Skinny Ex Girlfriend Naked on the Sofa

There’s no doubt that this chick is shag-worthy, but I don’t think she would fit into the normal stereotype of women I would actively pursue. Although she’s a bit on the skinny side, she’s got all the right equipment; a cute, little body and some small, natural tits that suit her well. I’m especially digging her nipples! Those look like some all-night suckers. Her tattoos seem like something a porn star would have, but if it’s just a roll in the hay with her that’s a good quality in a woman. ;)

Hans says his ex girlfriend really liked to show-off. She kind of had a “look at me” type of personality about her; provocative and somewhat glamorous. She was a turn-on just to look at, for Hans. He was working on her for a while before she finally came around and let him into her panties. They started dating seriously, but the honeymoon didn’t last long before she became completely high-maintenance and demanding. It wasn’t much longer before Hans high-tailed it out of that relationship. He saved these naked pics of her to remember what a hot piece of ass she was.

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Horny Ex Girlfriend Assumes the Position

I’m an ass-man, so I love when we get in pics where the focus is on the girl’s beautiful, round hiney. I wouldn’t say this chick has the perfect ass, but it looks damn good proudly sticking-up in the air, like that. It appears she keeps those holes smooth and clean, too, which is always a treat for me, personally. It would have been nice to get another view of her natural, jiggly jugs; but overall I would definitely be interested in a little romp in the sack if the opportunity were to come up.

Jack submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend assuming the position. He didn’t have a story to share with us, but he did mention that he believes her ass is hot enough to share with the world. By the way she’s showing it off she just might think so, too. Luckily for her, we are all willing to be the judge. :lol: Thanks, Jack!

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Former Girlfriend Shows-Off Her Shave Job

You have got to love a woman not afraid to spread her legs wide open and let you get up-close and personal with her crotch. There could be a lot of negatives to a woman, like that, too; but when there’s snatch in my face I tend not to think too far into the future. My concentration would be on the task at hand. Any future with this girl would not be thought of until after I laid the pipe.

These pics are of Jorge’s ex girlfriend showing-off her fresh shave job. He says she always took good care of her pubic patch, but this is the first time she went completely bald at Jorge’s urging. Judging by some of the angles of these pics, I’m thinking Jorge was pleased with the outcome. He didn’t go into details, but he did say that they broke-up just because it wasn’t working out between them. I’ve had many of those types of relationships!

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Ex Girlfriend Nude and Spreading Her Legs

Damn, this chick has a sexy body. A hot, little ass; small, perky tits and a sweet snatch that looks rather snug from this angle. In fact, if it wasn’t for that bod I’m thinking she might not be all that attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s pretty damn smoking, but she’s one of them types of girls where they need the overall package to maintain their level of hotness. Kind of like, Jennifer Aniston; she’s gorgeous, yet she might just be average if it wasn’t for that beautiful, little bod of hers.

Maximus dated his ex girlfriend on-and-off for a couple of years. He knows now that it was strictly lust and very little love involved, but every time they would break-up, they would migrate right back into each other’s arms within a couple month time period. They would have crazy make-up sex for a few weeks, then they would start hating each other again until they broke-up, and it would start all over again. I can see why she would be a tough one to stay away from, Maximus! Thanks for sharing!

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Pretty Ex Girlfriend Posing for Self Pics

Wow! What a beautiful face on this girl! And from what we can see, I would say she has an equally beautiful body. Of course, I wish these were better shots. Rarely do girls know what kind of positions and shots men like to see, but at least she included all the goodies. As I’m sure you have already noticed we only really get a side-shot of her boobs; but that scrumptious, round ass makes up for the lack of breasteses.

Ralph submitted these pics of his very pretty ex girlfriend posing naked for some self shots. He didn’t include and story or background about her or their relationship. But what we do know from these pics alone is; she has a face (and ass) that could stop traffic, she obviously takes good care of her body and she really enjoys showing it off. All that tells me that she’s also a very sexual girl and not shy about making that known. She sounds and looks like a keeper to me! Then again, her personalty could be completely opposite for all we know. Thanks for sharing her with us, Ralph!

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Adorable Ex Girlfriend Posing in Panties

Ok, so she’s not showing-off a whole lot of skin, but I’m sure most of you would agree that she looks damn cute. I’m loving the boots and panties ensemble; but I think it’s her perky, little tits and side-ponytail that push her into the adorable-yet-sexy category. It’s truly a shame we don’t get to see the rest of the goods, because I’m sure she’s even more scrumptious completely nude — with her little legs in the air.

This is Brett’s ex girlfriend posing topless and modeling some new panties. They met at a bar. She was a college student in his hometown and he was considered a “townie” by the student body. For the most part, he says she was a real sweetheart as well as a real firecracker in the sack. She went back home for the summer and never returned. All the while she was telling Brett she would be back, she apparently was planning on transferring to another school, in another city and state, all along. He felt a little betrayed, but there wasn’t too much he could do about it since she was so far away and unwilling to speak about it.

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Sexy Ex Girlfriend Allowing Easy Access

I don’t think there will be many denying that this chick has a smoking body, not to mention she’s posing in just about all my favorite positions. I would just need one more picture with her mouth open to have a complete set. She doesn’t seem a bit shy about being naked or spreading her legs, either. That could be a good quality if you’re looking for just a wham-bam-thank-ya-mam type of a relationship. On the other hand, that could be a dangerous quality if you fall in love with her. As long as she’s just spreading them for you unless, of course, you’re into the sharing thing.

Harlan submitted these pics of his ex girlfriend posing naked in bed. He says they actually did this sort of thing quite a bit and has a bunch of dirty pics and video footage of her and them together. It was like having his own personal porn star to play with. She obviously has the bod for it and never had a problem with cameras shooting in the same room. Hopefully, these several pictures are only teasers and he plans to send us more! *wink* *nudge* He didn’t go into any details about their break-up, but I can imagine it isn’t a pretty one when he has all this video footage he claims he has. Thanks, Harlan!

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