Busty Ex Girlfriend Nude in Bedroom

Whoa! What a cutie! A great rack, too! She has the type of breasts where it’s tough to tell if they are real or fake. She’s young enough where she could easily have a nice, firm set of jugs; she’s also old enough to be sporting silicone…or saline, or whatever the hell women pump their tits with these days. My point is, your guess is as good as mine. They look great no matter what and very proportionate to her frame. The rest of her ain’t too shabby, either. It would have been nice to get a look at the rest of her goodies, but I’m not complaining. :D

This is Jonathan’s 18 year old ex girlfriend posing nude in her bedroom. He says he actually has a bunch of nude pics of her from when they were dating. She loved to be a tease and and loved the attention, so she sent him pics all the time. These are just handful of some of the more tame poses. he can’t stand her anymore, but he didn’t want to expose her that much. Fair enough, I guess. We’re just happy you shared the ones you did! Thanks, Jonathan!

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Thicker Ex Girlfriend Naked and Spreading

I’m thinking this chick might be a bit on the thick side for my personal tastes. Then again, given the opportunity of a no-strings-attached romp in the sack, I wouldn’t be turning her down. I mean, it looks like she keeps that snatch nice and groomed; she has a nice figure and those all-natural knockers that a man would never get bored with. I dated a girl about this size once. She had a beautiful face and a great personality, but I just wasn’t feeling it in the bedroom.

Martin submitted these naked pics of his thick and busty ex girlfriend posing at home. He grew up in a college town and he met her while she was attending school there. He says she was actually kind of a nerdy girl, except when it came to sex. It was like she became a different woman when the clothes came off - a woman he liked even more. But after she graduated, Martin was under the impression that they were going to continue the relationship. Apparently she had a change in plans because, she abruptly ended things and cut-off all communication with him.

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Nude Self Shots of Cute Ex Fiance

Not the highest quality pics, but she looks pretty damn cute! Evidently she’s very proud of her piercings. She could lose the nose and lips rings; other than that I don’t mind the piercings. I love pierced nipples on women, but it’s when they overdo it that I don’t like. This one looks like she has a great, little body on her so it’s not like she needs to decorate it.

Jim, from Illinois, was engaged to this little cutie. When they were dating, he says that she was always on his case about marriage and having kids. They were together for quite a while already, so Jim decided to pop the question and she readily accepted. However, he discovered that she had cheated on him a total of four times (that he knows about)! To add insult to injury, only two months into their engagement she left Jim for some flunkie, burger-flipper. To make matters even worse, she’s now sleeping with one of Jim’s co-workers. Ouch! Talk about a nightmare! Jim also was sure to include that she has already slept with over 40 men, which seems like an awful lot for a girl at her age.

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Gorgeous Ex Girlfriend Lays Nude in Bed

My, oh my…what a gorgeous woman! I take back everything I ever said about how I prefer the more petite, flat-chested girls. Now, this is what I’m talkin’ about! As far as I can tell this one has got it all; a scrumptious ass, a cute figure and some beautiful boobies that just do not quit. Plus she can pull-off the no smiling look and still look like she wants to eat you alive. And for the first time in my life I’m kind of wishing I was a big, furry teddy bear.

Serge says his ex girlfriend knew exactly just how hot she was and she was just as proud to flaunt it. She didn’t give it up to just any guy that would have her, though. She was actually pretty selective and Serge was one of the lucky ones. They had a fairly intense relationship for quite some time, but he says something changed about her. She began to act as if she was doing him a favor by dating him. Serge wasn’t having that and everything else about their relationship began to go south from there. Obviously it didn’t end on a good note, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be drooling over her right now. Thanks, man!

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Removes Her Lingerie

This chick looks like she’s a real wild one. Not the type you would bring home to meet mom, but definitely the type you would want to bring home. And once she freed those perky, natural tits I would know I was in for some good times. Judging by these pics, it appears she keeps those holes regularly smooth, too. I know some of you prefer grass on the playing field, but personally I don’t like hair in my mouth.

Danny says his ex girlfriend was definitely one of the wild ones. She loved to party, but loved a good roll in the hay even more. So that was pretty much their whole relationship; partying and sex - which sounds pretty damn good to me! No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t have a healthy relationship, though. In between the goods times it was intense arguing and eventually Danny had enough.

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Petite Ex Girlfriend Nude and Spreading

It’s tough to get a good look at this chick’s face in these pictures, but I’m loving that petite, little body of hers. She definitely possesses all the physical qualities I like in a woman; the perky, little tits; the tight, tiny ass and snatch that looks like it would be tough to work it in. In pic #6 she kind of reminds me of Jenna Haze. Just the idea of a nude Jenna, or even a look-a-like, and some fun in that big tub built for sex is enough to send my fantasies into overdrive. Well, maybe not “overdrive”, but the wheels are spinning for sure.

John submitted these pics of his skinny and petite ex girlfriend. He actually included a few other pics, but unfortunately they were too small and of low quality so I couldn’t post them. However, they did show that John’s ex likes the ladies just as much as men. I used to know this girl a few years back who loved messing around with multiple women. Her lucky-ass boyfriend got to join in the fun every time. The guy was a real asshole, too. This just made me hate him even more. John really didn’t share a story with us, but I bet he had a hell of a time with this one before they split! Thanks for sharing, man!

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Using Her Fingers

I love the tight t-shirt/no bra look! It doesn’t matter what size the woman’s boobs are, it looks hot as hell in my opinion. I must admit, though; watching some big, all-natural titties bounce around freely is quite the sight. I used to know this chick who had these HUGE natural boobs and she never wore a bra around her apartment. Watching her walk by was absolutely mesmerizing. Those things were going wild and all over the place! This chick’s fun bags aren’t quite as big, but they look like just as much fun. Not only that, but that smooth pussy of hers looks very accommodating. ;)

JerseyMike was the lucky man nailing this Cancun Cutie. They started out as acquaintances and hung around the same cliques. One drunken night brought them closer together and into the same bed. They started dating by default after that and he slowly began falling for her. He said he should have known better by the ease he got her into the sack that it wouldn’t last. It wasn’t long before she was getting close to another guy or two within their own circle of friends. I’ve known a few of those types of girls, who bounce from guy to guy that are all buddies. Thanks JerseyMike!

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