get her to go for a ride on the ferris wheel together. While being intimate and alone, he could then put the moves on her. It wasn’t all that hard, either. She was showing him her big, natural, bare boobies by the time to got to the top. he didn’t close the deal that night, but it wasn’t much longer after that. Chris didn’t mention why they broke-up, but claims that she has since gone black and has never come back. Maybe that saying IS true, after all!? Thanks for sharing, Chris!

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