Naughty Ex Wife Masturbates in Bed

Although this chick doesn’t resemble the soft, demure girl I usually prefer; she’s still a woman I would happily join in that bed given the chance. She probably wouldn’t catch my eye if I passed her on the street, unless she was wearing that bikini. However, seeing her completely naked changes everything. As far as I’m concerned, she’s looking pretty sexy from every angle, but I’m especially diggin’ the view when she’s on her stomach.

Ryan says that he and his ex wife only dated a short time before they decided to get hitched. In hindsight, it was a huge mistake. Almost as quickly as they rushed into their marriage, they were getting divorced. Ryan didn’t care to get any deeper into the story than that. So I’m assuming that things didn’t end pretty between them. I can see why he wanted to lay claim to that little pooper, though. Thanks Ryan!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Undressing at Home

This chick is kind of cute. I wasn’t 100% sure at first, but the more I look at her the more I’m diggin’ her. I don’t think you need me to point this out for you, but she has an amazing, all-natural rack. Actually, she has a pretty cute figure, overall. I’m juts slightly disappointed that we don’t get at least one ass shot. Personally, I need to see all the curves before I can make that superficial judgment. ;)

Pasqual says he had a short, but hot romance with his ex girlfriend. He was only in town for several months and was sure to let her know before they became involved. She seemed to be cool with it and they were wrapped up in a steamy, mainly physical relationship. Pasqual said those few month were bliss, but when it was coming closer for his time to go back home, which was quite a distance, she started to become very difficult. Needless to say, their break-up was not taken lightly by her and it took Pasqual a while to finally shake her for good. I don’t know if these pics are the best way to keep her off your back, but I’m not judging. Thanks!

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Adorable Girlfriend Posing for Self Shots

Day-yum! What a knock-out! Not really seeing any physical flaws on this chick, either. From her pretty face to that gorgeous body, and everything in between. Her tits are perky, her ass is round and it appears her holes are taken care of quite well. I like how she comes with a date stamp, too! Obviously these are some very fresh pics; something we rarely see here.

This is Andy’s current girlfriend showing-off her beautiful, nude bod. He says he wanted to see what you guys think of her, and I think he wants to rub it in our faces a bit, too. I know I would! Andy also said that he didn’t want to share her sexual habits, because he must “keep some things private”. Or perhaps he’s saving that for when they break-up. I’m just glad he chose to share these pics with us! Thanks, Andy!

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Ex Girlfriend Shows Her Smooth Holes

Not a great shot of her face, but she’s looking dynamite from the rear. I’ve always had a little thing for women sticking out their cute asses. Maybe it’s just me, but a woman could rule my world if she was just constantly backing into me with her naked, little ass. Sticking her ass out and grabbing the wall in front of her would just make it all the better. As I’m sure you have already noticed, this is another one whom obviously takes very good care of her nether regions. I wouldn’t see a problem with my tongue slipping into any one of those yummy openings.

Dave submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend showing us her goodies. He really didn’t include a story to go along with them, but judging by the email address he used, this submission is about some sort of revenge. One thing we do know is, either Dave or his ex is very proud of her pristine holes, as they should be. However, I always find it suspicious when a woman keeps her tits covered for a naughty photo shoot. Thanks for sharing, Dave!

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Plain Ex Girlfriend Naked in the Mirror

Ok, so she’s not the most glamorous girl in the world. She does have a decent body and I bet if she fixed herself up a bit, perhaps change the hairstyle, she would be pretty sexy. One of the things I like about this chick is that she really doesn’t seem to be the sexual, crotch-exposing type. I love when we get to see into these types of girls’ private, inner-slut. It’s one thing to see a naked girl who takes her clothes off all the time, but when the girl doesn’t seem to be the type, it’s much hotter, in my opinion.

Scott didn’t have a lot of good things to say about his ex girlfriend. Actually, he didn’t have ANY good things to say about her. He just called her a few nasty names and said that she ended-up cheating on him with not one, but two different guys. I’m not sure if Scott meant that she cheated in him with two guys at the same time, or on separate occasions. I guess it really doesn’t make it easier to take for a boyfriend, no matter how she did it.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Undresses in Bed

Wow! What a gorgeous body on this babe! A cute and slender figure; perky, pointy tits; an ass that just don’t quit and a couple of snug holes that she obviously takes very good care of. When it comes to naked girls, what more could you ask for, really? If she really is a dancer, as her bag hanging on the wall suggests, that would explain the great shapes she’s showing and the slim bod. Almost all dancers have phenomenal bodies. However, I don’t know how many of them keep their pussy that manicured. That’s no spur-of-the-moment shave job riddled with ingrown hairs. She obviously keeps it like that regularly for it to remain so nice looking now. Of course, these few pics on this page are just a teaser. It only gets better once you click-thru to the full gallery.

Anibal had the pleasure of nailing this sexy thang of Guatemalan decent. He says his ex girlfriend was a very sexual girl and a total freak between the sheets. Unfortunately, he didn’t go into details on just how freaky is “freaky”. I’m sure we can get a fairly good idea just from these pics, though. Now, Anibal claims that she just used him for sex, then dumped him after she got her thrills. Personally, I find that a little hard to believe, but perhaps he is the stud that women just have got to get a piece of. Either way, i’m glad he shared these pics with us. Thanks, man!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend in Bed Spreading

I’m thinking this chick is pretty cute. I don’t think she would be stopping traffic, but I’m sure she turns some heads. Average and cute. Nothing particularly stands out about her, however I would happily join her in the sack. She just might be a bit hairy for me to wrap my lips around hers, but at least she has some control over it.

Spook submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend from a few years ago spreading her legs in bed. he said he snapped these pictures on some special night they were celebrating, but he can’t remember what the occasion was. She was a real sweetheart until you got on her bad side. Then she becomes Satan incarnate. You would never know it by looking at her, but she can be as mean as they come. That’s why he has no problem exposing her to the Net. Thanks, Spook!

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